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Everything wrong with Mineplex UHC

Discussion in 'Combat Games' started by NeonDarkness711, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Hello, I'm NeonDarkness711, a long time player of UHC and Mineplex UHC. I also used to be on UHC Game Insights before that went down hill.

    I'm really glad they brought UHC back to Mineplex, but there are some major issues and just weird things overall in the game. In my opinion, the way we had UHC back in 2016 was the best it has been. Besides the lag and glitches that had to be fixed, the gameplay itself was good and that is what the community loved.

    I have played only 2 games so far, and have already noticed some weird bugs. One, skeletons do way too much damage. Even as a full iron they do 1-2 hearts per bow shot which is not even close to what vanilla damage is. Also, when making golden heads, they only heal 2 hearts like a normal golden apple would, not 4 hearts. It's turned into a normal golden apple. Also, it looks like you heal some health after getting a kill? Another thing is the teammate tracker above your hotbar doesn't point to your teammate most of the time, just stuck in one direction.

    Some things need changing. First, the enchantment tower & the potion thing is just weird. I'm not sure why that was added, and have never seen that before in a UHC. It just incentivizes players to camp on top of the tower and kill inexperienced players easily. Second, the things with days are just quite weird. The game should just be Vanilla UHC. It's just more confusing to players who haven't played before. Having an actual timer with a normal UHC would be a lot more friendly to newer players and overall better gameplay. And lastly, with 80 players maxing every game, the map size needs to be increased. It is very tiny for the player size. I understand having a bigger map size would cause lag, but increasing it to at least 750 would make the game much better. I remember back in 2016 the map size was 1000, and even then, people were pushing to increasing the map size to 1500 since it was still very small. Now, it's half of what it was, and is very cramped.

    I'm not sure what's happening with the ore rates. I think ore rates and ore generation should be kept vanilla. Last game, I found gold at y-50 something, which in Vanilla Minecraft is impossible, and I do not understand why it would be set to that. Keeping ore rates vanilla provides better gameplay. Right now it is not even worth it to get kills because gold and diamonds are so uncommon.

    Some nice QOL updates to UHC could be adding some scenarios (like on Reddit) which help smoothen the gameplay such as: Cutclean (ores and food are automatically smelted), Timber (chopping one log of a tree breaks the whole tree), HasteyBoys (all tools are enchanted with efficiency 3), and Golden Retriever (When you kill a player, it drops a Golden Head instead of a normal head). Many of these would encourage faster, smoother gameplay, and more pvp based. Although, these scenarios are nice, I would much rather see other bug fixes and QOL changes first. Another thing would be, once border shrinks to around 100x, it should turn to permanent day. It is a very tight, enclosed space, where you need to fight with other players. With so many mobs there as well, it is hard and annoying to fight.

    Down the line, I would like to see Nether incorporated into Mineplex UHC. Same with Speed & Solo UHC if it continually gets the fills that it is having. The fills will continue to stay strong as long as bugs are kept up with, and more QOL changes are made to UHC.

    edit: also, the damaging sounds is very weird. If someone is on fire, you can't even hear them taking fire damage. The sounds, in my opinion, should just be kept vanilla so you know what's even going on.

    Thanks for reading
    Posted Aug 21, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 21, 2020
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  2. Hey man listen here few things
    1 about the skeleton
    I think they make it in purpose to make the game more difficult and it's really fun
    2 don't forget the game is still on beta stage
    I mean thx for feedback but for now just wait until the full game mode release and then see
    And btw golden apple gave me 5 hp and it's totally ok they not suppose to be so op because it's make the game to ez
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  3. Some of these things I have had the opposite experience with, and some of them I disagree with.

    I also want to make sure you know that a hotfix was announced for later this afternoon to fix some issues and take into account initial feedback we received yesterday and today, so some of these things likely will be changed today, therefore I will keep my post mostly brief.

    Dean said that all damage values were kept to vanilla except strength potions which were nerfed.

    I agree with the decision to remove golden heads as it seemed to have dis-proportionally helped the winning team win even easier. Yes the winning team should have some sort of advantage, but it shouldn't just be a free win after getting a few kills.

    The teammate tracker isn't meant to point to your teammate, it's meant to show how far you are away from each other.

    Ore rates had to be changed to account for our anti-xray system. The anti-xray part of it works pretty well, but we're aware that the spawn rates aren't quite where they should be. Hoping this will be addressed in the hotfix.

    I think the map size is fine, especially keeping in mind that not all games are going to stay at 80 players for the upcoming months/years.

    I haven't noticed any issues with sounds.

    The events such as enchantment towers make our version of UHC unique. I don't think solely 100% vanilla UHC gamemodes are super attractive.

    I agree perma-day after day 4 or 5 would be nice.

    I don't agree the nether should be enabled, we have a nether type event on day 4.


    Again, some of these issues will already be addressed by this afternoon. Essentially the only thing I agree with from your suggestions is enabling perma-day after a certain amount of time has passed. Keep an eye out for the hotfix!
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  4. I can see that you are an advanced player as you can see from your acquaintance and advice. for me, UHC should be more vannilla. I have never played the mineplex version myself, as I already have the "famous server with the letter H", so I do not especially embrace the dynamics, etc., but after your post I agree with everything. I will just add that it would be appropriate to improve the anticheat a little, because the game we wait for an hour and spend about 30 minutes is simply a waste of time.

    Have a nice day!
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  5. The map size, the border speed, the hunger, the amount of hostile mobs, the fact that you cannot relog, the fact that golden heads do not heal you more than apples and the fact that its kinda like a flower power uhc make this uhc very weird and somewhat unplayable for some, as what Ethan said, I also played a lot of UHC back in 2016 and I do prefer how uhc was back then to this.
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  6. Hi,

    Remember, Mineplex UHC is still on beta, they give warnings as the team knows that there may be bugs, glitches etc.

    Also in terms of ur ideas where they should make the game more pvp based. I have to personally give your idea a -1 because UHC should be a balance of getting resources and fighting. there should not be more pvp or more resource finding.

    Also, all UHC games on different servers should have there own 'thing' that sets them apart. In this case, its the enchantment tower and other things. Removing this would just make Mineplex UHC the same as other servers and it wont' give player a reason to play the game
    Posted Aug 21, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 21, 2020
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  7. Agreed on EVERYTHING said
    Posted Aug 21, 2020
  8. That is not what I said. Right now, Golden Heads are not a thing whatsoever. They are made into golden apples. There's no incentive to fight since you can just shear for apples and they heal the same amount.

    The coding must be wrong because skeletons definitely do more damage than vanilla. Also, I didn't mention this in the post, but I'm pretty sure mobs have more health. In Vanilla minecraft, a creeper takes 3 hits to die (no crits) to an iron sword. In MP UHC, I hit it 4 times, yes with an iron sword, and it did not die. And I'm at least half certain one of those hits were a crit as well.

    The arrow should be removed then, as its misleading that its pointing to your teammate.

    There definitely is no damage sound when you are on fire and/or in lava.

    Completely agree. I didn't even mention the border speed, it's very fast for no reason. Same with hunger, you lose it very fast.

    ?? The game is literally based around pvp lol. Also, I suggested increasing ore rates which would in turn give you more resources.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 22, 2020

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