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death tag cool game

Discussion in 'Death Tag' started by hybrider, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. hi! i love death tag! i play it from 2014 good minigame
    need more player from server
    where can i be admin
    Posted Jun 1, 2020
  2. just kidding, cool game but not when everybody gangs up on you 24/7. make teaming illegal because im very unpopular in death tag comunitate! plis admin everyboody hate me i cant play game death tag!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 1, 2020
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  3. Sure it is!
    Posted Jun 2, 2020
  4. Hello! While it may feel bad when you're constantly dying to chasers who don't kill others, the runners are not considered an actual team. Each runner is basically their own team because you are trying to be the last one alive to win, only one person can win after all. If teaming were to be implemented, then would traitor kit be considered gameplay trolling? Since runners would be considered a team and you're killing your teammates with traitor. It wouldn't really work out so which is why I believe it's best it stays the way it is right now.
    Posted Jun 2, 2020
  5. youre clearly new to the game. im not talking about teaming with other runners as a runner, im talking about chasers teaming up with runners, unplayable because imagine 9 people chasing after you while the other person, the 'popular' kid, is teamed up with the whole lobby. and yes teaming is a thing in death tag even if its a solo game, just because there is one winner doesnt make it a solo- one player game by default.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 3, 2020
  6. wrong
    Posted Jun 4, 2020

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