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Factions understanding or bust

Discussion in 'Help' started by MrWonky7777, May 14, 2019.

  1. so i cant claim land i cant teleport to the ore fields player to player tp is not allowed wilderness is bland and unclaimable... WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET LAND AND START THIS MADNESS?? i have a faction i paid for the 30 day faction time from mineplex store and im doing this off an xbox1... anyone have any ideas besides "GoTta uSe /ClAim" like everyone has literally told me?? or is mineplex a pocket edition only server? cuz for real this is driving me up the wall sideways with shards of glass hitting me from all sides... (that freaking painful [sorry for language or rude comments just highly annoyed at the fact i cant even mine a single piece of dirt....])
    Posted May 14, 2019
  2. You can do /wild, that will take you to the outer wild area, and then look around from there for claimable land, may have to go around the border a ways, the open land out there you can't claim but check the border and go around that, you can see where the land goes flat, and that area isn't claimable but along the edge of the open land and the leveled terrain is where you need to look.
    Posted May 14, 2019
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  3. You sure? Cuz ive found unclaimed land near the ore fields and still couldnt claim and also theres only 1 server for factions so everyone has taken every last drop of good land x...x
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 14, 2019
  4. Hey! Have you tried these options?

    - Make sure you're claim is one chunk away from other claims (including the fields claim
    - Do you have energy for your claim (this may be clans only)

    At the spawn of factions there is also tutorials on how to claim land etc so make sure you've read through them and they may be able to help you more. If you still need help feel free to ask away!
    Posted May 14, 2019
  5. Ok well you see venom I LITERALLY SCOWERED THE WHOLE CLAIMABLE AREA (just making sure that point got across a little better......................) and the signs in spawn tell me absolutely nothing on how to claim how much energy im supposed to have or anything of the sort so you guess is as good as mine seeing as ive tried everything even going 2000, 62, 500-800 (cordinates) away from spawn to find uncharted maps or more claimable land but seeing as XBOX1 isnt exactly the best suited for minecraft im limited by my tech as well (whether i use my controller or my mouse/keyboard...) but besides that how can you take control of someone elses claimed land?? (mentioned in the signs at spawn but not explained cuz obviously server wasnt built to support factions very well, and the map being built from[drum roll] FLAT LAND SEED!!! it literally is just a blank canvas that has a spec of paint and called art...) and for any mods reading these for tips or how to make factions better for everyone?

    1) construct making a faction off of having to pay the coins you make by selling resources
    2) remake the entire map infinite, putting a safe zone lining around the edge of spawn on the map (whether its floating or not) a lining around the ore fields so everyone knows omg its ore fields, wilderness to not be a giant never ending flatland that has no other motives of existing besides the boss raid castle place or whatever and farming animals in a basically safe environment.
    3) clan claimed land (once bought permission to claim said land) is only 1 claim on the map per clan but decently sized from the current (block)x(block) amount so that a lot more clans can be involved so no one is left out being noob killed straight out of spawn (cuz that has happened even from me and to me as well)
    4) better clan commands and an overhaul to player invites so the people that you select from the menu will actually send an invite instead of be a guide on how to spell their names (is actually a really annoying bug)
    5) wilderness can be mined regardless of owning land (whether you in a clan or leading in a clan) so people dont run around aimlessly trying to figure out everything i mentioned above my list here.
    6) a PVP arena is made so that there isnt any real faction base griefing but upon elimination from said pvp battle losing pre-determined amout of coins(from resources being sold) to the winning team/opponent depending on type of pvp battle (can be styled as a pvp minigame!)
    7) [my lucky number] if any modderators or admins of Mineplex Factions will actually read carefully (ignoring the all caps close to the beginning for rudeness [wasnt meaning to be rude just saying but i mention the all caps pretty bluntly before...] sorry...) to take these glorious ideas into careful consideration for a more fun easier to learn but challenging to accomplish ideals for your game mode to be possibly added into Mineplex Factions whether or not that the current build of Factions was meant to be played as is. (still says in early development on the chat lines in any gamemode played in your server for xbox 1 so maybe a push in the right direction so people actually want to pay minecoins to keep what they get after [above list is implemented to the second build for Mineplex Factions]

    sorry again if im being rude or ugly towards your game mode or anything that may offend you in reading this post but its my opinion is my opinion and i have a right to speak it but no one has to listen this is supposed to show the slight irritation with the current build im seeing not from my own self but other players as well and i decided to be a small voice in helping everyone

    --- Post updated ---
    also just for better communication on this topic please give all feedback and ideas regarding my book of a post from above and lets work together on this so we can find good comprimises or ideas that could be game changing (literally lol punny right?? lol sorry) and lets be the best server hitting the #1 spot on the server list!!!

    P.S i really love your server among the other 4 servers im allowed for my xbox 1 and i want to help you guys do something amazing not to just sit and complain about everything i will most likely be online sometime tomorrow to read any responses given (good or bad) #youguysareawesome!!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 15, 2019
  6. Finding unclaimed land will be very tough, if I knew of any I would let you know. You can't take over anyone's claimed land. Have you looked at "survival" game mode? It's not a pvp game but more of a build mode, there is land there for you as its 16 worlds put together, but no pvp is enabled. Sorry your having issues on factions, maybe when you go into factions ask other if you can join their clan so you have a place to build.
    Posted May 15, 2019
  7. Ok thats well and good but about the on map shops the shops are broken down and villagers are dead and gone at least do some fixing on the server cuz everthing seems broken and places look like no one has been on for the factions that primarily take over the map... I feel like no one from mineplex is caring about factions and where it goes at all... If i could build a new factions map and figured out how to properly code the areas(such as spawn and shop) to be 100% protected would an admin or developer add me on xbox 1 and come look at it at least?? Like please??? I dont want another good survival pvp map going away from lack of clients...
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 15, 2019

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