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Death tag is dead bruh

Discussion in 'Death Tag' started by Lyzardguy, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. I have 507 wins with my main and alt combined.
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  2. Thats cool, I have a great Death Tag win history of 20 whole entire wins!
    Posted Oct 16, 2020
  3. I think Death Tag is an amazing game and I actually have thousands of games played in DT. I really miss the community and if there's one thing I could bring back, it would be the DT community. However, I have seen people using communities to "revive" games and play games again. Maybe if there are enough people who enjoy Death Tag, a community can be started and the com chat can be used to announce when games are being played and when there are players being recruited to the DT lobby.

    This personally works with champions, which also receives a very low player count all the time unless specified otherwise by the CTF1 community that announces and recruits players for CTF matches.

    That's just my personal thoughts. I'd love to see someone start a community and if one is started, definitely invite me because I love playing death tag!

    Take care,
    Posted Oct 17, 2020
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  4. One issue.. The community is toxic as hell and is full of teaming tryhards
    Posted Oct 17, 2020
  5. Imagine buying the most expensive kit in the game just to lose it a few days later 'cause of a new silly update.

    This post was brought to you by almost everyone except Cardyceps.
    Posted Oct 17, 2020
  6. I actually don't think it would make a difference. Even the toxic, teaming, tryhards would wanna coordinate to start/join a lobby. In fact I think it's the tryhards that always log on to get more wins that keep the game alive. Lobbies still start on weekends like today. Can't we be a bit optimistic? I actually think what Hubble said was a great idea - maybe we should make a discord server with the more active players that are playing whenever a lobby is alive?

    And I actually think the partial death of Death Tag might have act as an issue to some problems. Teaming - no one to team with. Targeting - unlikely that the remaining player base also hate you. Tryhards - most quit (people still wanna win but they don't sweat that much). Toxic - remaining player base unlikely to be toxic. Of course there's the occasional argument but that doesn't mean everyone's toxic :(
    Posted Oct 17, 2020
  7. no u dont lol
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
  8. I wish we could bring not only this game back, but also all of the other mixed arcade games!
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  9. Hey,

    Unfortunately I have to agree. From my limited experience of playing Death Tag over the last couple of months, I haven't had the best gameplay experience. That's putting it mildly too. I'm not sure why the game died in the first place as I don't think I was around when its community shrunk, but at this point it's too small to have an enjoyable game. I'm sure it's fun for the community who know each other and play in DT-1 every day, but if you think from the perspective of a new player who decides to try out DT, they don't know what they're in for. I don't want this post to come across like I'm throwing around a whole lot of negativity, because I wouldn't say something like this without looking at possible solutions. It's just that I can't deny the heavy amounts of rule-breaking that take place within the gamemode, along with gameplay strategies used that aren't fair to players.

    This isn't a problem without a solution, but it will involve patience. Something frequently brought up is bow boosting, where you shoot your bow lightly and run forward for the arrow to hit you. Many players use this to boost themselves away from Chasers or get into hard-to-reach areas. From reading back over similar threads, some people believe it should be allowed and some shouldn't. Personally, I only believe the problem is when it's being used to access areas that are impossible to reach otherwise. In that case, you can report them on the forums, and optionally report the area they boosted to as a map issue. You could speak to a member of the Map Issues team or go through https://www.mineplex.com/bugs-game. If more people do this, we could be getting somewhere. If bow boosting is indeed set to be removed, then even better - almost no more map exploiting.

    From looking at the rest of the issues you guys describe, it's with players themselves. Now in this case, the only solution is for the DT community to grow so you're not always stuck in DT-1 with certain people who you're not a fan of. I'm sure some of you are thinking that another solution is for them to just leave, but that's not really something we're going to encourage - we'd rather educate people on fair chat and gameplay. If there's more moderation in DT then this might help in this regard: it would cut down on some of the rules being broken. I'm not going to force anyone to do this, but I know people who'd be willing. I for sure wouldn't mind popping in now and again.

