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Official Event Squad Information

Discussion in 'Events' started by EmmaLie, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Event Squad?! What’s Event Squad?
    Well, we’re glad you asked. Otherwise, this thread would be practically useless. Event Squad, also known as The Events Team or just ES, is a Senior Moderator team here at Mineplex. Our job is to plan, manage and host events on every Mineplex platform (Discord, Forums & In-game). All members of ES are Event Managers for their respective region (EU/AU/US). If you want to keep up with what we're doing, you should totally join our group here on the site! We also have a community you can join in-game as well (/com join EventSquad).

    Ok, that’s pretty cool. What do you mean by “events”?
    The term “Event” is pretty broad, as it should be. Event Squad hosts a variety of different events all over the network. Most of our events are hosted in-game on the event server which gives us access to special permissions that allow us to put unique and fun twists on the games you love playing regularly. For example, we have permissions to give out items, spawn mobs, give effects, the list goes on!

    Another platform where we host events on is the forums! You may see us occasionally appear in the Community Hosted Events section where we post our forum events that usually last around 2 weeks. Each forum event has its own theme and you can win prizes by completing the activity that is provided in the thread. We really enjoy hosting these events because it allows us to interact with a different side of the community and it’s a lot different from the events we usually host.

    We also host events on the Mineplex Discord! During these events, we are usually in the event server playing games so it’s awesome to talk to you guys while hosting. Community interaction is very important to us and using Discord allows us to connect with you guys on a more personal level.

    Right, gotcha. So who’s in Event Squad then?
    Event Squad, as of the last time we edited the post, has 7 members.

    Event Squad Lead - US Event Manager
    Hiya! I’m Emily and I’m that one weirdo who loves lollipops and doing stuff for the community. I’m currently the lead of Event Squad & Community Management so you’ll see me a lot in-game and on the forums. Outside of Mineplex, I enjoy playing other games, reading, writing, watching Netflix/YouTube and spending time with friends & family. Can’t wait to see you at Events, make sure you wear your seatbelt!

    Event Assistance Lead - US Event Manager
    Hiya! I’m Bunni, a lot of people call me “Bun”, or just “Michelle”. Call me whatever! I’m the lead event manager & EA manager, I help Em out with managing stuff and host events with the rest of our team. I’ve been a part of the events team for a little under 4 years now, so it’s been a while! Hosting events is a huge passion for me, as I love interacting with the community and making everyone happy. Outside of events, I enjoy playing other games outside of Minecraft, writing, reading, drawing, and streaming/making videos!
    I hope to see you all around our various weekly events!

    Staff Event Manager/CCE Lead - US Event Manager
    It’s a me, Marzie! I got ES September 23rd, 2018, was on EA for a little over a year, and have been a staff member for 3 years. I'm the Staff Events Manager, which means I lead the creation of staff events. I also am the CCE (Content Creator Events) Lead, which means I assist our Content Creators with events they want to host (like toadstars bi-weekly event)! You can find all my staff dates on my profile under the information tab. Before I was an ES member I was previously a FN (Forum Ninja). I’m in-game and on the forums quite a bit due to the sub-teams I’m on, which are FM (Forum Mod), IT (Ideas Team), RPA (Reports Patrol Assistance), CCC (Content Creator Council), and I'm also a Website QA/Feedback person. I love helping people out and making people’s days better if I can. When I’m not doing Mineplex related things, I’m probably playing other games with my friends, watching YouTube, drawing/painting, playing with my pets or playing games solo. I really love animals (especially cats), cybersecurity and law enforcement, so I am looking into doing something with one or the other as a career.
    Adios and see ya around!

    EU Event Manager
    Hey! I'm Block2Block, but most people call me Block! I am currently an EU Event Manager on Event Squad here at Mineplex, and I'm also on the Karaoke Hosting team. I have been a part of the Staff team since April 2016, on the Events Team since June 2016, and on Event Squad as a Sr. Mod since Feb 2018. I really enjoy hosting and participating in events and creating all of the Community event maps you all enjoy to play! Outside of Mineplex, I study Computer Science/Software Engineering at University! I am hoping this will lead into a career into Software Engineering! I will hope to see you all in EVENT-1 soon!

    EU Event Manager

    Heya! I'm Brandon. I'm an EU Event Manager. I have been a member of staff on Mineplex over 4 years at the time of writing and I've been been involved in Events for nearly as long. I really enjoy interacting with the community, especially on events. Outside of Mineplex, I'm currently studying Television Production at University. I look forward to seeing you all at the next Event!


    AU Event Manager

    G’day! I’m Bill and I am currently an AU Event Manager on Event Squad. I have been a part of the staff team for a little over four years now and have been on Events for a little over three. I love hosting AU events and events in general, as they’ve become a time we can all come together, chill out and play a few games. Outside of Mineplex, I quite enjoy making memes (I mean, have you seen my wall? xD), playing Fortnite/Overwatch, oh and my university studies take up a fair chunk of my time. I hope to see you all in-game soon!

    AU Event Manager
    Hey! My name is Kenny. I’m currently an AU Event Manger on Event Squad, as well as a Clans Management Assistant. I got accepted onto the Staff team on the 15th December 2016 and I got onto the Weekly Events Project which later will become Event Assistance, on the 30th January 2017, and since then, I have hosted over 100 Events. I got promoted to Event Squad on the 24th January 2019, and got invited onto CMA on the 15th Novemeber 2019. I live in Singapore, and if you didn’t know, I have a really broken sleeping schedule. So sleepless/late nights aren’t a rare occurrence for me. I somewhat do enjoy school, but I usually just spend my time at home, I love my me time. If you want to know what my favourite games are, well, I'm a PvP person so I usually play some Clans [Love it], Survival Games, Champions and Skywars. Hope to see you all at an Event sometimes!!!!

    Those seem like some pretty awesome people. Are there any subteams under Event Squad?

    Event Squad currently has 2 subteams, Event Assistance, and Karaoke Hosting.

    Event Assistance
    Lead: Bunni

    Event Assistance, also shortened to EA, are responsible for assisting Event Managers in preparing and hosting events. When you’re in the event server, these are the people you see with co-host! Their primary job is to help host the events but they do have other responsibilities. Other responsibilities include assisting us in building and testing new and unique event maps, brainstorming ideas for future events and to assist in improving events. As a part of EA, you get event training to teach you how to use the commands and, more importantly, how to ensure that the event is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

    As a little bonus, EA can also host an MES (an MPS with event permissions) once a month. All EA's (Staff and Community), have to go through a "trial" until their monitor thinks they have enough experience to host one by themselves, to make sure they know how the event servers work and to ensure they can be trusted with the event permissions without supervision.

    If you’re interested in becoming an Event Assistant, you can apply for the position at this link. Anyone can apply, even community members! (Note: Event Assistance is not always open. EA is also only open to some timezones at a time, not all 3. Ocassionally, we do look for all 3 at the same time though. [Timezones = US, EU & AU])

    Lead: Islendingurinn

    Karaoke is an event we host every week on Discord and it's centered around our players performing for everyone who attends the event. Performers have the opportunity to win prizes and show off their talents to everyone in the call!

    This is a pretty basic outline of Event Squad so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM one of us!
    Posted Sep 25, 2018,
    Last edited Jul 18, 2020
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