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every five matches i meet a hacker

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by sokawaFBI, Sep 18, 2021.

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  1. I am not sure how to reply to this

    I am good and comfortable with typing on keyboards is the best answer I can give you(I am sort of a programmer as well, so I sort of am used to typing a lot, btw these long replies don't even actually take me that long, and when they do then its mostly thinking rather than typing, sure, they still take me a while to write tho as I am not typing god knows how long, but I do not sit here typing one reply for god knows how long, 20 minutes its the longest I took for one of these)

    And "abusing" or not, these parties do ruin many people's games, maybe they are not as common as they are on java, but they are there, and they are becoming more and more common, at least in my games, idk about you
    Posted Sep 20, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 20, 2021
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  2. Im just gonna respond to certain parts cuz u just keep ignoring my points and then restating ur own which doesnt get us anywhere.
    At least 3+ times u directly said that I may be the cause of some problems. Idk what else to say cuz its just that simple.

    Oops sorry about that I was just enjoying myself by playing with my friends. Its almost like u want some sort of Minecraft equivalent of communism to go on here. Some people are better than others. Deal with it. I literally cant make that any more clear for u. Everyone starts with knowing nothing about how to play the game. Improve urself if ur upset that others are better.

    Thats what me and everyone else in this thread have been doing for the past few days and considering some Mods who know a lot more than I do about the server have chimed in and gone against the majority of ur points, id say that u are in the wrong and we have provided good arguments to support ourselves.

    I agree with that. I never said we shouldnt argue cuz I think its necessary to improve anything. The thing is this everyone in this conversation is in disagreement with u so at that point id think it would be over with 1 side clearly bringing up better points and supporting them.
    Posted Sep 20, 2021
  3. I am in games with hackers on Block Hunt nearly every single game, I feel you
    Posted Sep 20, 2021
  4. Again: I'd need to learn to know your playstyle closer to know if you are one of the causes, but because I do not think that's the right think to talk about here, and because I have no intention of watching you play I am not gonna go any further than "you may be a part of the problem"

    This is just straight up wrong, video games are meant to be played for fun, not to "be better", you are supposed to have fun, not be good. I could accept others are better if they weren't killing the fun from the game, and I never said I am losing a lot of games or having problems with a high amount of players being better than me directly, what annoys about try hards is that they try too hard, often forcing me to try hard in order to survivie for longer than the first 5 seconds, forcing me into 1 v 2 situatuons which is a good practice, but gets annoying real fast, and often forcing me to be 100% focused at every little detail at all time because one second of not doing so might let my cake disappear and leave me dead

    The only fun thing about tryhards is the part where I beat them and they just rage quit or start accusing me of hacking(yes, that happened, and no, I am not hacking, they always claim I "hit them real fast" whatever this means, btw my cps isn't even that high.

    Yes, and no. One of you actually tried to give me good points(a mod btw), you were getting upset for possibly being a part of the "tryhard" problem as a lvl 100 who is on the leaderboards for 3 days straight until you actually decided to make some points, an other one of you just sort of made of me, one other guy provided me with the most uninformed and most common points I have seen(points of the kind of "other games have cheaters too" even tho the problem is the AMOUNT of cheaters, not their existence), and one guy was seemed to be trying to make a meme out of this

    If you call of that "making good points", then you are making good points, but to me it feels like you getting upset for 3 days straight because I said you may be a tryhard, a guy being a uninformed, a guy thinking he is funny with comments like "imagine getting upset at ...", And one guy actually trying to make good points does not mean yall trying to make good points

    If anything, it feels like you are trying to get rid of me in many different ways

    This is NOT meant to be disrespectful btw, but that's just the truth, out of the many people who replied here only one tries to make good points constantly, two others tried it once and then just sort of left, and the rest (including you) was doing things I mentioned above, except for that one guy, none of you tried making good points.

