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Decreasing PvP Games + 2 Game Suggestions

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Axjy, Jul 1, 2020.


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  2. I like Mineplex Missionary, but not Easter Hunt.

  3. I like Easter Hunt, but not Mineplex Missionary.

  4. I don't like either of them.

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  1. Cutting Down on Combat Based Games

    Hi! I've been attempting to come up with reasonable ideas for games that could be implemented which aren't basically entirely focused on Internet and the device the game is being played on. I think some of these games might be able to support reviving Mineplex if they get known about, because some of them don't appear on servers very often. If you saw my last suggestion post about Minecraft Missionary, I will also be talking about that here in more depth.

    Here are some of the benefits of adding more games which don't include melee combat:

    - It would be very hard to get any sort of toxcity within these types of games. Proof of this is from games like this which are already on the network. These include Master Builders and Speed Builders.

    - It would stop players from leaving from being constantly beaten by people with better Internet & devices. You might not see this, but it happens a lot. Years ago, I used to get killed by people wi-. I mean I guess back then I didn't even know about strafing so I really can't say it was about the Internet and pc but shh. Ignore this part of the thread.

    - A lot of the time, competitive games can be repetitive and can get boring quickly, while if it's not a combat based game, there are games which are harder to get bored at. This is how I came up with Mineplex Missionary. I'll talk about Mineplex Missionary later in this thread.

    - Okay this one I don't mean to judge anybody, I understand there are different types of people. Some people say that these kind of games promote violence in real life, which can be true but I doubt this would happen in a game like cake wars. I guess this would solve that issue but I wouldn't exactly consider this as a propper reason unless Mineplex receives emails and hate messages from people about this.

    The Game Suggestions
    Onto the actual game suggestions. I'd like you to let me know which you like and which you think might need some altering to make possible.

    I've narrowed it down to the top two ideas I've come up with.

    Mineplex Missionary - Explanation
    The idea of this game is similar to club penguin's PSA Agent Missions. You are a new recruit at a secret agency and your job is to be a detective and work out puzzles, while being helped by your boss (an NPC just so you know) and various other clues. There would be multiple different single player and multiplayer missions to add more of a variety to the game as a whole. I also think if would be very interesting if players could create their own mission for others in MPS (but I don't recommend this so much because it could take lots of development to set up, maybe only for events).

    I'm sure would be a very enjoyable and effective game, especially to play with friends and would be well built compared to a normal adventure map considering it's on a server therefore be given frequent updates.

    - It would have a variety of levels and missions each with different points and a story, therefore it wouldn't easily get boring.

    - If it gets known, it could attract a lot of attention and bring people back and have new players join for the first time.

    Other unmentioned details
    These missions can range from different times, considering that not everyone will want to play for 30 minutes just for one mission. I think there should be a long version and a shortened version for each mission.

    I understand the "This might stay popular for about a week but then it will die" but if new, fun and exciting levels are frequently added I don't see this game dying any time soon.

    It'd be great if this game was on Java and Bedrock so everyone can get the experience of it.

    This game is unlike most, so it might be a good idea to join it with the MPS NPC. I feel as if it would fit there well.

    If this is too hard to develop I totally understand.

    I'm going to give an example so people don't get lost in the thread. Let's say there's a mystery of a stolen diamond. You would look for clues using tools you have and find out the culprit.

    Easter Hunt (Seasonal) - Explanation
    Of course, as you've probably seen from the title, this will be an Easter Hunt. The point of this would be to have to search for a specific amount of eggs across different worlds that were scattered from an Evil Easter Bunny. Some of them might include a mission to get them. The eggs could be used to weaken the Evil Easter Bunny, and then you would have a boss battle with it. The only con I can think of is that this could take a lot of build time to create.


    A new type of seasonal event could attract new players.

    - This would be a lot of fun for a lot of different people, and would certainly be a memorable experience.

    (I would've liked to include more benefits but it's literally 2AM as I'm writing this, I'll explain more tomorrow)

    I am going to try to come up with more of these types of games.

