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Fastest cake wars win ever?

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by GAMES0N, May 23, 2020.

  1. 1 second because like you the whole game quit xD
    Posted May 31, 2020
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  2. Yo!

    That was super insane! My record was 1.5 minutes from our party of 4 from 4 vs 4 vs 4 vs 4 down to 4 (us) vs 0 vs 0 vs 2. All blues left because of our team and yellows as well. The greens did not left.

    I got to say; you beat my record!
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  3. My record was 46,8 seconds, all teams stayed but we sent 2 left and 2 right. Blue was killed off by yellow or green (I don't remember) and we killed off green and yellow :p
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  4. I will never do something like that. Congratulations on your record. I will be happy if you make more records in other games~~
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
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  5. I've gotten two legitimate 52 second wins (4v4v4v4). My team just did side rushes and the side teams got the team across the map from us, making the game pretty fast.
    Posted Jun 6, 2020
  6. Posted Jun 21, 2020
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  7. Truthhs we are twinsies!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 22, 2020
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  8. Hey!
    Under 1 min games are impressive and even more when its full lobby and it doesn't end cuz ppl left. You can see my own record with full lobby is 45.5sec! I carried some RANDOMS to fastest cw4 win https://gyazo.com/478b78409262ecdb29ef956d663e8954
    Posted Jun 22, 2020
  9. my fastest game period is 6.6 secs because everyone quit, my fastest game of actually getting everyone's cakes and killing them is about 1.3 minutes.
    Posted Jun 22, 2020

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