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Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Paladise, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. How to Play Champions Capture the Flag (CTF)
    Champions Capture the Flag is a 5 v 5 (Used to be 8 v 8) gamemode that involves (you guessed it) capturing the enemies flag. There are two teams, Red and Blue, each with their own flag at opposite ends of the map that your team tries to capture and bring back to your base. However, there is one twist to the gamemode, 5 kits each with its own variety of abilities: Brute, Knight, Ranger, Mage, and Assassin.

    Customizing Kits

    At the start of the game in the Lobby, you should be able to see 5 Non-Player Characters (NPCs) to the right of spawn. (You can also access the kits by right clicking the quick compass then right clicking the Champions gamemode, denoted by a golden sword).


    This is the main way you can differentiate what kits players are using.
    • Diamond armor = Brute.
    • Iron armor = Knight.
    • Chain-mail armor = Ranger.
    • Gold armor = Mage.
    • Leather armor = Assassin.
    Within each of these kits comes a variety of abilities, and also a variety of items you can use. By simply left clicking a NPC, you will select the default kit, which typically consists of a standard sword and axe, a bow and arrows (if applicable), and a couple of mushroom soups. By right clicking an NPC, you open up the GUI to customize your kits.


    You can have up to 4 customizable kits, represented by the different color dyes (with a gray dye if you have less than 4 kits). Selecting a dye will select the corresponding kit, this is the most efficient way you can switch kits in game. To delete a kit you can select the TNT underneath each kit. To edit a kit, select the edit build anvil.

    Using Skill Tokens

    On the left hand side, there should be a item representing the different skills and passives.
    • Sword = Sword skills
    • Axe = Axe skills
    • Bow = Bow skills
    • Red Dye = Passive A skills
    • Orange Dye = Passive B skills
    • Yellow Dye = Global Passive skills
    To the right of each of those items should be either books, emeralds, or diamonds. The books represent skills that you already own. The emeralds represent abilities that you can buy for 1000 gems. And the diamonds represent abilities that are unlocked by completing all of the achievements.


    So what are skills?

    Skills are usuable in one of three ways: right clicking a item, left clicking a bow, or automated skills.

    Let's take Hilt Smash (a Knight skill) to understand more about sword and axe skills (you can see all the different abilities by simply hovering over the emerald / book / diamond). Hilt smash is a sword skill, meaning that you can use it by right clicking your sword (the same is true for axes). Smash the hilt of your sword into your opponent, dealing 2 damage and Slow 3 for 1 seconds. Recharge: 14 Seconds. Skill Token Cost: 1. Skill Tokens Remaining: 12/12. You can then left click it to select it. For different abilities, there are different maximum levels, for Hilt Smash it is 5. Right now, it should be at level 1, and if you continue to select it, the skill level will eventually reach 5. As you do this, you can see now that the amount of damage it deals increases, the amount of time it deals Slow 3 increases, and the recharge to use it decreases.

    For bow skills, you have to left click the bow in order to use whatever skill.

    Regarding passive skills, there are different ways to activate them. Some will be there automatically like Vengeance: When you attack someone, your damage is increased by 0.5 for each time the enemy hurt you since you last hit them, up to a maximum of 1 bonus damage. Others will only work with a specific weapon. For example, Swordsmanship: Prepare a powerful sword attack; You gain 1 charge every 4 seconds. You can store a maximum of 2 charges. When you next attack, your damage is increased by the number of your Charges, and your Charges are reset to 0. This only applies for Swords. Lastly, you will have skills that will only activate if you drop your axe / sword (most typically by pressing Q). Let's look at Smoke Bomb (an assassin's ability): Create a smokey explosion, giving Blindness to players within 5 blocks for 4 seconds. You go invisible for 7 seconds. Recharge: 30 seconds. Pay careful attention on how each skill is activated and used to make sure that you are actually using them. Until recently, I never knew that intimidation (a brute skill) needed you to drop your weapon (which might have been helpful a long time ago).

    Be careful, since you only have 12 total skill tokens that you can use. If you want to remove a skill token from one of your skills, simply right click that skill. Although sometimes this is a bit glitchy, and you might have to remove a skill from a different area (like sword instead of axe), and then pick a different ability in that axe section. This might not make sense just joining, but you will understand once you see it.

    If you have gems to spare, I suggest trying to test out as many skills and abilities as possible to see what you are most comfortable with.

    Using Item Tokens

    Item tokens are used to buy the items that you can see at the bottom of your GUI in the inventory.


