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CW is just unplayable

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by AquaVoltGamer07, Mar 2, 2021.


What do you feel about tryhards

  1. I am fine with them

    5 vote(s)
  2. They are understandable

    8 vote(s)
  3. kinda annoying

    8 vote(s)
  4. I do not like them

    4 vote(s)

    5 vote(s)
  6. I am one of them

    15 vote(s)
  1. Hi, It's me, Aqua, and I know I made a post with a poll that was quite, umm, rude, but I am calmer now and I wanna talk about the same problem. Tryhards. They are everywhere. you can't flee from them. They will be there and they will ruin your day.
    Let me explain a bit more properly. Tryhards are a type of player that annoys... I mean that wants to make a CW speedrun ALL. THE. TIME. You are probably thinking, But aqua, you just need to git gud to defeat them, and you are totally right! except one problem. Another feature of tryhards is that they literally never leave the game. they are playing 25h a day. unless you play nonstop for days to learn combat technics you ain't gonna beat them.
    So, now that we analyzed them, what is the problem? simple. they are literally a plague that spread everywhere. you literally can't not find them. if they aren't in other teams, they are in your team, and that is also a problem because they steal the recourses to protect the cake and don't help to protect themselves, so no matter where you are, you are gonna suffer. But what is the solution, you may ask, well I got a few ideas with me.

    1- A new Gamemode, in which there are a lot of different ways to prevent rushing, like, nobody can place block until a certain part of the game except on their own island, and another timer that people can only eat cakes after, let's say, 10 minutes.

    2- a simpler technic is to sort the players. The player that has more skill gets sent to a server with TONS of rushers, and a newbie plays with other newbies.

    3- Add JUST the timer for the cake eating, so people can't destroy each other right off the bat

    That's it basically, I hope you guys understand, and please tell me your ideas as well.

    Sincerely, Aqua
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  2. I like your 5th option in the poll.

    And the tryhards won't be dealt with in no way, since they are the ones that buy immortal subscriptions and are the reason the server is still alive. And mineplex doesn't want them to leave.

    The best would be to stop playing cakewars, or even mineplex and minecraft in general if you want.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  3. I don't play cw but I like responding to posts like this anyways because I feel like they apply to basically every game mode. There are gonna be tryhards and good player in every game mode, as well as players who are more casual or less skilled. It's very important for mineplex to be aware of this because it's frustrating if you want to have a casual game and someone kills you immediately. I think a good solution of avoiding this would be to add a ranking system, which is basically what you said in your 2nd idea. Of course, there's gonna be someone who doesn't agree with this. (the sweaty person that plays every day.) But in my opinion, this is what's healthier for the server. Or like you said in your first idea, there could be a new gamemode. I don't know enough about the game so I don't know if what you said there is a good idea, but one thing I heard about is that many cw players want a solos mode so that you don't have to face sweaty parties. But for now if you play duos, it still cuts down your chances of a sweat party and it's probably the best option that is there right now.

    Another thing that kind of goes away from the point of this thread is that some sweats expect everyone to be able to "git gud" and you're probably gonna see some replies like that. They are resistant to the idea of putting higher level players away from lower players because they think it's "punishment." And why? Because they won't be able to grind wins as fast and they have a higher chance of another good party killing them. Yes, I understand that playing against higher levels makes you better, but if a party is wiping every other team out right after the game starts, then the other teams aren't even getting a chance and they lose confidence. But still, the sweat's answer is always to "git gud." Of course you can get better, but it might take awhile. If you're more of a casual player who actually has a life and doesn't have time to get 30+ wins a day, then you're not gonna be as good as someone who's been playing for years and grinds wins for hours. In fact, I think that if someone has been playing that much, then they should have no problem with playing against other skilled players, but they are probably only looking for quick wins to validate themselves.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  4. Heyhey!

    I'm sorry that u feel this way, and I completely understand your frustration, as I used to feel this way. Rushing is a big thing within the cake wars community and I don't think they will ever make a way for this to be stopped, with the point of you saying about a timer, I believe there already is one of 20 seconds and I do think this is reasonable. if u every need someone to play with don't hesitate to message me on the forums

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kehs <3
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  5. I find this to be a pretty big problem for not just cake wars but for the entire server in my opinion. From my perspective, the majority of people playing nowadays are high level players who have definitely been playing Mineplex for years. Playing with level 100's is surprisingly easy. The problem with this is that new players don't exactly want to play with people who know how to play the game well. It's much more appealing to play on hypixel for them due to the vast player base. No one likes to be completely destroyed in video games, it's about having fun.

    Sorry if this is a little off topic but I find this to be a pretty big issue as it's only going to get worse.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  6. Hey, so I love cake wars and it’s one of the games I play, but I don’t find them leaving anytime soon. Cake Wars is a big game on Mineplex, and of course with a big game there will be people grinding the game out. But, without them the game wouldn’t really have a big impact as it does now. Most of them been playing the game since the beginning, when the game was created. But what I think you should do is play with parties of good people. Usually if people see someone in a party with decent people, they’d be more intimidated. It helps for grinding stats and good practice.

    Also, here’s why I think your options you gave may not work:

    1. There was a gamemode that used to be on the server called “Cake Wars Sugar Rush”, where your cake gets instant bed protection including obsidian. Diamond armor costs the same amount as iron, you get more stuff in the emerald shop and claiming the middle beacon gives you speed. You also get protection and sharpness automatically and the spawner rate is faster. But not letting people place blocks or eat cake for a certain amount of time might make it boring and people wouldn’t like.