    Again: only one of all of you tried to bring up good points, and me repeating my own points is because your points(some of them at least) feel like you either do not understand what I am talking about OR just ignore most of what I say

    If he is supporting his points better? If that was the case, I wouldn't be still here, writing, but instead having a hard time finding counter arguments, which I do not, sure, I may repeat myself often, but I already said why, and besides: going more into detail with some points may often create a good counter argument without having to think of a new point, also: I already made so many different points in all of my replies that repeating myself is practically impossible

    And also: you guys trying to do something about me means you do not agree, which I understand, but it in no way means I am wrong, being in the minority doesn't always mean you are wrong, it does not mean anything aside of simply not having much support, and as long as I do not get a good point as to why I am wrong, one which I will bascially be unable to argue with, and that simply didn't happen yet

    And as of right now I can either "counter" your points by either going more in depth with my preexisting ones or explaining them in a different way(AGAIN: a lot of what you say feels like you don't get what I am talking about here) or explaining experiences with games that had major tryhard problems in the past, but I already made a long reply about that to someone else
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  5. Can you explain more thoroughly what you mean? If no one has proven your point wrong yet then I guess that everyone is confused or not understanding what your point is. Also, you have no obligation to tell anyone how they should play Mineplex unless they are breaking rules. Being good at mini games on Mineplex is not breaking any rules. It honestly feels pointless because of how much you’ve repeated your points and are just not taking any constructive criticism or suggestions on how to deal with issues you’ve encountered.
    If there’s anything else you would like me or anyone else to know, please tell me now. I genuinely don’t know how else to help you, sorry.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  6. Simply what I do if I meet a hacker is, /report the player/incident using the /report command. If I don’t hear back from a staff member soon I simply grab a clip of evidence of the incident of the individual(s) cheating and report it on the forums @ https://mineplex.com/report
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  7. All of my reports on forums have been handled within 1 hour or less, so I highly recommend doing so.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  8. My points is fairly simple:
    Tryhards and lots of their behaviors will kill this server eventually, like they did with many other games in the past, fortnite, apex, fall guys, gta online, just to name a few, all dead due to tryhards and a uncontrolled community

    Maybe mineplex will not die not now, when the problem simply isn't that big yet, but eventually, in the future, it may happen in a few months, next year, etc. But eventually it will happen if mineplex doesn't do the right things, maybe not necessarily the ones I suggested, but something has to be done

    My point is not just being upset at people being good(that's a common misconspection in "tryhard" debates btw), I am upset because I believe people who try too hard, no matter how good or bad they are, will eventually start killing the fun coming from most pvp minigames, as well as possibly scaring away new players

    Video games are about having fun after, but its the point where players start ruining each others fun where someone should intervene, and tryhards generally happen to ruin a lot of games of simply worse and new players

    My point is not hating people because they play with friends in a party, my point is that some people are simply using parties to their advantage rather than play for fun

    My point also is that if we don't separate better players from the others OR don't get a massive wave of newer players to balance out for it, then the good ones will end up killing the server at some point

    My point also is that some simply higher lvl players may not know the problem as at the time they were "new" these problems didn't really exist

    I hope this helps you in some way, if not then you can always directly ask me about one of the things I mention, but with the amount of longer replies I made to other people I do think that if you give it a read you might be able to understand what I mean
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  9. But, you can’t really control someone to not “try hard” if I am understanding what you’re saying correctly. And it’s not against the https://mineplex.com/rules or guidelines to not try. So, there really isn’t a solution for people that “try hard.” If I am understanding what you said correctly.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  10. I get it can ruin the experience for you or for others if you’re just trying to have fun and play and enjoy yourself and the game. But there is really no solution to not stopping people who enjoy trying hard and winning games.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  11. And as for hackers, the only thing you can do is make a report in game or on the forums and simply wait for action to be taken.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  12. Yes they are meant to be played for fun. Everyones definition of fun is different. People can have fun and be bad at the game. People can have fun and be great at the game. May I ask where u got the idea that people arent meant to be good at games. There are competitions for everything imaginable. Theres no rule stopping players from improving. To me u come off as someone whos upset that they arent as skilled as others and for some reason think complaining about it will fix it. It wont. Im sorry if that comes off as harsh but thats just how I see it. The only thing u can do in this situation is take the time to improve urself and practice just like literally every human being who has played a video game before. Skill gaps are present in every game imaginable and theres nothing anyone can do about it. Do people in the Olympics tell those who are better to "stop improving" just so they can win cuz they feel entitled to it. No. So for the 4th time or so, deal with it.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  13. just wanna point out thwt tryhards have nothing to do with hackers
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  14. Agreed, if people want to show off their skill. Then let it be, there’s nothing you can do. Some people are just naturally good at the game and want to try so they can show off their skills and be competitive so they can win. There’s nothing in the rules that states anything about ‘players not being able to try hard’ and being successful.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  15. Go do something else. That new rpg game cubecraft has is fun, try that. Dont wait for the people here to do anything, its not just the leaders its evevryone else. We state the truth, this server is hacker filled and almost dead, so many times that they have repeated the same defense every time i bring it up. Might i state some for you:

