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Java Developer Update (08/22/2018)

Discussion in 'Update Changelogs' started by Moppletop, Aug 22, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!

    Today, I'm here to share with you what I've been doing recently. I've been trying to get this update out for a while now so it's good to finally see it out for everyone to see. This update focuses on some long time requested changes, like Friends, Rejoining, Combat Logging as well as a lot of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

    Friends Update

    • Favorite Friends
      • You can now mark friends as "favorite".
      • You are notified when your favorite friends join and leave the network.
      • They always appear at the top of your friends list.
    • Statuses
      • You can now set your status from the friend menus!
      • Visible - Old way of friends, people see everything!
      • Semi-Visible - Your friends only see if they are online, but can’t see what server they are on.
      • Invisible - You appear offline in friend's lists, but can still play games.
    • Friend Requests on Join
      • If you have the “Show Pending Friend Requests” preference enabled, you will be informed on how many friend requests you have on login
    • Being told about incoming Friend Requests
      • The same preference will show you new friend requests once they are sent to you, giving you the option to deny/accept them right in chat!
    • The chat and inventory UI have also received some slight changes to reflect the ones above.

    Game Rejoining
    • Rejoining has been added to a select few games. This system is much simpler than that of it's previous UHC counterpart. There is no NPC.
    • When disconnecting and reconnecting within 5 minutes you will be informed that you can rejoin your previous game. After 5 minutes you will no longer receive this message though you can rejoin manually by using /server and as long as the conditions are met you will be put back in the game.
    • The game server does not keep a reservation for you, if the server becomes full you will not be able to reconnect.
    • You can only rejoin games if you disconnect from the server completely. You can not rejoin if you get kicked by GWEN or switch lobbies using commands.
    • It's intended use is if players get disconnected from the server for some network issue, they will be able to join back into the game.
    • Rejoining has been added to:
      • Cake Wars
        • If the player’s team still has their cake.
        • Players do not keep their inventory on reconnecting.
      • The Bridges
        • If the bridges haven’t fallen.
        • Players keep their inventory on reconnecting
      • Block Hunt
        • Players rejoin as a hunter
      • Turf Wars
    • For the competitive players out there that use MPSs to compete in tournaments, rejoining still works there. However, the player is not informed when rejoining the network but will be able to rejoin through /server or the MPS menu.

    Combat Logging
    • When a player quits it acts as a death. This only happens if the player engaged in combat recently.
      This means the player receives a death statistic and the killer is awarded the kill.

    Map Voting Added to Server Selection
    • When looking for a server, the server selection GUI will now show if a server is in the game/map voting stage, and what games/maps are in the voting rotation without having to join the server itself.

    Other Changes
    • Added /pref as a alias to /prefs.
    • Added /whatmap which shows the currently running map information.
    • A player’s Mineplex level now shown in their xp bar in the lobby.
    • Added Exp Earned into /stats.
    • The glass panes in the cosmetic menu now show how many shards you have.
    • Crouching with the ocelot morph makes the meow sound.
    • Added a cake eating particle when eating a cake in Cake Wars.
    • XP gained at the end of the game is now shown for level 100’s.
    • The Game Server Selector and Lobby Selector have had slight adjustments to accommodate new changes.
    • The freedom leap no longer uses fireworks, but particles instead (it was loud!)
    • Titles are now loaded when stats are, so the right tier is now shown.
    • Fixed the amount of daily and weekly missions completed not tracking.
    • Fixed an issue where players could shoot as a hunter for the “Poke!” mission.
    • Fixed an issue where players could complete the “Steve Walker” mission as a specator.
    • Fixed the Blow A Kiss taunt affecting spectators.
    • Fixed the cosmetic menu and hub clock not being given/usable before a vote has started (again).
    • Kits are now view-able and select-able if map voting is occurring.
    • Fixed Master Builders not ending when all players quit.
    • Fixed Castle Assault not ending when all players quit.
    • Fixed an issue where running /spec in Gladiators (Arcade) would give players the hotbar editor.
    • Fixed “You hit Null with Lightning Shield” in Super Smash Mobs.
    • Fixed Magma Cube’s kill bonus stacking through games in Super Smash Mobs.
    • Fixed Magma Cube’s smash not healing it's user.
    • Fixed Death’s Grasp working as a spectator in Super Smash Mobs.
    • Fixed an issue in Speed Builders where if you got a perfect build right as the timer ended, you wouldn’t get it.
    • Fixed a Fletched Arrow duplication bug.
    • Note: With the new friends system, there is now a new limit of 1000 friends. If a user already has more than 1000 friends, they just won’t be able to add anymore until they get under the limit.

    A Little Further Out...
    This isn't even all of it, here's some vague descriptions of what I have in the pipeline.
    • Some under-the-hood changes trust me they save me a lot of time.
    • Something new that involves the reinvention of a game... We'll have some more information on this soon...
    Posted Aug 22, 2018
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