    Thank you for reading this,

    Posted Jul 1, 2020
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  2. Heyo, thanks for putting in the time and effort to create this thread to the public!
    Starting off, combat games are a great part of this server! Without it, there wouldn't be a place to call this mineplex without the diverse of pvp and non pvp. I agree toxicity is in the community there, but it is in every community doesn't matter if it has combat in it or not. I love speed builders, I definitely see a mix of very positive sweet players, and toxic people that are upset they were eliminated. The negative would simply not end or else this game would be surreal. Pvp is not everyone's thing I get it, but wouldn't be fair to the other players that enjoy it as well as not bring toxicity while enjoying. Conclusion no mater what community you stick yourself into, players will find a form to be toxic.

    The first game suggested Mineplex Missionary sounds similar to Bawk Bawk to me haha. I do think it sounds fun and great! I can see it have a fun growth of players to do besides being competitive and take time away from their main games they play on Mineplex. If this was to get process on wards, the game wouldn't be too long. The mystery puzzles and missions would have to be accomplishable in reasoning times. If there is one that is too difficult the players, especially new ones, would end up leaving and not find interest anymore due to how difficult it is.

    Just some things about the game and questions the public might have concerns that would be great to update on:
    -Average players in each game?
    -Any kits you would like added?
    -Achievements perhaps?
    -Special power ups, or things players could receive in the game?
    (armour, weaponry, healing)

    Easter is far ways away but since you mentioned it, it will have plenty of time to think over this game. The game Easter Hunt sounds self explanatory and ideal to the holiday Easter. I have the feel this is already something Mineplex has, just removed from the public. I am not sure of it but could remember from long ago I remember seeing something like this but not quite exactly like it. This process of the game does sound lengthy and it would be good for seasonal!

    More question and concerns that could be asked by the public:
    -Average players in each game?
    -Any kits you would like added?
    -Achievements perhaps?
    -Would this game be all month of April?
    -Special rewards?
    (titles, chests, particles, weapon name.. and more cosmetics not mentioned)

    Overall, thank you for the suggestions and I wish you well with them! The more detail you give on a game, the better understanding the public could see for the game to be developed!

    Posted Jul 2, 2020
  3. Hi!

    I completely acknowledge that combat based games are important and beneficial, but I think there should be other types of gamemodes to bring in new and other players. Many of the pvp based games are fairly inactive. I might have worded this poorly, but I didn't mean to come across as though they are a bad thing and all need to be removed, I just think that they shouldn't add as much if they are going to keep the ones they currently have.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bawk Bawk that nano game where you need to make it to the red platform in time? I agree with the rest of this.

    For this game, it's hard to make an assumption of how many players it would get. If it gets known I would guess possibly 100 - 500 players. It isn't really possible to have kits in this type of game, because it's more of an adventure map style than a normal Mineplex game style. I can think of a few achievements for this game.

    Mission Maniac! (Complete 20 different missions)

    Speedrun Skill! (Beat the estimated time on any mission)

    Chapter one, done! (Complete the first chapter in the main story)

    Titles could go something like

    Mission Apprentice (Complete 10 missions)
    Mission Pro (Complete 25 missions)
    Mission Master (Complete 50 missions)
    Mission Legend (Complete 100 missions)

    (the same achievement for each chapter in the main story, I was thinking possibly 5?)

    Generally, I first logged on somewhere around 2013 or 2014 and I have never seen or remember a game on Mineplex like this before. Either way, it could be possible.

    Seasonal games usually rack up a good amount of players, so I'd leave the guess up to previous statistics.

    Kits are very hard in this game too, because I don't want it to be a normal game. You start in a lobby world and have a teleporter to go to other worlds. You find the eggs there.

    Achievements probably isn't the way to go in this game.

    Titles could go like this.

    Egg Hunter (Find 10 different eggs)
    Egg Supply (Find 20 different eggs)
    Famous Egg Collector (Find 30 different eggs)

    Yes, this game would probably have to be up for a long time to allow players to collect all the eggs.

