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Fallin' into the Forums

Discussion in 'Events' started by Marzie, Oct 14, 2018.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Forum Blast Event #1

    Hey there, everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum Blast weekly event, hosted by the Mineplex Event Management team. For more information about us, please visit this link.

    Bringing back the fun on our forums as we create a new forum event every Sunday! Grab a drink and take to the forums to see what new fun awaits, from screenshot contests to scavengers hunts, there'll always be prizes in the mix.

    This Week’s Forum Fun Event: Pumpkin King’s Origin Story Creation!

    This event is all about making a story! No matter your level of artistic ability, you can join in and have some fun. Make a story telling us how the Pumpkin King came to be. Tell us what happened to lead up to his reign of terror! We will use the story in one of our Friday Fright Hangout events, so make sure it’s good!


    • The story MUST be about the Pumpkin King’s origin!
    • Keep it appropriate and within the forum guidelines.
    • Vote with likes on who your favorite submission is.
    • Post your story on THIS THREAD!

    Prizes, like normal will be given to the top three winners of the event. Winners are chosen at the discretion of the Events Team.

    1st - 2 Mythical Chests + 1k Shards

    2nd - Mythical Chest

    3rd - Ancient Chest

    Community Guideline Rules

    Please take some time and read through the rules before you post and comment on this thread.

    - Ask any questions you have in this thread!

    - All forum rules - found at https://www.mineplex.com/rules/ - still apply in this event and future events. It is of extreme importance that we communicate and interact with one another in a qualitative way; we can't expect output if there isn't qualitative interaction and input.

    If you want to submit your own forum event ideas, please message an Event Squad member. When submitting a forum event idea, please include [forum event] somewhere in the message.

    The Event will run until Sunday, October 27th, 2018. The winners will be announced in a showcase afterward!

    We wish the best of luck to all who enter!

    If you have any questions, please message any of the people who helped out this time around listed below.

    Thread Created By: @Marzie, @Bunni, @Phamtastic, and @Acaulis
    Posted Oct 14, 2018,
    Last edited Oct 19, 2018
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  2. Is this bunni's copypaste
    Posted Oct 14, 2018
  3. Bun/Khart's
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 14, 2018
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  4. The Pumpkin King grew up in a lovely neighborhood of Pumpkin Patch Village, he had a little brother who always took the spotlight
    no matter what The Pumpkin King did to get noticed, he never ever was, his brother Jack took all of the spotlight, The Pumpkin King
    began to get sad, "why does jack always get noticed" the pumpkin king never knew why, but the pumpkin king was really good at
    experimenting so he began working for years on things hoping one day he would get noticed, not just by his family, but everyone else and that's
    when 'The Pumpkin King" was truly born, he began using his experiments on the whole village until they were all corrupted and
    that's when he decided all of the world would love him and today that's why he began reaping havoc on all of the Minecraft earth players,
    wanting all of us and even his village to love him no matter what.
    "I WILL RULE THE WORLD" muahahahahaha, The Pumpkin King didn't know that, all of the Minecraft Earth Players(Us) we were prepared and ready for him.
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
  5. How long can the story be?
    --- Post updated ---
    When the Pumpkin King was a little boy he always wanted friends. Everyone was scared of him because of his appearance, but one player wasn’t. It was Herobrine. They were both outcasts, Pumpkin King for his appearance and Herobrine for his eyes. One day while the two of them were out walking along the wheat fields they saw a player. “Watch this!” Herobrine pulled out a stick and the player went flying into the sky. The Pumpkin King was amused. “Can I try?” He said.

