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DanTrains222's Late Introduction

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DanTrains222, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Hello everyone!

    My name is Dan, but you can refer to me as Dan, DanTrains, or DanTrains222 on the Forums. Unlike the majority of Forums users, I only play on the Bedrock side of the server and do not have a Java account. Back in March of 2018, I joined Mineplex as an Xbox One player. I remained as an Xbox One player up until Christmas of 2019, when I received a new HP laptop. While I did get the HP computer as a present, I do not play Mineplex on it because the battery ended up being bad. As a result, my laptop was replaced with a Silver Asus laptop (I'm unsure of the exact model), which I currently utilize today to play on the server. Over the course of my Mineplex history, I have met myriads of amazing people and accomplished several different things.

    Here are some friends that have made my Mineplex experience enjoyable:
    @LT Tombstone 77
    @(Inactive) tamman2005
    @JordanMT07 (He doesn't have a Forums account; he is my longest active and one of my first friends I've ever made on the server.)

    And so many others (sorry if I missed you)!

    With some help from my friends, I have been lucky enough to achieve so many great things on the Bedrock server, such as holding the first place leaderboard position on Bedrock Cake Wars for over a year! On Bedrock, I mainly play Cake Wars (see below) and I'm starting to enjoy One in the Quiver as well.

    Cake Wars:

    The first game that I played on Mineplex in 2018 was Cake Wars Duos. I saw videos of people playing it on YouTube, and I pondered that it would be cool to try myself. To my surprise, I actually won the first game of it that I played. Soon after, I began to play Cake Wars more often. I ended up maxing out armor upgrades on all three kits (Back in 2018, a player could upgrade their armor to full diamond, causing them to start the game with full diamond armor. However in December of 2018, armored kit upgrades were removed to make it fair for newer players.) and being able to start each game with full diamond armor and a diamond sword. After maxing out my kit upgrades, I met others who also maxed out theirs as well. These people became part of my initial friend group, and I'm still friends with most of them today. My friends and I started to actually play Cake Wars together, which caused me to play the regular mode more often. My friends and I took a break when Dragons came out, since it gave a lot of xp. After I obtained level 100 a few months later (on 8/18/2018), my friends and I went back to Cake Wars. Less than a month after returning to it, the current Mineplex Forums website was released to the public. On 9/14/18, this account was created and I noticed that there was a section for Bedrock leaderboards, with Cake Wars being one of the games. Knowing that I played a lot and had over 1k wins, I checked to see if I was on there. When I looked to see if I was, I found myself to be in a state of complete shock: I was ranked #7 in Bedrock Cake Wars! Seeing myself in the top 10 section of Cake Wars tremendously increased my motivation to continue playing. My friends and I would play and grind the game with me every day, and on Saturdays and Sundays, I would find myself getting over 100 wins a day. Although it seemed impossible for me to achieve it, I kept dreaming of being first place one day. As I continued to grind the game, I kept thinking to myself that I would never get first place and that my goal for it was too unrealistic. But on November 13th, 2018, this happened:
    Above: My friends and I celebrating me getting first place in Cake Wars after several months of grinding wins

    Since I became first place, I had to worry about maintaining the spot. Luckily, this was quite an easy task, at least for a little while anyway. From November of 2018 to May of last year, my friends helped me obtain 10,000 Cake Wars wins. It was a rewarding experience, I can't thank them enough for their support. After reaching 10k, I decided to "retire" from Cake Wars and playing Mineplex as a whole. Although I initially promised to not return to the server, I ended up logging on for the first time since getting 10k to say hello to @WinteryOsprey38. After logging back on once, I could not stop going back on the server. I committed to being retired from Cake Wars, though, and I mostly played Dragons (I was on that leaderboard too) for a solid month until I made the decision to go back to Cake Wars again. I was still ranked first, but 2 people (who I am not going to name here) were catching up to me at a quick rate. My friends helped me around the clock to stay #1, but just before the end of 2019, I lost that position and dropped from first to third in the matter of just a few hours. I ended up being #1 from 11/13/18 to 12/20/19, which was over a year. (This was hard to manage along with schoolwork; I am and have always been a straight-A student.) Although I failed to keep #1, I still thank everyone who helped me get to where I am today. As of now, I am still #3 and I'm aiming for 15,000 Cake Wars wins. I am actually really close to achieving this goal (over 14.7k wins), and after I hit it, I will retire Cake Wars for good. As for my future after getting 15k wins in Cake Wars, I'm not sure what will happen. I know one thing, though. My friends and members of the Mineplex Community have been supportive of me, so as a result, I want to give back to the Mineplex Community. How I will do that remains a mystery as of now.

    My Hobbies (Other than Mineplex):

    Due to school consuming most of my time, I rarely get to do things I actually enjoy. But once in a while, I can find the time to pursue my other hobbies besides Mineplex. Mineplex is actually my 2nd favorite hobby.

    Since I was little, I have loved trains (hence why my IGN is DanTrains222). I like to take pictures of them and film them whenever I get the opportunity to see them. This hobby is referred to as railfanning. My favorite train is Amtrak's Acela Express, which is currently America's fastest train. I know a plethora of information about trains, so if ever have a question about them, feel free to ask! Ever since receiving my first camera in 2012, I have taken thousands of pictures/ videos of trains. I currently own 2 cameras; one is Canon, while the other is Kodak. The passenger/ freight railroads I cover include Amtrak, Septa, New Jersey Transit, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and many others from around the Eastern United States. Starting in 2016, I uploaded my train footage to YouTube for others to see. This made me quite popular among other railfans, and I quickly gained subscribers and positive feedback for my hard work. To this day, railfanning is something I still pursue, and I don't ever see myself quitting it. I want to revolve my life around trains and work for Amtrak as either a train engineer or a photographer for their media team.

    Here are some recent train pictures from this year (I am only posting a few recent ones as there are too many for me to choose from):



    I also made a group for those interested about trains and other modes of transportation. You can join here! --> https://www.mineplex.com/groups/railfans-transportation-enthusiasts.324/

    Some other hobbies of mine besides railfanning/YouTube include hanging out with friends and playing Train Simulator! I won't be going into detail about those because they do not hold as much of a significance to me as railfanning/Mineplex.

    Thanks for reading! -Dan
    Posted Feb 27, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 27, 2020
  2. Hey, Dan! Although we already know each other, it was great to read through your amazing introduction and get to know some more about you. I’m very happy to have met you, I can truly say you’ve changed my life forever. <3
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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  3. I’m glad you’ve finally decided to post an intro! Even though I already known you, it was nice to read about you and get to know you a little bit better! I love the detail you put into this and I like how you even added some images in there too. Thanks for the mention, buddy, that means a lot. I can say you’ve really been a good friend to me and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you. You’re truly a great friend. Remember to stay positive always! Anyway, this was really nice to read! Thanks again for being a good friend <3
    Posted Feb 27, 2020
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