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Favorite game?

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by TamborGaming, May 19, 2020.

  1. Hello! One of my favorite games is cakewars too! Champions would for sure have to be one of my favorites as well. I like how they are team games and how there is the opportunity to meet people through it.
    Posted May 21, 2020
  2. Hi there!

    My favorite game on bedrock is probably skywars.

    I really enjoy skywars on java too so obviously I find it great on here too! I really enjoy intense PVP action games or close up PVP or any time of game that involves PVP. I find it super fun to go against other players. Sky-Wars itself is also amazing simply because the concept of the game, you spawn on an island with not really good loot and then you'll need to get to the middle to get better loot but if someone else beat you too it, you'll have to run around or find some other way to defeat them. It makes the game super tense and makes you super stressed which is super fun!
    Posted May 21, 2020
  3. Hey!
    Honestly, I'd say my favorite game has to be Runner. Back in 2016, I used to spend hours on end playing Runner over and over again. I've always loved the game due to it's fast pace and the parkour aspect. When they removed Runner as it's own game I was so sad, sometimes I'll wait around in a Mixed Arcade lobbies for a game of Runner to appear. Nowadays, I find myself playing Survival Games a lot more. I've been trying to improve my PvP skills a lot recently, and getting into SG has really been helping me out with that. I really like experimenting with new games and finding the one I feel like playing the most each day.
    As always, I hope you're doing well and staying safe!
    Posted May 21, 2020
  4. Hey There!

    My favorite games used to be Wither Assault, Wizards, and CTF, but now are cake wars and SkyWars!
    Posted May 21, 2020
  5. Hey!
    I have been starting to get into Bedrock Mineplex recently and it has been a ton of fun, something new and exciting to get used to compared to java. My favourite game has to be either Skywars or Survival Games, I love both of them equally and they are a ton of fun to play on bedrock, I have also been playing Dragons a lot recently as I noticed it was its own game on bedrock and that is also a ton of fun.
    Hope you have a great day and thanks for the great discussion!
    Posted May 22, 2020
  6. Halló,
    Master builders would be an easy first for favourites but having found a few new friendships in cakewars and skywars Iv come to enjoy and get involved with them too. I love the fast pace action of skywars and I love the deception and tactics of cakewars. You can play cake wars in many ways and that is what makes it for me.
    Posted May 22, 2020

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