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ESP hacks are rampant and the admins know it. I would like to know why.

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by SnowZeroSix, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. This server is full of ESP hackers, and the staff is clearly aware of this. During the month of September I reported several hackers, many of them using ESP- not only with video evidence, but with them admitting to it within the video- and every single one of the ESPers has gotten off scott-free.

    When my last report was filed (around September 20th), moderator @FuzzyJunior followed up with me stating that my video with proof of ESP use and admission to it is for some reason not sufficient evidence to warrant a ban. This was absolutely baffling to me, because every non-ESP report I filed before that had the same method of proof and was evidence enough. When I reached out to them for further clarification, they did not respond. This was two months ago. I have heard from several other users that the staff "doesn't really care about ESP hacks" (paraphrased from a few users), despite how detrimental they can be to the community.

    For reference, here are the videos I submitted as evidence at that time:

    Seeing this inaction on the support team's behalf was frustrating enough that I decided to stop playing for a while, until I realized that I forgot to cancel my Immortal subscription this week, so I figured "Hey, let's give it another shot," hoping that they wised up and took control of the issue.

    My VERY FIRST GAME of Block Hunt had three ESP users in it. I find it particularly insulting that Mineplex will happily take our money but then look the other way regarding use of third party content, no matter how blatantly obvious it can be. I really expected better from this server after a few years of being an fairly active user.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  2. mab8400 doesn't esp lmfao

    the hiders may have hitboxes turned on so you should try infester hider next time you have to report someone for esp as that's usually more accurate.

    also i believe i heard that when reporting esp it should be multiple times per person instead of one kill.

    (and i won't forget to mention that a lot of the block hunt players memorize the maps so if they see a random bookshelf somewhere that it normally isn't, well of course they're going to attack it)
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  3. ...Then why admit to it?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "may have hitboxes turned on."

    These four videos are of four games in a row. If you watch the kill feed, the suspected offenders appear many times in rapid succession.

    Seems like a pretty long shot to me that they've all memorized the map THAT well. Is it not suspicious to you that they seem to INSTANTLY know where I am, even after just entering my line of sight?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 20, 2020
  4. it's a joke lmao i mean what else is he supposed to say if someone is accusing him of cheating? better to say "because i hack" if it's likely he's just gonna get called a liar anyways. (not saying you would- but i have seen that before in many players.)

    if you do f3+b then it turns on hitboxes which surrounds animals and sometimes there's a glitch where they will also surround players that are disguised as blocks if they aren't perfectly aligned.

    from what i saw it was different people killing you each time. i may be blind tho-
    just because someone is "rapidly succeeding" is in no way a good reason to ban them.

    well, like i said if they have hitboxes on then that could explain it. but i mean if there's a map that you play all the time and you notice a stack of 4 noteblocks which you pass several times in a game, i think if you were to come across that same stack of noteblocks but instead of 4 it be 5 i wouldn't be surprised if i was killed.

    i definitely agree that some esp is pretty blatant, but unfortunately i have to agree with fuzzy and say your videos don't really make the cut.

    like i said in my first response i think the best things you can do in the future are;
    1. use infester hider (in an odd spot instead of a well known obvious spot where everyone would already think to look)
    or 2. record multiple instances of them (not only killing you but killing others as well).
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
  5. ESP is rampant, but none of these videos showcase it. Anna explains it fairly well, but to elaborate on how your evidence is lacking:

    Video 1: You are hiding as a block, and as such the Hunter may very well have the pile you are in memorized. Over hundreds of games played, memorization is expected. Additionally, due to a current bug, a falling sand entity often marks your location with f3+b (debug hitboxes). This will be patched during the next BH update, as described here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/gi-block-hunt-update-proposal.167245/

    Video 2: Your movement is very unnatural. You are turning and moving around far too much to be a regular chicken. Additionally, since you are near other chickens, they could simply count to know one of them is not real.

    Video 3: Same explanation as Video 1, with the addition that the spot you are in is very common. Almost every match on that map has someone hide there.

    Video 4: Most good hunters will joke about ESPing. This is simply due to how common it is.

    If you would like more explanation as to how ESP actually affects the game, and some extra information about how it is caught, please look at my forum post here: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/es...or-an-increase-in-punishment-severity.170530/

    As an additional note: Killing multiple people in rapid succession is VERY common in BH. Due to the aforementioned f3+b bug and map memorization, as well as the memorization of common Hiding spots, even legitimate players are capable of getting many kills quickly. FuzzyJunior is the RC member most experienced with BH, and likely denied your report due to the reasons I mentioned above.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  6. Oh **** you caught me dude rip
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
  7. please dont ban me for esp oh no
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  8. Oh no guys, he caught us. Please don't ban me for ESP.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
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  9. Perhaps message me again if I missed it?

    None of those clips are ESP. Crazygeek's analysis is completely correct so if you want an explanation, look no further.

    You mentioned that these were your first games of Block Hunt. The players you reported have thousands of games of experience under their belt, so it's not shocking to see they ended up beating you.

    While ESP is indeed an issue in BH, I'd recommend familiarizing yourself with the game before making intense claims.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020
  10. mab8400 esp

    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  11. They caught us bro no sense in denying it
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  12. This is why I don't play block hunt
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  13. wow!
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
  14. Mab this is not funny. You are a hacker and the admins know it. You've been outed and there is no point in denying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted Nov 21, 2020
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