    “Sure why not” Herobrine said. The Pumpkin King then took the magical stick and turned the wheat fields into pumpkin fields ! “Nice, try to blow up that wind mill.” Herobrine said. “Ok, I’ll try!” Pumpkin King then walked up to the windmill and pointed the stick at it “BOOM! CRACK! CRACKLE!” The windmill had fallen due to the tnt explosions. “Good job, you can keep it. I have a spare.” Herobrine said as he pulled out the glowing object. “Wow thanks!” Pumpkin King then thought on what he could do now with his new power. “Say, if I wanted to I could make those players pay for what they did right?” He questioned “I mean I wouldn’t waste my time on them, but sure.” Herobrine said. That was the justification The Pumpkin King needed. He marched over to the players and attacked! But, legend says that when the pumpkins grow that’s when he attack’s! So beware because you never know when he’ll attack!
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
  6. The Story of The Pumpkin King

    There once was a boy named Linus. Linus has always said -

    "Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He's gotta pick this one. He's got to. I don't see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there's not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see."

    Year after year, Linus has been going to this one pumpkin patch, hoping to meet the Great Pumpkin. He has been disappointed because the Great Pumpkin never showed up. Linus keeps getting made fun of for believing in the Great Pumpkin.

    Linus saw his friends come over to him. He just sighed. They were all telling each other what they got -

    "I got some Twix!" exclaimed a kid.
    "I got a Hershey's bar!" exclaimed another.
    "I got a rock." Charlie Brown said, dissappointingly.

    They all stopped in front of Linus and looked at him. . They said,
    "What did you get Linus?"

    "Nothing..." he replied. " I've been in this pumpkin patch all night, and there has been no signs of the Great Pumpkin."

    "THE GREAT PUMPKIN DOESN'T EXIST!" yelled the children.

    "YES HE DOES!" shouted Linus.

    "PROVE IT!" a kid said.

    Linus just stood there. He hasn't seen the Great Pumpkin in over five years, Has he really been discarding candy all these years, waiting for a non-existint monster to rise out of the grind?

    He sighed and said -
    "I can't prove that he's-"

    Suddently he was interrupted. They both heard rustling noises coming from some bushes.

    "It's probably Snoopy again..." Linus said disappointingly.

    "NO LOOK!"

    They all looked towards the sound. They couldn't believe their eyes. Something with a black skeleton and a pumpkin head was rising out of the ground!

    "WHO DARES NOT TO BELIEVE IN ME?!" roared the Pumpkin King.
    "I'm the most powerful being on Earth! Well, not as powerful as Herobrine... but he created me so..."

    "AH!!" screamed the kids.

    Linus just stood there. He looked at the Pumpkin King. The Pumpking stared back at him. This happened for a good five minutes.

    The Pumpkin King gave some candy and toys to Linus, and said -
    "Don't stop beliving, kid."

    Linus could sense a smile coming from the Pumpkin King.

    The Earth started shaking, and somthing else came up from the pumpkin patch.
    It was Herobrine!

    "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SMILE!" roared Herobrine.

    "Ick... Mineplex... I'll never forgive them for trying to use GWEN to ban me..." replied the Pumpkin King.

    So the Pumpkin King and Herobrine disappeared, and Linus was left with a bunch of candy and toys. The End.

    (Not exactly an origin story, but I thought I'd share it with everyone anyway. I hope you enjoyed it.)
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
  7. Ever since the Pumpkin King was young, he was very lonely. His father, the cruel leader of the kingdom, never bothered to even see his son and locked the young prince in a huge, spiralling tower, which was hostile and intimidating. There were no windows to the outside world for the boy, even the windows were barred and a tiny bit of food was passed every day through a small gap. The Pumpkin Prince would sit in his cold cell for hours upon hours..

    His evil father would perform horrible experiments, trying to corrupt the prince so that the young boy would grow up to be a merciless ruler like himself and carry on the family's dark legacy.

    A few servants tried to break the prince out of the isolated tower, saying to the Prince that one day, he could overthrow his monstrous father and become a wise, fair ruler. He took only a little food for the journey and a beautiful rare jewel which shimmered with a million colours. This jewel showed who was the heir to the throne and the rebels in the kingdom wanted it very badly.