    I honestly don't know why, but I really want the grand prize to be a single egg that you can ride on, it would be really random and funny.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 2, 2020
  4. I get it thanks for making it clearer about the combat games situation I understand your view better!
    So Bawk Bawk Battles was a game if I remember in 2016 with tasks to do like basically NANO games honestly and you win games and you have certain amount of lives til you lose? It’s toooo long ago haha can’t really remember much.
    The achievements seem fairly simple and straightforward so new players would be able to achieve them! I like them thank you for clearing it up.
    I wish more responses were made so other’s had their opinions and you could have also gone from there. Good luck once again (:​
    Posted Jul 3, 2020
  5. Bawk Bawk Battles didn't really have much in common with Nano Games. Nano Games stole a couple games from BBB, but Nano Games is more of a Mixed Arcade type game, where BBB was a game about completing tasks, like you stated. I still don't get how Nano Games is supposed to be a successor to BBB, they are completely different games. I don't think Mineplex will ever make a proper successor to BBB, but I do think it was one of Mineplex's most creative games.
    Posted Jul 3, 2020
  6. Thank you!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 3, 2020
  7. Yo!!

    Minecraft servers have gone through different time periods where each game type would be trending. Arcade games and mini-games were at their peak at around 2013 - 2015 however that time period is over and most if not almost all players are more into PVP. It's probably one of the most trending types of gamemodes on Minecraft and switching back to more Arcade related gamemodes would negatively impact Mineplex. I understand all players have different tastes but you have to look at the big picture and see what the community as a whole likes more which is PVP.

    You mention how PVP related gamemodes create lots of Toxicity which you arent wrong however that doesn't mean players will not be toxic within other gamemodes. We can't really control this as its the person's action who creates the toxic environment and spreads player to player. However, there are consequences when a player is breaking the rules they will be punished accordingly which most of the time resolves the toxicity issue at times.

    When it comes to PVP games it can get really competitive as you said which makes you really fun. Going against another tryhard team makes you even motivated to win against them. Additionally, I disagree with PVP related games getting "boring." Yes they are the same over and over however going against challenging teams, playing with friends, and even using a different gameplay style really changes up the game and even if you do play the same gameplay style I personally still enjoy it a lot.

    The idea for a new game you mention sounds really cool and unique. However, this goes back to the whole PVP is Trending for Minecraft. If we were to implement it I feel like the feedback would be negative considering most of the community wants to see PVP related games. For your Easter Event I really like it and I'd love to see some sort of Event-related to that however I feel like the whole searching for a specific amount of items gets repetitive. Instead, players should be able to receive exclusive rewards for playing games. Maybe instead of collecting those eggs in the hub, they could receive them in specific games depending on how they contribute. It'll motivate more players to be playing for those rewards.

    Overall, the implementation of Arcade Games would negatively benefit Mineplex as a lot of players currently are into PVP related gamemodes. However, the idea for some sort of Easter Event sounds really nice and I'd love to see something new occur if it were to be implemented. Furthermore, a PVE gamemode doesn't seem very necessary for the server and may take up unneeded time for the Developers as things like Bugs, Updates, etc. all take lots of time and for now, that is what they should be currently working on.

    +1 Easter Event
    -1 Mineplex Missionary
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
  8. Hi!

    First of all, when I made this post my intention wasn't to say that pvp based games are bad. I do like them, I just think other genres should have a chance in Mineplex too. I also meant that there were already many pvp games, so there wouldn't be much point to add more. Trying new things that won't decrease the player count is a good thing.

    I completely understand this for Easter Hunt, but for Mineplex Missionary it's different. Unless you are playing with people you don't know rather than using a party, then yes, but it'd be way harder than a pvp based gamemode.

    When I said boring, I really worded that incorrectly, I meant overtime. That is what happened to skywars and other games. I agree, but if you look at pvp gamodes other than cake wars, the player counts aren't huge, and the games which aren't do get boring quickly. But there are games which would work, they just aren't on mineplex. Pvp is good, but it's also based on Internet and device as well as skill, so other players don't have much of a chance.

    I doubt the feedback would be bad, if they say that it's not good because it's not pvp based, that's biased. I'm sure there are many people who would enjoy the game, especially considering I haven't seen any dead story mode servers. I do agree with the Easter Hunt though.

    You can't automatically assume that a story mode game would be a failure, because there isn't one on mineplex and I don't think there ever has. I've seen many pure story mode servers, and they've all had at least 250+ players on them. Also, a lot of games in Mineplex are "unnecessary" and I could name them but I won't for obvious reasons. To finish this, I'd like to say that Mixed Arcade is the 2nd most popular gamemode on mineplex, Cakewars being first.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 4, 2020

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