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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by YaBoiTim, Aug 23, 2019.

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  1. Bring back eu
    Posted Aug 23, 2019
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  2. Yoyoyo!

    The EU server has been merged with the US
    server to bring the community together. EU was struggling to get enough players to start games, and so a direct portal leading to US is a guarantee they will have games to play and new friends to make. Even though EU players may suffer from more ping, it's a little sacrifice in order to successfully play games. I'm EU myself, but have been getting along fine on US!

    It's a good thing that the servers has merged, as there are even more players online the main server. I dont think EU should be brought back. Overall, it's a -1 from me.
    Posted Aug 23, 2019
  3. It's also a killing to the MCL Community, a lot of which are EU players. I would have been completely fine with a merge, however no one told staff or the Community anything about the merge. If we want to reduce transparency this isn't the way to do it
    Posted Aug 23, 2019
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  4. honestly whos fault was that. eu players quit because of lag
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 23, 2019
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  5. Mineplex tried merging the servers in 2017, but brought the EU server back due to community request. Back then they probably had the financial capabilities to do so, it's likely that their budget is too small to run an entire copy of the server that a significantly smaller amount of players plays on.
    Posted Aug 23, 2019
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  6. Highly doubt mineplex cares. EU is like a tenth, if not less, of the player base. So either they pay double to keep two servers running or they just let the 10% of people possibly leave, a lot of which won't even care since they're either newer players or don't care about the lag.

    It is kind of dissapointing that they kept it silent. But what else is to be expected from the one and only mineplex.
    Posted Aug 25, 2019
  7. Please look over the announcement thread that was made earlier today about this situation. This isn't specifically a merge, but a way for players on both US and EU to play games together while connected to their respective regions. A lot of our EU players have already switched over to playing US full-time because of the lack of players on EU. We hope that this will make connections a little more stable for everyone in those areas and still be able to enjoy playing with our US players too.

    This change will not be reverted as you can read in the thread, so I'll be locking this. Please private message me if you have further concerns.

    Thread Locked
    Posted Aug 26, 2019
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