    As soon as the servants and the prince had travelled far enough away from the tower, the servants stole the jewel off him and left him alone on some dusty, abandoned road. This betrayal drove him insane; the only kindness he had ever been shown had been a mean trick. He swore bitterly that he would get revenge on everyone who had wronged him and to make everyone suffer.

    And now, the Prince is the King and he rules the kingdom just as brutally as his father before him.
    Posted Oct 19, 2018
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  8. Bumping this thread and giving a reminder that this closes THIS SATURDAY! Get your stories in ASAP for a chance to win some prizes and have your story be used as an event!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 25, 2018
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  9. This is clearly a tribute to me “Fallen” into the forums so thank you. Everyone look at me I’m begging for attention woooooh
    Posted Oct 25, 2018
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  10. Once upon a time. There was a magnificent kingdom, filled to the brim with the healthiest of peasants and rich in all of the land. Their king, also known as the "Pumpkin King" held pumpkin carving festivals every year. To enter the contest you had to sacrifice two of your animals that all of the kingdoms people could eat for the rest of the year. Everyone enjoyed partaking in such an event, plus it helped the community. However, not everyone shared his views on helping the needy.

    His son, who strived for greed and power. Became lost in such a strong disgust for his father and his generosity. One day, the prince had finally had it and tried to murder his father while he was asleep. While the prince stood over his fathers bed, waiting for the right time to strike, a guard burst through the doors. Apparently, the prince was plotting this attack for a long time, writing in his journals about his evil scheme. Fortunately the king had known his son was consumed by his greed and had guards look in his journals every night.

    While the king was displeased with his son, he blamed himself for letting his son become the monster he was today. What did he do that made the child so distant from the rest of the family? He never excluded the prince from any sort of war meeting, family gathering, executions, and even let his son command the kingdom for a day. Even though the king was a little skeptical about releasing his son that night, he thought that maybe. Just maybe. His son would steer off of his dark path and wander back towards the light. It was the Pumpkin Festival tomorrow, that will surely do the trick. Was he ever deceived....

    That night, in the princes private chamber. He cursed his father and the entire kingdom. He wished that they all suffered for never fearing him or treating him like the royalty he was. After the prince said the final words, it began to storm viciously. Lightning struck the West gate tower, causing a fire to take place. As the prince closer examined the tower, peering through the glass he saw a figure with bright, white eyes. Staring at him... He quickly rubbed his eyes, there was no way that Herobrine actually existed! It was just a fairy tale his father would tell him as a bedtime story. When the prince re-opened his eyes, the figure was gone.

    Unbeknownst to the prince, as he drifted off into a deep sleep, the storm grew worse and worse. When the prince awoke, he felt chilly, not a usual feeling, but more of a deathly chill. When the prince walked down the stairs and to the castle doors, he hesitated. Did he really want to go out there and put on a fake smile for everyone? No, he didn't. He was royalty, why do people talk to his father and him like they are friends of the royal family? Before he had a chance to open the doors, his father called him.

    Pumpkin King: Son?

    Prince: Yes Father?

    Pumpkin King: Aren't you going to sit by me for the "Greeting of the Day"?

    Prince: Ugh, yes. I had forgotten all of the kingdom comes and kisses your feet while you sit on your throne of nothing.

    Pumpkin King: They do not kiss my feet. I welcome all of my kingdom to greet the beginning of this grand celebratory day with me. You should learn that helping people is more important than the wealth you acquire while ruling this beautiful kingdom. I wish you would just see the way I see everyone else.

    Prince: I'll never be such a loser of a King like you are dad. Have you not gone to the royal schools? All of the old texts describe ferocious king and how their subjects were nothing but bugs they would step on if one stepped out of line. You are an embarrassment to this family.

    Pumpkin King: I don't think the "Bugs" think that of me. Can you say the same?

    Furiously, the prince stomped over to the throne and sat in his chair, right next to his fathers throne. As the guards called out "Open the Gates!" the prince put on his most disgusted looking face and watched as the big doors opened, he could see the excitement of the peasant children as they ran in to get a front row view of the king and his mighty throne. This only made the prince more furious. When all of the peasants gathered into the room. A line that ran from the castle doors all the way to the mighty walls that protected the kingdom from invaders, people waited to see their generous king.

