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Does Mineplex Have any Intention of Fixing Their Games?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by _1k_, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. You never see them on because they are either nicked or invis, which is most likely probable so they can find cheaters and ban them. Onto the Developer team, I've been told that their are WAY too many staff members so is their just an overflow of Mods or something? Also Hypixel needs the amount of Devs they had because they get 100,000 people on a day. How else would they manage their server of 100 thousand people? Mineplex only gets maximum of 3k people on daily and thats on weekends... They don't need the amazing numbers of Devs like Hypixel does, and if its such a big problem, these developers should be teaching Admins and Mods how everything works so they can expand their staff team. Next, you made the claim that staff notice issues of the games and all. If they noticed an issue of their game then why does it still exist? Why has that problem not been reported? Maybe its because they genuinely do not care enough. We have been experiencing this for a significant amount of time and change needs to happen if this server wants to exist in the next 2 years. I want it to, however with the way everything is going, I highly doubt it will be up at the start of 2022.
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    OP OP Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  2. Mineplex Mods can also /vanish for the same reason, but the system works a bit different.

    And yeah, of course HP would have loads of Developers to support their server. However here on MP even when they had about 30k players on daily, their developer numbers were always pretty low. I suppose people weren't interested and still are not. They have really high standards to accept people from applications so they rarely get new ones.

    The Moderation staff team has little to no contact with Developers as their jobs is very different. Same with Hypixel. On Mineplex the only time there's contact with Developers is if you're on Quality Assurance or any sub-team from it. But regardless there's only about 1-2 Developers you speak with. Other than that, Leadership or Admins have contact with developers depending on their subteam. Developers have nothing to teach moderation; staff members learn how to punish, communicate, and do things like answer /reports etc through their mentors which are Moderators under the Staff Management team. Developers are not involved unless there's a change to the system.

    The staff team is expanded naturally by Moderators under Recruitment. Staff applications are always open but, once again, there is a set standard for each applicant and a small amount of people reach that. Unfortunately that's nothing something that can be actively improved or controlled as the resources are already out there (eg the becoming a trainee threads). Lowering the requirements to increase the number of staff is not a good idea - then bad staff can come in, mistakes can be more frequent, etc.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  3. i agree with this, i think its mainly just the higher ups and owners. but random mods taking down threads for discussing the issues on mineplex isn't helping anything, its just making the situation worse.

    true, but they could just make the training process longer instead of 2 months it could be 4. the current system isn't working so there must be some type of solution for it.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  4. I don't think that would work. The way it works on Hypixel is you are a Helper forever pretty much until they promote you, but with the way it works on Mineplex I don't think that is necessary. There is a much smaller playerbase on Mineplex than on HP so the staff team also works around that.

    As I mentioned before, false punishments are very uncommon. If you were to look at the amount of punishments given out every month vs how many of them were false you would see that the percentage is actually almost miniscule. Therefore, I don't believe in extending a Trainee trial to four months.

    For starters, doing that would put more work on their mentors. To clarify - Trainees can't punish over the first severity. This means that if they see any fly hacker or bhopper the most they can ban them for is a couple hours->a day. Before they do that, though, they have to gather the evidence and then their mentor punishes them properly. Statistically speaking, Trainees get about 200 of these staff reports per 2 month trial. Given that a mentor has maybe about 3 Trainees under them at any given time, that wouldn't leave them to do a lot of punishments so they can focus on all other aspects of their mentoring - but these numbers stack up if the trial was twice as long. Each mentor would have about double Trainees under them and would have to do much more work.

    It might actually make training less effective also. As the numbers of mentees would rise for each of them, they have to dedicate less time to everybody to make it even. That means that if a Trainee is making mistakes often, it might put more pressure on the mentor to make sure it is taken care of as they would also have 5 more Trainees to deal with at the same time.

    Similarly, it would also be unfair on the Trainees that do their work properly. A four month trial is not necessary for them - that's a third of a year. The way it works right now is that if a Trainee shows exceptional work they can get promoted early a month later. How would it work here (to keep organisation)? Getting promoted after 2 months is a long time, especially if they are extremely capable of their abilities (for example if they were on the staff team before already).