    2. This does sound good but I don’t know if the developers would have enough time to make a matchmaking system. Would take a lot of time especially since they got other things going on.

    3. as I said for 1, not very competitive and just a bit pointless because cake wars is a game where you need to be thinking and being fast.

    But with that being said, that’s my comment. I don’t normally write this long but had a lot to say anyways.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  7. so true
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  8. I used to grind bedwars but as a Mobil player it is hard, because all the computer players steam roll everyone else. If you want to grind, I know the best time used to be in the morning and early afternoon. Never play weekends. You will only lose. Cake wars is a game mode that you have to keep up. I got to like 250 wins but went a while with out playing and now I lost it. And don’t want to grind to get good again. More frustrating then tryhards are hackers. I find skywars worse with tryhards. Cakewars tryhards are noobs to skywars.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  9. That is another problem i forgot to mention. it is not only mineplex, it is EVERYWHERE
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 2, 2021
  10. I totally get your frustration - I’m not the greatest CW player and am often victim to the more experienced players. However, there really isn’t any feasible way to counter the problem. If we make it so the more experienced players can’t win as much, they’ll end up quitting and CW will lose players. The playerbase is small enough as it is and it can’t really afford to take a hit like that.

    From what I’ve noticed, a lot of the more experienced players use CW to grind XP, achievements, etc, and of course that’s not gonna be as easy if they’re just playing against others that are of a similar skill level. If we have ranked CW, as good of an idea that sounds, it won’t work in my opinion. The players that like to grind stats in the shortest time possible wouldnt like to go up against players that’ll just drag out the game for them - they want to go for the lesser experienced players that’ll take them no time at all to win against. As annoying as it can be, that’s the reality of the situation and nothing really can be done about it.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  11. that's rough buddy.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  12. -1 bestie
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
    • General Rudeness
    I am one of them, -snip-, and anyone can agree with that since the lower experienced players can’t enjoy mineplex, this pushing them away from the community and messing up mineplex even more.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021,
    Last edited by a Moderator Mar 27, 2021
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  13. i'm not a java player, but same thing on bedrock just not as common. by the looks of things you clearly haven't played too long. if you play java mineplex for like at least half a year, then you could be just as good as the people you call "tryhards". i personally wouldn't recommend making a thread like this ever again because you're gonna cause more drama than do good to be totally honest. just play more and you'll get better you know? you will also learn more tactics the more you play. don't be frustrated so early on dude.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  14. yeah cool story bro.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  15. Any idea to add an additional game mode is pretty much automatically denied due to low player count, there have been many asks for CW solos, ranked games, things like that and always denied. There's just not enough people to support it on Java.

    A timer isn't a good thing either. Players should be allowed to have different strategies, and only catering to those that play the long game completely ignores those that like to rush. Currently, you can still play the long game, it just takes a lot of early defense from your side.

    Not sure what region you are located in but EU mornings are pretty quiet in terms of leaderboard chasers. So if you are able to log on then and play, you'll have greater success of finding a lobby that might be easier for you. However even if not, you can always lobby dodge before the game starts and find another, there aren't enough of those players to be in every lobby.

    You can also join a CW community and find some people to play with, personally Duos is easier for me just because I have less people to go against. You can find a duo and grind with them.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  16. good talk
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  17. I agree with this, but I feel like cw is going to lose players either way. If the ranked thing is introduced, some of the more experienced will leave, as you said. But if nothing is done, then some of the newer players will get sick of it and leave.
    Posted Mar 2, 2021
  18. Exactly what i did. I left mineplex for like a month and i came back after hypixel became worst. Unlike mineplex, that only has tryhards is one maybe 2 teams, in hypixel they are in EVERY team
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 2, 2021
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  19. I, too, am a trash Cake Wars player so perhaps I can provide a little insight.

    First of all, I don't like your proposals or even your real problem with the game. Some people are just better at games than others, and there's nothing really wrong with that. What you're suggesting is Mineplex start correcting for skill discrepancies, which, to me, just doesn't make any sense. If someone is genuinely better than you at something, they deserve to beat you. Sorry. Correcting for skill isn't something I ever want to endorse.

    As for your proposed solutions, I don't support them whatsoever.

    The first proposed solution would just make the games drag on absolutely forever. Besides, think about it: If people rushing you is bad now, isn't it going to be worse once you let them get gear? At least when they rush you they don't have a lot of stuff so they're not terribly difficult to kill. Moreover, if no one can leave their islands, how are they supposed to get to Emeralds and Star generators?

    Your second proposed solution is very problematic for a number of reasons. Adding ranked gamemodes never goes well. On a competing Minecraft network, they introduced ranked Skywars, but that game has been wrought with hackers and exploiters and very few real players actually play it. Moreover, on games with competitive modes, it's not uncommon at all to see 'Smurfing,' a phenomenon where players will intentionally bring their ranking as low as possible just to troll less experienced and less skilled players.

    Your third proposal is also problematic because, again, it just doesn't make any sense to not let players rush. If anything, this will give players who, might I say it, are clearly more skilled than you more time to prepare and get resources. Moreover, should this be implemented, I can already see max-diamond juggernaut players kill-farming players until the cake timer runs out.

    All in all, Cake Wars is fine. It has a high skill ceiling which is actually a good thing. My only advice for you is that you try to perhaps improve your skill. I know this comes across as just 'git gud' but it's the truth. Back when I used to play Champions before games stopped starting (rip), I had to put in a lot of time before I was any good at it.
    Posted Mar 3, 2021

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