    "every server has hackers"
    "its the leaders fault"
    "We cant do anything about it"
    "This was blown way out of porportion"
    "It is in the works, but we cant/wont tell you when"

    We all get the point: You are limited in what you can do because of the leaders being inactive money hogging 2 year olds. We. Get. it.

    BUT. Every good server, job, office, school, anything will have a heirachy of people. Might look like this:
    Leaders/owners - co-owners - manager - workers.

    If mineplex does not have this, they this server was doomed to begin with and all of you, mods, devs, alexthecoder, you are all pointless if the server does not have this. The server is dead, goodbye.

    I will assume you DO have some form of that, and go to say if it exists then someone has power to do things, not spend all the money but at least listen to the community. Someone to tell the devs to make a working anticheat, someone to listen to what we, the community, wants and has been telling you for what, 2 years now?
    *cough cough* *alexthecoder* cough* cou*gh

    There is no way that everyone in that heirachy i showed above that has power to do litterally ANYTHING to fix this issue, is just a money hogging greedy pig. No shot thats what you are telling me. If thats the truth, this server is dead. Go play something else.

    My point is this:
    Get your act together and fix this server. If you dont, its dead. Stop repeating the same excuses, stop ignoring the community. Go and do your job for heavens sake, its running a minecraft server not rocket science.

    Now i know the mods and prob some people still loyal to the mineplex leadership will get mad at me, mods will prob snip this. Whatever lol, i dont care. The rest of you will agree with me to some extent, might make a few reply's stating so. You will get ignored, and withing a few days or weeks this thread will die, more like it will be made, ignored and the cycle will continue. Within one year, if nothing happens, i would wager the server is dead.

    To answer some other reply's i see as this thread slowly dies:
    Even if the server is best on bedrock, or top 3, thats top 3 of 6. Top 50% is nothing to brag about.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  16. The way I got to the conclusion that "you aren't supposed to get good is simple"(which is a strong oversimplification for you being not supposed to try hard to be good): mineplex cake wars is not a competitive game/an esport, it is just a generic mode without anything that makes it competitive, especially the lack of a better decider aside of "cake wars ran out of the time" is a good indication of that, in a competitive game the game would last until there was a clear winner left.

    I know everyone has a different definition of fun, and I do accept that UNTIL said definition of fun includes ruining the fun of other people in some way

    In real life(in most democracies at least) you are allowed to do absolutely whatever you want as long as you do not break any laws and don't harm anyone with your actions

    And don't compare the olympics to a Minecraft minigame bud, in one of these you are SUPPOSED to try hard and play your best for the win(the olympics to be more precise), in the other you are supposed to vibe for 10-20 minutes straight(video games that are no esports, and thus automatically Minecraft minigames, are a form of entertainment, they are supposed to entertain people, not give them a place to be needlesly "over-competitive" in a game that doesn't even reward winning properly, I have so many wins in cake wars and I never got anything except for some gems which I can't even use to buy something that helps me except maybe kits in minigames, which in cake wars are barely even an improvement considering they don't have that health regen with each kill which the default kit has)

    And upset that I am not as good as other? Oh pls, I win cake wars games a lot, often even players that have a higher level, often even carrying my (usually) bad teams to victory or at least far longer survival in the game than they usually would get

