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Processed [DT] More Balanced Placement Mechanics for Alpha Chasers

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Dylan, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Edit: I tried my best to make my explanation the least convoluted possible and I failed pretty hard. Here's a TLDR:
    - Alpha chasers automatically tie with the first runner who gets killed (not also converted to alpha chaser) after they're chosen. If no one dies after them, it means that everyone else got converted to alpha chaser or quit, so the alpha in question would tie for first.
    - For every kill an alpha chaser gets, they advance in the placements to tie with the next higher player.
    - An additional rule can be added that sets an alpha chaser 1 placement back until they get a kill if they're struck by lightning while nearby a player (discourages game stalling, as they can't wait out until everyone who's camping gets struck and tie for first place)

    It's happened to the best of us. You've been in the final 2 or 3 in Death Tag, and the game has been running on forever. You get struck by lightning and lose the game at the mercy of a random number generator.

    Discussion over these mechanics has been brought up lots over many years in both the GI discord and forums and lot of good ideas have been put forth. While they would solve losing to RNG lots of the time, they all unfortunately require complete revamps and even removals of the alpha system, and usually do not combat game stalling well. In a recent discussion we came up with something that would not modify the mechanics of the alpha system, but the placement mechanics of alpha chasers, allowing them to receive the placement they deserve a lot more often.

    Without further banter, here are our suggested mechanics:

    - When an alpha chaser is chosen, the game will have to get a list of who is still a runner immediately after the alpha is chosen. It will have to remember that specific list for that specific alpha chaser.

    - At the end of the game, the game will check all of the alpha chasers and order their respective lists of runners in chronological order of when they died, the first people to die after the alpha's choosing being the first in the list. Any player who becomes an alpha chaser at any point will be taken out of these lists.

    - When receiving their placement, alpha chasers can only tie with other players.

    - By default, alpha chasers will tie with the first person to die after they get struck, however, for every kill, they will advance 1 runner in their list of runners.

    - Alpha chasers cannot overtake first place, they can only tie with it.

    - (Potential balancing rule for camping) If a newly chosen alpha is within a close distance of another runner at the moment they are chosen (camping with other runners?), the newly chosen alpha will be marked. If the alpha does not get at least 1 kill, they will tie with the runner who died BEFORE THEM. Meanwhile, if they get at least 1 kill, they receive a normal placement following the above rules. This will prevent people from camping in groups of 3+ and waiting for everyone to get struck in order to tie the game. The distance would probably be a ratio to the size of the map. This rule won't be in effect in any of the examples unless explicitly stated

    Some examples:

    PlayerA and PlayerB are remaining. PlayerA is converted to an alpha chaser. Since PlayerB is the only remaining runner, PlayerA inherits their position and they both get first place.

    PlayerA, PlayerB, PlayerC and PlayerD remain. PlayerA gets converted to an alpha chaser, and then proceeds to kill PlayerB. PlayerC then proceeds to die. While PlayerB was the player who died immediately after PlayerA was struck, because PlayerA got a kill (which happened to be on PlayerB), PlayerA gets to tie one position up, in second place, with PlayerC. Had PlayerA killed PlayerC as well, PlayerA would have been moved up again to tie with first place, PlayerD.

    Example WITH camp balancing rule:

    PlayerA, PlayerB, PlayerC are camping on the house in Barbarians village. PlayerA gets struck right next to PlayerB. In the absence of the camping balancing rule, PlayerA could wait until one of the 2 remaining runners gets converted to an alpha chaser and all three of them would get first. With the rule in effect, PlayerA is in a bind. If PlayerA chooses to not kill anybody, they will have to wait until PlayerB or PlayerC gets converted to an alpha chaser as well, and their stalling will not be rewarded with anything, as PlayerA will receive second place. If they choose to kill someone, they will push either PlayerB or PlayerC out of first place in order to receive it themself. A perfect trade off.

    I understand how this may not be the easiest system to comprehend, but I can try my best to provide better explanation if you need. If you want graphics or a demo I'm sure I can whip something up at some point.
    Posted Dec 6, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 6, 2019
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  2. Honestly, I think this makes a lot of sense. I've played quite a few games of Death Tag recently and noticed something odd with the Alpha Chaser system, which you explained. This is the main flaw in how the system chooses randomly and if done, can upset one player as it's entirely based on luck. I've experienced this issue myself and have gotten frustrated multiple times. Anyway, I think your idea gives a fair win to both the Alpha Chaser and the last remaining player. Having this idea set in place could also prevent camping happening as often, with the whole system of positions and tieing as you explained, and would make the luck aspect towards the end of the game more suspenseful and gives players both fair and challenging way to win the game.
    Posted Dec 6, 2019
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  3. This solves all of the issues that have been brought up with Death Tag, and I can relate with you that it's super annoying to get zapped when you're in the last two or three, losing to simply RNG. No one likes that. I still think something should be suggested for the players getting zapped in general, maybe a 10 gems bonus or a stat for it.
    Posted Dec 16, 2019
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  4. I completely agree with this idea, as someone who plays a lot of death tag, getting zapped when you feel your about to win is very annoying. Your system fixes the issue and gives a good result for both players. I've never thought about people tieing, but it sounds like it could work. I don't know how easy it would be, but I'd like to see something like this implemented.
    Posted Dec 16, 2019

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