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In Discussion DIABLERIE - 16 player co-op, horror themed, survival/investigative game.

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Infernocus, Jul 12, 2019.

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    Having joined a Search & Rescue ground unit, it's you and your teammates duty
    to investigate a missing persons case in the Matchitehew National Park. A park
    with multiple cases in the past that have had strange and unexplainable occurrences.
    Head deep into the heart of this giant national park as you search and investigate
    whilst tackling the harsh elements of mother nature and being wary of the many
    animals that inhabit the park, whether they be ferocious bears or something much
    more sinister.

    How The Game Works:

    These games are long, lasting over an hour assuming you make it through to the end.
    There are a total of 6 days, each day lasting 10 minutes. You'll have to search for clues
    that are laying around the giant park (and when I mean giant, I mean giant). Certain clues
    are set up for each day and will disappear, being replaced by the next day's clues and so
    on up until the last day. You have a chance of finding and saving the missing person, but
    that will all be dependent on how many total clues you and others manage to find.

    From day 1, things will start slow as you begin to search the entire park for just 2 clues. Animals,
    monsters, and evil spirits have a very low chance of spawning near you on the first day with
    monsters having the lowest of those chances. Day 2 will have you search again for clues, but
    will increase by +2 so 4 clues for day 2. Chances of animals, monsters, and evil spirits spawning
    will be low. Day 3 will yield 6 clues to search for and a medium chance of animals, monsters, and
    evil spirits spawning. Day 4 will include a total of 8 clues and a bit higher than medium chance of
    animals, monsters, and evil spirits spawning in. Day 5 will have 10 clues to look for and a high chance
    of animals, monsters, and evil spirits spawning. Day 6 will end with a grand total of 12 clues to search
    for and very high chances of animals, monsters, and evil spirits spawning in.

    Note: There will need to be a texture pack to really add the layer of horror and should mostly comprise of
    scary sound effects and some textures for items and mobs. All of which are further elaborated on
    down below. Also this game will have to be a 1.9+ to include more mobs, take advantage of dual
    wielding, and for more reasons I haven't thought of yet.

    Another Note: This game is meant to be very difficult and to try to cause players to think twice before
    doing an action such as not wasting your limited amount ammo, your first aid kits, to
    come up with strategies like staying in small groups and learning how to handle
    certain situations, which again, are further elaborated on down below. Oh and this is
    essentially in adventure mode since nothing except maybe tall grass, flowers, and berries
    can be broken and no can hurt one another with anything.

    Tools & Survival Mechanics:

    You will have a canteen equipped with you that you must drink every 5 minutes to stay hydrated.
    Being dehydrated will cause you to slow down thus not being able to walk or run as fast. A canteen
    can hold 2 sips, enabling you to stay hydrated for a whole day before needing to refill from a nearby
    lake or river.

    - A walkie-talkie will be in your inventory. This can be used to report clues you find since there's
    no other way for others to know unless they are near you. Done so by simply right clicking the
    walkie-talkie after finding a clue thus sending an auto global message that [User] has found a
    clue and a description of that clue. You can also use the walkie-talkie to report the death of a
    teammate by right clicking the walkie-talkie whilst aiming at their lifeless body. As a last resort,
    you can also use the walkie-talkie to request help when you are bleeding out.

    - Everyone has a camping kit equipped in their inventory as a trapped chest. This is used to spawn
    in a pre-built tent. Necessary, for you will have to rest in your tent at night for 30 seconds. Not doing
    so leaves you sleep deprived thus reducing your total amount of health. In order to activate the tent,
    you must place down the trapped chest in a flat area that is a wide enough space for your tent to be
    built. Once placed down, continually right click the chest (chest is set to not open) as you watch your
    tent be assembled before your very eyes for 5 seconds. An xp sound effect will play when it's done.
    2 beds are within each tent so you and a teammate are able to share one. To dismantle your tent,
    just left click the chest for 5 seconds until your tent is completely gone and the trapped chest is sent
    back into your inventory.

    - Should you run into danger such as a bear, a rifle (such as a Remingtion 700 BDL) is always in your
    inventory, ready for use, but with a limited amount of ammo. You are also equipped with a knife should
    you want to store your ammo for a more dangerous situation. Here is a nice gunshot sound effect from
    freesound: -unapproved link-

    - Map of the entire park is always available in your inventory for use when you need to locate points
    of interest such as the last known location of the missing person. Okay, I'm not really sure if a big park
    can actually fit inside the map so if that's not possible than it can be replaced by a GPS tracker that
    displays coordinates of points of interest and can switch between them by simply left clicking the GPS

    - A raincoat is in your inventory for when it's raining. Not wearing a raincoat will leave you feeling cold thus
    causing you to slow down and shiver every couple of seconds (shivering effect can be done similarly to
    how your camera shakes when hit by shocking strikes from Champions). Can't be worn when it's not raining
    and is automatically taken off and returned to your inventory when rain has stopped falling. There is also
    another interesting use for the raincoat, which is further elaborated on in the mobs section.

    - Flashlight or lantern, whichever, will be in your inventory as well. I'm pretty sure you can make light appear
    from just holding it in your hand outside of using the dynamic lighting option.

    - When it's dark, getting to be too cold at night , or possibly warding off spirits, a lighter is always in your inventory
    to use on the ground. Each person can only have 2 fires lit at the same time and will not spread or burn blocks.
    At night, it can get very cold (same slow and shiver effect) so you'll need to use a lighter every 2 minutes.
    Furthermore, you can also use a lighter under say a tree when its raining to warm up too.