    And as I already said, this is NOT a complaint about people being simply good, but rather ones that try too hard, you saying I am complaining about others being better than me only proves you cannot differentiate these two

    Yes, skill is related to this, I gotta admit that, but the main reason I am complaining is because people who are overly competitive and take the game more seriously than it should be taken ruin my fun by forcing me to "tryhard" in order to just survive, I ain't no bad player, I ain't no pro, but I ain't bad too, as I said: I win a lot of my games

    But I simply cannot have fun in a game where people simply having an obsession over a 5 second winning screen keep bothering me ingame, not saying that I don't enjoy beating them, because I do, it is a big pleasure when you beat someone who has been trying to beat you for the past 4 minutes, especially if you succeed at it the first time you attack/counter attack them, same about beating hackers or killing an overly annoying player

    But the fun always should come from the gameplay itself, not the things that can be achieved through said gameplay, if the gameplay fails to be fun, so does the game

    And as of right now, as soon as there is a tryhard on the server, the gameplay consists of defending yourself every 10-15 seconds for most of the game or dying early and having and having to find a new game , not only is it repetitive and not fun, but also straight up pointless for both you defending yourself and the guys attacking you, as being overly concentrated(maybe even to the point of obsessed) with killing a certain team just slows down any kind of progress both teams could make if they weren't fighting each other so badly, yes, they should fight, its a pvp game, but why would one team try SO badly to kill specifically that one other team? Especially if they keep failing all the time

    Btw the situation I described at the end is the main kind of tryharding I described earlier, as I said: a tryhard doesn't have to be good to be annoying, and examples like this prove that perfectly in my opinion
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  17. I never agreed with something that told me to "shut up, and do something else" this much as your reply
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  18. Thank you, lets hope people bother to do something about the issue.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
  19. Well u see the objective of the game is to win and some players are better than others. I cant make that any more clear "bud". A game doesnt have to be an esport of some sort to be competitive. People who play in the Olympics have fun as well just like any other game. Every game on this server has a leaderboard for wins which promotes competition and shows who the top players are (to an extent). I genuinely dont know why ur so upset over the fact that people are playing the game.

    Then stop complaining about losing if ur so good and fine. If u were so good that u win a lot I dont think u would be complaining about losing and how "unfair" it is that people are playing the game as intended.

    Well trying harder usually results in players being better at the game and considering ur upset about peope tryharding, id imagine ur just upset that u lose to those people and think ur entitled to winning and having fun every game.

    How can I get the point across to u any more clearly. People can try as hard as they want. No rule is stopping them from doing so and in no game in history has putting effort into the game u have chosen to play not allowed.

    If it bothers u specifically then thats a u problem.

    I myself put effort into playing the game as do u and I enjoy both the playing and the result. Who says fun cant be had from the result of playing a game. Stats from these games are some of the most interesting things to me and many other people. I find it hypocritical of u to hate those who try hard for their wins and stats and whatnot but ur upset that u lose to these people and think theyre "ruining" the game when in reality it drives and promotes competition and fun. Competition isnt always fun and u have made that clear but u need to keep in mind u have a choice here and ur choosing to get upset and have a fit over people being better cuz they want to be better.

    Lets get the basics down here. Cake Wars is a game where 4 teams go against each other and 1 of said teams wins. Why are u upset that a team who put more effort into winning ended up winning. Thats how the game works. 1 team would try so badly to kill specifically that one other team cuz thats how u get people out of the game and if they see that team is decent they likely want them out of the game so they dont have to worry about them later on. If its pointless to defend urself cuz u know ur gonna lose then take the time to improve ur skills so u actually stand a chance.
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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  20. Hello!
    I am going to go ahead and lock this thread since this does not promote constructive feedback.
    We have several tools that you can utilize to help reduce the amount of players who hack. If you are in our Discord server, there is a channel called #report-players, there you can alert an available staff member who can come and deal with the issue. We also have a link you can report players on our website, you can find that [HERE]. Additionally if you play java, you can utilize the /report feature as well.
    If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me!

    Thread Locked - Concern Addressed
    Posted Sep 21, 2021
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