    The current system is working; and it gets altered often. You might not see the changes really as they are mostly in the background; but the system is fine as is. Yes, there are staff members that make mistakes but they do get fixed the majority of the time. Once again if you were to see it on a grander scale it is working overall. I'm sure the process has changed since I have been on the staff team too. But I know that simple things have probably stayed the same. For example, I remember when I would punish someone unfairly, and as I had to have evidence for almost all of my punishments my mentor would see this and would outline how it was unfair and what to look out for next time.

    Also: staff members do get demoted, not only as Moderators but also as Trainees. If a Trainee is making punishment mistakes often, chances are they won't stay on the team.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  5. Not sure why you think Developers and normal Moderation staff are involved in making skin packs. Skin artists, who have 0 responsibilities to take care of games or moderate as they are hired as artists and skin artists only, do it. Their work is completely separate, so of course there are going to be skinpacks released often. It has nothing to do with the rest of the server.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  6. i mean that mineplex needs to relocate their resources on bug fixing and coming out with new updates, there's no need for a new skin pack to be released every week.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  7. Ah. Well, there's only a couple of artists, less than there is Developers. It's just because the standards are so high for developing and becoming a skin artist of course takes much less work (doesn't require a degree or extended training to know how to make Minecraft skins). Furthermore, I know that one of the Artists is also a Build Lead and on Social Media - joshuart. So not only does he help out with the Marketplace but also does outstanding work when it comes to maps and aesthetic of the server, which is also very important.

    Personally I believe their resources are relatively well spaced out, it's not like they actively search for extra artists anyways. They want more Developers and this has been expressed loads - it's just hard to become one, for any server honestly.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  8. I was just throwing out some ideas to fix the current system. there was no need to write a whole essay, i agree with some of your points, but you cant deny the fact that mineplex needs more staff members to push out more/better updates, i was simply suggesting increasing the trainee trial as a means of reducing corruption. but obviously there are better solutions out there.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  9. Doesn't take much effort to write a long response, lol.

    And yeah I agree. There has to be more Developers and LT that will actually work with the community
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  10. glad we could come to an agreement here, i think all of us here could agree that mineplex should be more involved with the community.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  11. "Never on", every staff member has quotas that require them to be online, you may not see them as a lot of moderators don't say "Sorted" etc after punishing. As for your next point: as someone who has played Hypixel since 2016, this isn't the case. Games such as quakecraft, arena brawl, and smash heroes haven't had an update since 2016/17. As I said earlier, every server/game has its issues, blindly ignoring that doesn't help your point. Bedwars, one of their main games hasn't had an update in 2+ years, it's not about updates, it's about media presence.

    If there was nothing wrong with it, it would have been accepted. You aren't aware of the private guidelines. As stated, follow the report guide. You can private message the person who denied your report for further information.

    Media presence, pvp focused games rather than building/pve games. Among many other issues that have been repeated and repeated and repeated in countless threads, bring something new to the table, give some constructive feedback.

    This isn't the case - if you see a moderator doing this, report it to the forum admin and it'll be sorted. If it's rude/not constructive, then it doesn't constitute criticism, it's just complaining of the sake of complaining.

    I've seen plenty of hypixel staff online, but I also see plenty of mineplex staff online, sure that may be because I'm a moderator, but I also see plenty of staff in Lobby-1 most of the time (or staffrequest).

    As for updates, we have 2 java developers (and alex), one of which is working on another major project rather than updates. Unfortunately, developers are human and can only work on a certain amount in a short period of time. And yes, as you stated - there are issues, but that's not a moderators fault, that's down to leadership to handle developers, updates etc.

    I haven't seen a single staff member on this thread disagree that there are issues, as for removals - again, dm wanderer if this is the case, we welcome critical feedback if it's constructive: if you're out ranting calling staff "idiots" etc, it'll be removed as it's rude. Keep your feedback respectful and make it constructive: give ways to improve, don't just say "there is an issue". PVP games are cool, yes. But honestly: I think mineplex should focus on differentiating itself now, rather than trying to focus on competing with Hypixel, there are plenty of really, really good 1.16 servers that have a load of unique features that pull 500+ players. Your reasons are partially correct, there are other more major reasons (lack of media presence, lack of innovation etc) but that stems from other causes - such as being stuck on 1.8.9.

