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Custom New Map

Discussion in 'Mine-Strike' started by LoxleyShadow, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Am I allowed to build a map that is not related to csgo and still have it accepted? Also, where would I submit the world?
    Posted Jul 25, 2020
  2. Posted Jul 25, 2020
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  3. Since Bobtroopo didn't really answer your question, I'll do it.

    You are allowed to make custom maps for Minestrike and they don't need to be straight from csgo. The only reason why there are only csgo maps rn is because they are the easiest to make. So be careful when you are making a Minestrike map as it takes lots of experience in the game to create a map to have good quality gameplay.

    You gotta also be careful that no map is too sided for one team. For instance rn Seaside and Aztec are both very CT sided maps, and even though most maps are CT sided anyways, you don't wanna make it overly sided. YOu also want to try to make maps to they look like a window with how paths are implemented in the map. So for dust II you can notice that the map shape has a

    | ---|---|

    that's waht the most basic outline of the map should look like xd It's not very clear, but think about how a map should have many different ways to get to each site, paths to mid and different "secret" areas that are ways to sneak around the map without being seen.

    Also, you have to get the map download and the best way to upload it would be through mediafire where you can easily send the link to the builders reviewing the map

    And bobtroopo already gave u the links so i dont need to do that again :)
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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