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In Discussion Easier to View Cosmetic Lists

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by ScarletBlood37, Dec 14, 2019.


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  1. NOTE: THIS IS FOR BEDROCK. I have zero idea how this works on Java, but it’s probably better than the Bedrock system.

    You’re in the middle of the game, and you want to equip a specific arrow trail but you forgot the name of it. You do /cosmetics and a list of cosmetics appears, and it displays “1/__ Pages”, depending on the number of cosmetics you have obtained. You do /cosmetics 2, /cosmetics 3, /cosmetics 4, ... until you finally reach the page that has your arrow trails.

    *proposing a solution to this*

    Solution 1. Instead of a list of all your cosmetics, a menu should appear, similar to the party menu, the friends menu, or the even the cosmetics menu in lobbies. There, you can click on either “Active Cosmetics” (The currently equipped ones), and all the other options I can’t think of (I’m really tired right now xD). Then, you can choose to activate/deactivate them. This would also be easier for the PE/Xbox players so they don’t have to spell out everything.

    Solution 2. A more organized list. On Java, you can click on certain words in the chat to do various things such as throw treasure shards, teleport to friends, and accept party invites. Not sure if this is able to work on Bedrock, but if you could click on things such as a list of your arrow trails, that would be great. Furthermore, you could always go back to it later, while in solution 1 you have to type /cosmetics to access the menu.

    Please tell me what you think, and if solution 2 isn’t possible on Bedrock, I will delete it from this thread. Thanks for reading!

    Posted Dec 14, 2019
  2. I really like the first solution. I find it myself too annoying that I have to type different commands each time to find the cosmetic I want to enable. Having an already existing menu in-game wouldn't hurt at all and I think it would benefit a lot of players (especially mobile and console like you've said.) The command system is back from 2016 so I'm not entirely sure if this change would require a lot of re-coding or not but It's still something I definitely have to agree with.

    For your question, I'm pretty sure clickable chat messages are not a thing on bedrock. Since in general, they are a vanilla feature that is only present on the Java edition (I could be wrong but this is from what I've seen).
    Posted Dec 16, 2019
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