    Artists =! developers.

    It takes a few hours to make a skin pack, it takes weeks/months to code, test, check for bugs, recode and then push updates, get feedback and push hotfixes, development of even very "simple" things take time.

    Developers do not train admins/mods, staff management trains moderators and admins are managed by leaders/owners. Now: you mention "you made the claim that staff notice issues of the games and all. If they noticed an issue of their game then why does it still exist?" so I will repeat what has been said 3/4 times: moderators are not developers, we cannot fix the issues, if a bug is reported, it'll be fixed in the next update - that's how the development flow works. You also have to remember: bedrock exists, bedrock has to be focused on too, bedrock has a lot more potential than java (as a java player - I really hate saying that).

    Moderators aren't falsely removing threads, as I said earlier: if this is the case, contact wanderer. If feedback is rude in nature, it'll be removed. As for "expanding the training", no, no, no. Training shouldn't be expanded, but quality and consistency should: trainees are promoted when they "have enough experience to be a good moderator", this should be the same: but the standards should raise, I've already private messaged some of my feedback on this to Toki and strongly encourage anyone with constructive feedback to do the same.

    The issue is: you keep assuming moderators/artists etc are responsible for slowing down development, this isn't the case: we cannot jump into development, we are volunteer moderators or artists, we aren't developers.

    Owners definitely should be more involved, luckily dean and alex are pretty talkative on discord, but I really wish we could get someone (like chiss was previously) to be involved in the community.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
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  12. if they cant remove 'punching bad' as a word in draw my thing then there is no hope
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  13. that's the thing, most mods do it on here, I've even had a few of my friends receive false bans due to it. if we could just easily report it then it wouldn't be such an issue but literally every thread talking about issues on mineplex gets locked or just straight up removed by a moderator. on top of that. like I mentioned earlier. most of suggestions/concerns often go ignored

    wait so if i read this correctly the artist do all that work on the skin packs but mineplex doesn't pay them or even give them credit? anyways, i was saying that mineplex needs to focus more on development, I mean if they are pushing out brand new $1-5 skin packs every week someone has to be buying them, so mineplex clearly, as enough money to afford more developers or builders.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  14. You don't hire a builder. They are not paid and are volunteers. As said in another thread, they are actually quite active, but all maps are made in Java and it takes time to copy them to Bedrock. Also Mineplex doesn't just hire developers, they must apply. Mineplex also has relatively high requirements for it. Lastly, not many people who are actually dedicated to being a developer meet the requirements, and not many people apply for developer.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  15. ah my mistake, i was assuming builders were paid by mineplex like they are on other servers, but thanks for pointing that out to me. and yeah development is hard and finding the right one for the job would be difficult, my frustration is with the fact that mineplex doesn't update their server for months, years even. when other servers even ones with lower player counts, manage to push out updates every month. perhaps mineplex could offer more money to devs to attract more to join.
    Posted Jan 16, 2021
  16. yes. patient. Getting frustrated because mineplex is at times unplayable is being impatient
    Posted Jan 20, 2021
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  17. -snip-
    1. There are definitely developers applying but I doubt they meet the requirements; Mineplex hasn't hired developers from applications in a while and it would be so helpful if they even lowered the requirements slightly to bring in even one or two extra developers. Super high-end developers - maybe not. But here's the thing; the developers on Mineplex work part-time, so somebody passionate about and fantastic at coding could want to be a part of it since they don't have to dedicate all of their time.

    2. Microsoft wouldn't pull out a partnership simply because it's a buggy server. A lot of other things would have to happen for this, and I don't think it would anytime soon. Mineplex has a pretty high player count for a Bedrock server, and it is doing really well, albeit all the bugs.

    -snip- Nobody is pressuring you into buying anything anyways. I was thinking of donating to Bedrock sometime but I would want to wait until some important things are fixed too.
    Posted Jan 20, 2021,
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  18. if this is true then that piece of turd lifeboat server would've been removed a long time ago
    Posted Jan 20, 2021

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