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disable gwen entirely?

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by WhyJustY, Jan 31, 2023.

  1. I was on an MPS and GWEN was so trigger happy it always kicked us out whenever a win effect played, and one time, even when a game started. This is just ridiculous, either make GWEN a lot more lenient, disable it on MPS's so that the hosts can figure it out, or just disable it entirely because the server is approaching unplayability.

    EDIT: I think I know what I want. Just disable GWEN for MPS's and let the host figure it out.
    Posted Jan 31, 2023,
    Last edited Jan 31, 2023
  2. The issue with GWEN kicking everyone is already known and has been forwarded. For disabling GWEN, hard pass for me. GWEN is still an okay anti-cheat and no matter what server you are on they need anti-cheats, but beside the current problem with GWEN is there any reason to disable GWEN? So -1 from me for disabling GWEN.
    Posted Jan 31, 2023
  3. Honestly. I was on my MPS with some folks and if I try to move, I got kicked. Games couldn't finish either.
    Posted Jan 31, 2023
  4. Ngl it kinda sounds like someone is deliberately messing with stuff to accelerate the downfall of Mineplex java but it’s probably just because there’s nobody around to keep things together and everything is slowly falling apart.
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
  5. well, i only play on mps's (SINCE EVERYTHING ELSE IS UNPLAYABLE) and gwen has been actively harmful towards them, so maybe just disable gwen there?

    edit: it's kicking me in the lobbies for nothing. just disable it, it's actively harmful towards the server and making it unplayable.

    I think GWEN's been hacked. It's never been this bad before, and has no reason to be.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 1, 2023,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 2, 2023
  6. it’s also a thing on bedrock but it’s not as common
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
  7. Forwarded to who? There's no one to really fix it. No Gwen dev, and no devs, period.
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
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  8. Yeah the server literally has no more devs, nothing will get done anytime soon sadly if ever
    Posted Feb 2, 2023
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  9. I agree
    Posted Feb 2, 2023
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  10. Y’all have 2 options: accept what it is (since it’s 99% likely it’s not gonna change) or move on :)
    Posted Feb 4, 2023
  11. As it turns out, the Lead Dev has turned off GWEN in a streamer's MPS at yesterday's tournament they hosted due to it kicking half of the lobby. Hilarious, huh?
    Posted Feb 5, 2023
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  12. I understand how annoying it is to be kicked, but there isn’t really much that could be done right now. Hopefully soon there will be something that could be done to fix the anti-cheat.
    Posted Feb 5, 2023

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