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Dear All Staff, What is YOUR proudest moment so far?

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Hilly, Jan 15, 2021.


I've been a member of the Staff Team for...

  1. 0-3 Months!!! *I'm Still Practically A Trainee*

  2. 3-6 Months *Brand New Mod, Feeling Good :)*

  3. 6-9 Months *Still a Mod, Maybe I'm also a new Sr. Mod :S*

  4. 9-12 Months *There's a Chance I'm a Sr.Mod hehehe*

  5. 1-1.5 Years *I'm either an OG Mod or I'm FOR SURE a Sr. Mod*

  6. 1.5-2 Years *I've been around the server for QUITE sometime B) *

  7. 2-3 Years *I'm OLD*

  8. 3+ Years *I might even be an Admin :???*

  9. I was on the Staff Team a while ago and recently became Staff again :)

  10. I'm not Staff, I'm just passing through!

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  1. Hello there!

    I have been on staff for a very long time, since I joined on January 29, 2016, was a Trainee before. Two months later, I got promoted to Moderator on April 3, 2016. I still have lots of great memories there on the Mineplex staff team. There were some ups and downs during my journey, and manage to pass the obstacles. I used to have an original goal, Quality Assurance. My goal was changed to Recruiter, and then Forum Ninja, and switched back to Recruiter. I used to have multiple goals in the past until I found a goal I want to become, Forum Ninja (Forum Management). Yes, I took Forum Ninja back as my goal.

    I was awarded for MOTM in September 2018 and was proud of my work two years ago. My goal was truly revealed when I rejoined the Forums team in February 2019. Becoming a Forum Ninja was one of my proudest moments when I got promoted to Sr. Mod on May 12, 2019. I was happy that I got the opportunity to process out the appeals, interacting on the forums more, and enjoying my FM (FMA) mentor work too! I was also awarded for SOTM in August 2019, which I didn't expect to see.

    As I am getting closer to reach my 5 years on the staff team, I want to take time to reflect on my whole journey on Mineplex and the staff team. I cannot believe that I have been staff for years, and haven't resigned from that team yet. As long as I enjoy my time on the staff team, then I can keep staying for (maybe) 5+ years or more. I am not going anywhere this year! Of course, there will be some setbacks that I will have to face in the future; I can still get through this.
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
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  2. I’ve been on the team so long that I’m not sure what my proudest moment was.
    Back when I was helper, Event Squad didn’t exist and actually was created under the name Server Management back around when I became mod. So I didn’t really have any aspirations for teams when I became staff. Except then I applied for Server Management and got promoted, I was really happy and I remember the exact moment I was told.
    Other than that, it was a combination of when I was promoted to the EA lead / invited to the version of community management at the time (community management relations, CoRM), when @EmmaLie got admin because I was really happy and proud of her, and when I got SOTM on my birthday. Other notable occurrences include the outcome of both the Oscars and the Olympics last year, because it was a true pride moment to see how all the hard work came together, which made me really happy. ^-^
    Posted Jan 17, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 17, 2021
  3. RIP the Community ES member @MiningCreeper
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
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  4. Hello! Very nice question!

    I have not had many moments yet as a Staff Member, as I became a Trainee just about a week ago! However, so far, my proudest moment is simply getting accepted. I know this may seem very bland, but that showed me that hard work really does pay off. I was sitting there for hours on end working on my Trainee Application. There is not much else to add, but I do have another proud moment. This would be receiving my tag in-game. This was one of those, "I actually did it!" moments where you can really reflect on how far you have made it!

    Have a great day!
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  5. Proudest (and possibly most smug) was when I had to punish a player for something, only after I realised it was a player I knew from an old server that had had quite the reputation for being.... how do I put it nicely, rather immature and vexing. This player has long been an inside joke with my closest friends and has never been forgotten despite all the years, it was really funny to see it come full circle.

    Although one of my fondest memories was actually getting trainee. The notification came out whilst I was away from all my devices. I actually ended up hearing about my promotions from the Map Tester than before seeing the official ping. Wasn't proud per se, but it was really nice <3
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  6. Throughout my almost 5 years at Mineplex, I believe I have accomplished a lot. It's quite hard to pinpoint my proudest moment because I have had a lot of them. The first one that comes to my mind is becoming the first ever Builder SOTM. It was quite cool and rewarding to see and it was then that I realized that my hard work wasn't going unnoticed. A few other honorable mentions were being able to join our Social Media team (while being a Builder), becoming Build Lead for two Builder subteams, and officially becoming a Mineplex Artist :)

    I am interested to see what the future holds and hoping that brings in more exciting opportunities!!
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  7. Getting an early promo to mod was something very cool. I got spam pinged on slack and discord and it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Getting onto my first staff subteam, FMA, and my second staff subteam, CMA, were also nice moments for me because both teams are full of amazing people that I enjoy working with c:
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  8. Heya

    My proudest moment on the Staff team is when I became a Recruiter. I became a Recruiter on January 18th 2020 at 9:53pm. I remember it so clearly and I was so happy that I was just sat in my promotion call crying my eyes out to DeanTM who promoted me. I got promoted at the same time as big man @Epicbuilder435

    It was my proudest moment because it showed me how much my hard work, care and dedication to something can pay off and how much something could really mean to me. Whilst I was on Recruitment I had so many proud moments too, all of which were because of my interviewees. I loved (and still love) my interviewees, and I have seen them be promoted from not Staff to Trainee, then Trainee to Mod, and one of them recently got onto his dream Sr.Mod team! Nothing makes me prouder. :)

    I hope to achieve that again in the future
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  9. not demoted so that's cool ig
    Posted Jan 17, 2021
  10. smh stop that, everyone loves you

    My proudest moment was probably getting accepted for the MA team back in 2019 in my old time as being a staff. Was so amazing seeing my hard work pay off <3!
    Posted Jan 18, 2021
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 18, 2021

  12. I think having the ign x_l_e_o_p_a_r_d should still be on your radar for achievements . Do it for April fools :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 18, 2021
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  13. I've been a staff member a total of 3 times over the years, so I have a few moments that I've been proud of so far. My first was getting Helper before trials were a thing and being promoted to Mod after 3 weeks (and the same day that trials and the Sr. Mod rank was introduced). I remember it was my first day of my family's summer vacation and my family and I had been traveling all day. Once we got to our hotel, I logged onto my computer to see that myself and like 24+ others had been promoted to Mod (and lots of others to Sr. Mod). I spent the next few days of my vacation spending wayyy too much time on Mineplex but it was just such a fun time because it was something I had never experienced before (especially because of the new Sr. Mod rank hype).

    One of my proudest moments this time around as staff is when I had my first mentee promotion to Forum Manager, which was @PieOrPi. I love mentoring FMA's so much so it was so fulfilling to see one of my hardworking mentees get promoted to work alongside myself and the other FM's earlier this month. :)

    Lastly, I received Staff of the Month for December 2020 which was something I definitely wasn't expecting LOL. This isn't really something that I think any staff member sets out to achieve, but it felt nice to be recognized for the work that I've put in on the FM team for the past six months.

    Of course, there's definitely been some other memorable moments throughout my staff career, but these are the ones that stand out to me the most so far.
    Posted Jan 22, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 22, 2021
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