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Downgrading a map into older versions of Minecraft

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Nishino, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Hey everyone!

    So recently I attempted to submit a map that I built, but I made it in 1.16.4, and when it was loaded in 1.8, it generated a brand new vanilla world. So, instead of rebuilding completely in 1.8, I found a solution to downgrade your map to 1.8 from any version.

    It is a rather lengthy process but still saved me hours of rebuilding by hand.

    Anyways I thought if anyone else has fallen into the same trap, this thread could be helpful.

    These are my steps that I found to work:

    Step 1: Create a backup of your map
    Step 2: Host a service via aternos (free)
    Step 3: Host the server in the game version matching your map (for mine it was 1.16.4)
    Step 4: Use the program Spigot in order to install plugins into your server
    Step 5: Go to the "Plugins" tab of the server page
    Step 6: Search "ViaVersion" and install the newest version
    Step 7: Search "ViaBackwards" and install the newest version
    Step 8: Search "ViaRewind" and install the newest version

    These three plugins will collectively allow you to host the server on your world version (in my case 1.16.4) and allow you to join it in any version going back to 1.7

    Step 9: Go to the "Worlds" tab of the server hosting website
    Step 10: Upload your map file

    Step 11: Download LiteLoader Installer for the version you want to "downgrade to" (typically maps should be submitted in 1.8.9)
    Step 12: Install LiteLoader
    Step 13: Download WorldDownload Mod for LiteLoader for the matching version (to the LiteLoader application)
    Step 14: Place the mod file in the mods folder

    This mod will allow you to download the world that is in your server

    Step 15: Start up your server
    Step 16: Join your server in the desired "Downgraded" version with the LiteLoader Profile and the WorldDownload Mod installed
    Step 17: Assuming the mod is working, you should be able to download all the chunks you've loaded by hitting the "Esc key" and clicking the Download World button
    Step 18: Once you have loaded in all the chunks that you want to save, press the "Stop Download" button in the "Esc key" menu

    This will have created a new single-player world with the world you downloaded

    Step 19: Open up the single player world and double check to make sure everything is correct

    Essentially, that is it! It is important to note that this WILL NOT work if there are blocks that are part of newer versions that are not in the older versions.

    Now if you have multiple maps that you want to downgrade you'll need to do an extra step. Since the WorldDownloader Mod will create the new world with the title of the server, if you try to do multiple, it will replace the old one. So, you can use WorldEdit to create a schematic and export it into a separate world so that the files don't get replaced.

    Anyways, I hope that no one needs this thread, as it was demotivating when I was unable to find a solution, but if you have fallen into the same trap as me I hope that this was helpful!

    Best of luck and happy map building!
    Posted Mar 20, 2021
  2. Update: Instead of doing everything to 1.8 do it to 1.10 or 1.9 because there is not a WorldDownload Mod for 1.8
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 20, 2021
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