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Fallin' into the Forums #2

Discussion in 'Events' started by Marzie, Nov 3, 2018.

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Added to Events Calendar for dates: 11/03/18
  1. [​IMG]

    Forum Blast Event #2

    Hey there, everyone!

    Welcome to the Forum Blast weekly event, hosted by the Mineplex Event Management team. For more information about us, please visit this link.

    Bringing back the fun on our forums as we create a new forum event every Sunday! Grab a drink and take to the forums to see what new fun awaits, from screenshot contests to scavengers hunts, there'll always be prizes in the mix.

    This Week’s Forum Fun Event: Spooky Skin Contest

    This event is all about seeing your creative skills in making skins! Make sure to submit a screenshot of yourself on Mineplex with your Spooky Skin! (ghost emoji)


    • The skin must be Halloween themed/spooky themed and that includes Zombie skins, Pumpkin skins, Ghost skins, etc.
    • Keep it appropriate and within the forum guidelines.
    • Vote with likes on who has the spookiest skin.

    Prizes, like normal will be given to the top three winners of the event. Winners are chosen at the discretion of the Events Team.

    1st - 2 Mythical Chests + 1k Shards

    2nd - Mythical Chest

    3rd - Ancient Chest

    Community Guideline Rules

    Please take some time and read through the rules before you post and comment on this thread.

    - Ask any questions you have in this thread!

    - All forum rules - found at https://www.mineplex.com/rules/ - still apply in this event and future events. It is of extreme importance that we communicate and interact with one another in a qualitative way; we can't expect output if there isn't qualitative interaction and input.

    If you want to submit your own forum event ideas, please message an Event Squad member. When submitting a forum event idea, please include [forum event] somewhere in the message.

    The Event will run until November 10th. The winners will be announced in a message afterward!

    We wish the best of luck to all who enter!

    If you have any questions, please message any of the people who helped out this time around listed below.

    Thread Created By: @Marzie, @Augend
    Posted Nov 3, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 3, 2018
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  7. Did I win the competition since I got the most likes?
    Posted Nov 11, 2018
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    OP OP Posted Nov 12, 2018
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