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In Discussion Dinosaur Run!

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Knazamn | Skittles1052, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Hi! This is a game that sort of has a story that goes with it. Read on! I will give the instructions after.

    Oh no! Your dinosaurs went missing! You loved them, and wanted to keep them with you forever. You decide to set up a mission with a team of 5 people to go look for your dinosaurs. Will you find them?


    1. A game of 5 people are set up.

    2. You spawn in a map with many mountains, and the land looks like a desert. The map would be semi-big.
    You are gonna need a resource pack for this!

    3. You would need to search for a map (5 minutes to search for a map) so you can look around, and mark off places you have been.
    If you don't find the map, then you can continue the game. It would just be a little bit harder. Also, everyone would be shown on the map.

    4. You would need to search for your dinosaurs within 10-15 minutes. There would be 10 dinosaurs, laying there. When you tap them, then it goes to your 0 of 10 on the side of your screen.

    Good Ending: You found all the dinosaurs! You can escape right as you see a meteor heading for you. You and your 10 dinosaurs are safe.

    Bad Ending: You continue to search for the dinosaurs. You soon look in the air, and you see a meteor. You start to panic, and start running. The last of the dinosaurs went extinct.

    This would be a temporary game, and would not be available to play forever.

    REWARD: You would get a dinosaur egg that follows you around!
    (credit goes towards https://www.mineplex.com/threads/new-pets.77166/#post-262754)
    You would also get a title! Paleontologist! *Thank you @Mathuu *

    Have a good rest of your day/night!
    Posted Oct 4, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 5, 2019
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  2. Hey there!

    I personally like this game. I think there should be 3 - 4 different teams so that way more people can play at once. I am very amused on how simple yet detailed it is! I think there should be a title once you capture a dinosaur too. Maybe Paleontologist? Anyways, I give this idea a +1!
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  3. Hey!
    I suppose this is a good idea! I really enjoy the idea of a dinosaur game! This could be fun for the playerbase of Mineplex. I hope you guys have a fun and enjoyable experience here at Mineplex! This may encourage more players to play on the server as well. This could contribute to the factor that there should be different teams playing against each other. This would allow multiple players to play at one time. There should indeeed become a title if you capture a dinosaur! Amazing idea!
    Posted Oct 4, 2019
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  4. Hi there!
    I like this idea because it’s simple and it fits the Mineplex arcade games style. However I feel instead of 5 there should be 6, even numbers seem better. You said that the reward is a dragon egg that follows you around, and if this is meant to be a bedrock game too then a mini dragon or dragon egg pet would be nice. On java this may only last as a temporary game but if you look at the age of majority of the players on bedrock, which is 5-10, this game would be really entertaining for them. It’s simple, fun and exciting especially because of the meteor.

    Here’s a good suggestion for this game - Rather than have the meteor come in at the end, it should be there from the start of the game and your aim is to round up all the dinosaurs before the meteor hits. If you collect them all, you succeed, if not, the meteor crashes, there’s an explosion and everyone dies and the game ends with the the message “The last of dinosaurs went extinct”.

    Since you said upon completing the game the reward is a dragon egg, your idea is a little too simple and the reward would be really easy to get. This suggestion I’ve given would add a little more challenge to the game making it harder to complete, and the egg would be worth giving as a reward.
    Posted Oct 5, 2019
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  5. Hello!

    Off the bat, I think that game is a little too long and needs to be shortened to 10-15 minutes. Also I don't really see how they can implement real looking dinosaurs of that is what you mean, some other mob or click onto object would have to replace that. Do you have anything in mind for kits? I've got some ideas such as adding a temporary tracker or someone who has a Leap or speed boost.

    On top of the rewards, the shard, gem and experience should be fairly balanced but not too OP like the beginning of area 51. The baby pet and title are great and would complement this perfectly.

    This is a pretty solid game basis, but some little things need to be added here and there to refine it.
    For now, it's a 0 leaning towards 1. Thanks for posting this idea!
    Posted Oct 5, 2019,
    Last edited Oct 5, 2019
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  6. shortened
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 5, 2019
  7. Hey!
    This game seems very fun and adventurous which is why I like this suggestion. I think it should be set in jungle environment and have rivers to fill the map in.
    Posted Oct 5, 2019

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