    - A couple of first aid kits are available to use in your inventory and are used to revive one another. When
    you lose all your health, you will be on the ground and will essentially bleed out for possibly 10-20 seconds.
    When the timer runs out, you will officially die, but using the first aid kit within the time frame lets you revive
    either yourself or someone else. (A limited amount of first aid kits per player will add to the sense of fear of
    death and can leave you facing hard choices.) When you are at very low health and or the bleed out timer
    begins, this plays: -unapproved link-

    - A pack of protein bars is with you as well and like many other things, are a limited supply and can also heal
    you. There are berries (possibly retextured cocoa beans) you can find to eat so it may be best to save your
    protein bars for more serious situations.

    Mobs - Animals/Monsters/Evil Spirits:
    (now its time for the good stuff)

    - Black bears are ferocious beasts that are aggressive and will try to kill you if you get too close to one of them.
    Some black bears will spawn in with cubs, meaning they are a mama bear and will be much more aggressive
    and you'll have to be an even farther distance to avoid them. They can of course be killed with a rifle with possibly
    one or two shots or you can try to use a knife, but will obviously be a lot harder to do so. [Retextured polar bears]

    - Packs of grey wolves can also be roaming around and will try to stalk and attack you if you are alone or a certain
    distance away from another player so again, it's best to stay in small groups. Rifles and knifes can of course kill
    them too. [Retextured wolves]

    - Mountain lions may also be lurking around and like wolves, will attack you if you are alone or a certain distane from
    another player. Can be killed by rifles and knifes. [Retextured cats]

    - The wendigo is a horrifying monster that spawns in only at night and will target players. This is the sound that everyone
    will hear when one spawns in: -unapproved link- . They are fast, and extremely
    dangerous in more than one way. When you are attacked by one, lose all your health, and are on the ground. Instead of
    dying you will regain all your health and the wendigo will be lit on fire and die. Unbeknownst to you, it is already game
    over for you, as you have been cursed with an insatiable hunger for human blood and will take into affect after a certain
    amount of time has passed like 2 minutes. When the curse does happen, you'll first gain nausea for 10 to 20 seconds.
    Afterwards, you'll hear a horrifying sound and will be hit with blindness. You'll gain a speed boost and be instructed to
    hunt down other players because your health bar will slowly go down unless you attack another player. At this point,
    players can hurt and kill you. Wendigos can be killed with rifles or knifes. [Retextured enderman]

    - The ghost witch (skudakumooch) is a demonic entity that can appear when it's raining and a lightning strike crashes
    down near you, causing you to stop and be blinded by the bright light. When the blindness wears off, the ghost witch
    will be standing still a few blocks in back of you. Faint whispers will play: -unapproved link-
    If you turn around and look towards the ghost witch, she will scream, playing this: -unapproved link-
    and proceed to run at you with incredible speed, hit you, disappear, reappear a certain distance from you and repeat.
    Rifles will not harm the ghost witch and it will take many hits with a knife just to slightly hurt a witch so the best way to
    to kill one is with fire using a lighter. You'll have to learn to be quick as the ghost witch approaches you and light the
    ground in the path she is heading for. [Retextured witch]

    - Evil spirits (don't have a name yet) are invisible spirits that mess with you and are unkillable. When one spawns in
    you'll here this: -unapproved link- . They will follow you and try to harm you
    in many ways. You can be hit with blindness (accompanied by a scream) then be teleported a couple blocks into the
    sky, lose the blindness, and fall back down. Drips of lava particles can fall over you and will leave smoke particles when
    they hit the ground. There are more ways they can mess with you. To get the evil spirits to stop harassing you, you
    can wear your raincoat, thus fooling the evil spirits into believing you're not the same person they wanted to mess
    with (this is akin to folklore of wearing your clothing inside out to trick evil spirits). Afterwards they will completely

    (More horrifying creatures to come. In the meantime you can suggest some or anything really.)

    There is a whole story to be told with the clues providing information on what happened. A lot of this is based on actual missing persons cases
    and folklore.

    Text in the chat will appear when things are happening to help you figure out what to do or just act as narrating. For
    instance, when you're cold, you'll be told that it's starting to get chilly or when a ghost witch is in back of you, you'll
    be told that you hear something in back of you.

    Work In Progress
    Posted Jul 12, 2019,
    Last edited Jul 12, 2019
  2. This sounds like a really cool idea but I'm not sure it fits with any other category within Mineplex currently.

    It would be awesome to see this as a Halloween special game that's only out for a limited time.

    I like what you've got so far, and it sounds great especially the immersion I can feel into the game. Can't wait to see updates to this post.

    One issue though is the length, 60 minutes is quite a long time so that could be worked on.

    ~ Zom
    Posted Jul 13, 2019
  3. Thanks. It's honestly not meant to fit in any of the current categories. I want this to be it's own thing that manages to be new and original, add a little more variety, and serve as an attraction to Mineplex in the same vein that doing the 3 am challenge garnered a lot of attention from kids.

    I don't see the game being an hour long as an issue because like a lot of other games on different servers that do last long, they can be fun and keep you engaged and not even realize how much time passes by. Not just that, but also, people spend a lot of time in games like survival, faction, and skyblock so based off of that, I don't think it would turn out to be an issue.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 13, 2019

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