    Pumpkin King Stands Up

    Pumpkin King: Thank you for joining me today, as we celebrate this magnifice--

    Lightning Strikes in the center of the crowd, killing children and adults alike.

    Unknown: Oh hello, most gracious king. Thank you for inviting me.


    As the guards began to run towards the unknown man, they all stopped abruptly and fell to the ground. Dead.

    Pumpkin King: Wh- Who are you?

    Herobrine: My eyes don't reveal my identity? Maybe you are as dull as your son thinks you are.

    Angrily the king looks to his son sitting on the right side of him. As he looks he notices the fear in his sons eyes. As well as the regret...

    Herobrine: Honestly, your highness. I would have expected you to greet me with open arms. I am here because of the curse you know.

    The Prince's eyes open, revealing the dark abyss that was embedded in him a long time ago. As well as the fear.

    Prince: I never meant it! Go away! I take my curse back! Leave us alone!

    Herobrine: Now come on. You wanted a kingdom so you could over throw your father and slaughter his people. I have a perfect place for you. You'll fit in just fine! However, you have to sell your soul and your mind to me before you may enter. OO and when I say "have" I don't mean that it's a choice.

    Pumpkin King: NO, you will not take my son!

    As the king stands, hand on the hilt of his sword. Herobrine lifts his index and middle finger in the air; the Pumpkin King sits down in fear.

    Herobrine: Gah, you humans bore me. Now come on "Princey", let's go.

    Prince: NO!

    Herobrine: No? No?!? NO?!? I will give you to the count of three to get your spoiled butt over here or I will take you by force.

    Prince: No!

    Pumpkin King: There must be another way!

    Herobrine: One

    Prince: FATHER! PLEASE! Don't let him take me.

    Herobrine: Two

    Pumpkin King: I beg you to stop! Please, Herobrine. Forgive my son as he did not know what he was doing.

    Herobrine: THREE

    Pumpkin King: STOP! I will take his place! I will take his place! Take my soul and my mind in exchange for his!

    Herobrine: Hmmmm. No.

    Herobrine snaps his fingers and the son magically appears next to Herobrine. As the prince and Herobrine rise into the air, Herobrine whispers.

    Herobrine: I wanted you to see this. *snap*

    As the prince watched in disgust the peasants and his family were turned, slowly into horrible creatures. Only of which he knew of from old Halloween stories. Zombies, Spiders, Giants, Witches, Pigman, and the worst of all. Wither Skeletons. However, there was only one person who was turned into a Wither Skeleton. His father. On top of the king's head he wore a crown of pumpkin, engraved in it were jewels as dark as night. As Herobrine started to fly towards the doors with the prince in his hands he got a final glimpse of his father, who turns out, the prince DEEPLY cared for. He observed how Herobrine's spell made all of the once quartz buildings turn into rotted wood and the brightly lit redstone lamps into redstone torches. As the prince cried, Herobrine looked down. Not of pity, but of disgust.

    Herobrine: How does it feel to be... Stepped on... Hahahahaha!

    Herobrine knocks the prince out, but not taking his soul. He places the prince in a new kingdom as the king. This kingdom was called, Mineplex. For years the Pumpkin king would fight the Minplex every month that Halloween fell on. However, he did not take the prince's soul. He felt that the prince would suffer having to slaughter his own people while defending his own kingdom, as the prince would never go on the offensive and defeat his father. As the prince had once wished.

    THE END.
    Posted Oct 25, 2018
  11. We have our winners for the forum event!

    1st place - @Jrod
    2nd place - @wattywatty14
    3rd place - @xSusieLove

    Congrats to you all and thank you everyone for participating! Look forward to our next forum event, it'll be a spooky skin contest. Prizes will be given within the next couple hours to a few days. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 28, 2018
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