    I also think that creating a Discord server that is effectively moderated from the beginning might help to attract more players to the gamemode and have more than one DT lobby running at any given time. This would have to be done right though, and there would have to be someone to take the initiative. If you're into DT or looking to get more into it, bring your friends. Allow more people to gradually become part of DT. Creating a community might also be beneficial, like Champions has. Again though, it would have to be run properly with minimal toxicity, with only good intentions of reviving the gamemode.

    Death Tag is a good game and I have no doubt about that. You could say it's unfortunate that its playerbase is heavily reduced, but it's not like there isn't still hope. Don't think of DT as dead, think of it as a game that was dying but can be revived with time and effort. I've given lots of food for thought above and I'd like everyone to consider it before declaring that DT is dead with no chance of revival. I'd like to think that every game with reduced popularity has this chance. Some of the above ideas might work, some might not; that's called trial and error. Don't be afraid to try them out. Most people who have posted on this thread have good intentions of bringing it back and sometimes that's the only people it takes to make a difference.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  10. game died cuz when the dt community asked for changes, we never got anything so everyone dipped
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
  11. And because of people who boosted all of there wins like kazd.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  12. maybe if the community didnt crossteam all the time people would have actually gotten to play and enjoy the game
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  13. As a consistent DT player since 2015, I can confirm and understand a lot of the frustrations that the community has regarding the game. There are many things that could be done to quickly refresh and alter gameplay that could change the meta every so often so that the game can be spicy and fun (little to no dev time needed)
    Let's start off with a basic change we can all agree on, making cross-teaming punishable. This is the most powerful feature in the game, you simply team with the entire lobby and no one will ever go for you and you can easily farm wins. As a new player this will totally frustrate you because it will make your gameplay experience frustrating and unfair as @WowCaleb said. Not only for new players, but players who aren't liked in the community, for example myself.
    Now things we can do to change the meta every so often:
    Changing amount of KB taken as traitor/archer/basher
    Changing amount of KB you deal as Traitor Changing amount of KB your arrows deal as Archer
    Changing slowness duration that basher kit deals
    Disabling/enabling bow boosting
    These changes and many more can quickly shift the meta and create spicy and fresh gameplay for all. This along with the addition of making cross teaming punishable would no doubt create a MUCH BETTER experience for everyone in the DT community and new players can safely enjoy the game without having an unfair advantage over other players. Not only that, but it requires little to no dev time! It's just about changing a number in the code! (For most of the changes I listed anyways)
    Please let me know if anyone has any feedback on my idea, I think it's a good one but If someone disagrees I would like to know why.
    Posted Oct 18, 2020
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  14. I wholeheartedly agree. Teaming is the source of a lot of our problems such as slow paced gameplay, boosting, targetting, etc. It's like a hub from which so many different problems spawn. Cross-teaming is absolutely unfair and it's really hard to see why Mineplex would want to make it part of Death Tag. It never used to be much of a problem back in 2014/2015 because at least you got new players but now with the same recurring playerbase, teaming is the ultimate cheat code to win, while simulatenously making it boring for you as the teamer AND the rest of the lobby. You've suggested a really good idea with the meta changing and banning cross-teaming but sadly an update to Death Tag is extremely rare. We can only hope that not only will your suggestion be accepted but also implemented before the end of this decade.
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
  15. You think you are disliked in the community?? As far as im concerned not really and I think everyone can agree I am the most disliked person in the death tag community.
    Posted Oct 19, 2020
  16. nah theres more hated :P
    Posted Oct 20, 2020
  17. Please tell me who
    Posted Oct 20, 2020
  18. What even is death tag :p
    Posted Oct 20, 2020
  19. i cant tell you he'll delete it :)
    Posted Oct 21, 2020
  20. big brain idea
    Posted Oct 23, 2020

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