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Describe Clans In 5 Words

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Xion, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Not my type of game
    Posted Apr 10, 2019
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  2. Posted Apr 10, 2019
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  3. I wonder what could've been.

    To me, it's sad to see a game with great potential so wildly mismanaged. Clans, despite its issues, was a major part of my childhood, and a lot of my best memories are from this game.
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  4. Was good now its not.

    Getting falsebanned, getting phased on and getting hit in illusion isnt a fun game.
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  5. im gonna describe clans over the 5 word limit
    barbed arrows
    static 6
    football team of sweaty sins
    cheating sin
    evade spamming autoclicking sin
    veng knight
    cheater with legends!
    the type of guy to camp in base and maul and scepter
    get kicked with legends
    b a __D

    get my legends i died in a moat because of 5 static 6 mages help
    --- Post updated ---
    the opposite
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  6. Clans really like Turtle Day.
    Posted Apr 19, 2019

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