    • Booster swords and axes: Increases Sword / Axe skill level by 2. TIP: If you are ever going to use a booster sword / axe, never put that skill to level 5, as the maximum is level 6, and you will end up wasting a skill token, instead put it at level 4.
    • Standard swords and axes: Pretty standard
    • Power swords and axes: Increases Sword / Axe damage by 1
    • Mushroom Soup: Consume: Gives Regen II boost for 4 seconds.
    • Water Bottle: Thrown, giving AoE effect: 3 range, Douses Players, Extinguishes Fires | Used, giving personal effect: Douses Player, Fire Resistance for 4 seconds.
    • Proximity Explosive: Thrown Item: Activates after 4 seconds. Detonates on player proximity: 8 range, 1 damage, Strong Knockback. All effects scale down with range. TIP: Most players call these proxies.
    • Proximity Zapper: Thrown Item: Activates after 4 seconds. Detonates on player proximity: Lightning strikes the Zapper, Silence for 6 seconds, Shock for 6 seconds, Slow IV for 6 seconds.
    • Web: Thrown: Used to trap enemies. TIP: Right clicking your web will allow you to get out of it, if you are stuck.
    You can gain item tokens by removing items in your hotbar, and then using your item tokens you can purchase different items in the inventory. A more detailed guide with images can be found here.

    Now that you understand the underlying principles of skill and item tokens, you can now start making your own customizable kits! If you are looking for inspiration, just playing with other players and looking at what kits you like is one great idea to get ideas. I also have detailed some exciting kits you can try (you can tell just by the names):

    Understand Map Layout

    In every Capture the Flag (CTF) Map, it is equally sided, with one side having a red decor and the other having blue. There will be the player spawn and nearby will be the 5 NPC's that you can use to change and edit your kit (see above).


    Near the spawn and NPC's is your flag, which you should try to attempt the other team from capturing.


    Typically, there will be three main routes that you can use to go to the opponent's base. Throughout the map should be a variety of archer spots, take the two mountains for example:


    There should also be wide open spaces to make it easier to fight the other team:


    Finally, there should be two to four refill locations around the map, which if you walk into, will restock your mushroom soups, water bottles, proximities, etc:


    While the ones that currently restocking themselves will be denoted by an iron block, and no chest hovering above them.

    CTF Gameplay

    A CTF game is seven minutes long (if there is no sudden death). You are aiming to capture the enemies flag more than they capture yours. First one to 5 captures wins, or at the end of the seven minutes whoever has more captures wins. During this time-span you have infinite respawns, with a respawn timer of 10 seconds. If both teams have the same number of captures at the end of the seven minutes you move to sudden death. During this phase in the game, you will have no respawns and the kit refill locations will no longer work. In addition, you will only be able to change to your default kit, so make sure that you a) don't die or b) die more than 10 seconds before sudden death begins (You can do /kill to kill yourself at anytime).

    To capture a flag, you simply go to the flag and then walk in it to pick it up.


    You will now have Slowness II applied on you, and you will no longer be able to use your weapons or skills. You should now run back to your base, and then walk into your capture point (where your flag is) to score a point. At any point in this time, you can drop your flag by pressing your drop button (for most players it is Q), and you will be able to use your weapons and abilities again. However, there is a 15 second limit of where you can pick up your flag again, before it returns to the enemy's base. TIP: I recommend changing your perspective (default is f5) to look behind you, so you can drop your flag and have ample time to fight back if there are people chasing you. I also detail another way of capturing the flag more efficiently:

    Here's a strategy on how to get the flag more effectively than simply running up to it and running off...

    Kit / Abilities:
    • You will need the Assassin kit selected
    1. For the axe ability, you will need leap selected: "Take a great leap forwards..."
    • Preferably you will have also have the highlest level Smoke bomb for the passive A: "Drop Axe/Sword to Use. Creates a smokey explosion, giving Blindness to players within 5 blocks for 4 seconds. You go invisible for 7 seconds.... ". This will allow you to sneak up on the flag easier without being detected.
    1. Go to the flag. If you have smoke bomb, you should use it a few seconds before you reach the flag, and preferably before any defenders see you.
    2. Right before you reach the flag, jump, and try facing above any obstacles.
    3. Immediately right click your axe to leap over said obstacle.
    4. Start running away ;P


    Not that hard to master (easier than my previous thread), since a lot of maps have obstacles right in front of their flag, this is extremely useful in getting away from defenders quickly.

    1. Communication. You should always keep in touch with your teammates by using the team chat. You can use it by doing # before your message. For example, you should try coordinating which players are going on offense, defense, and support. Also, you should try telling your teammates where your flag is, if it is currently being captured, so they can try to intercept. Moreover, giving a heads-up if Sudden Death (SD) is going to occur soon will also be beneficial.
    2. Practice. The best way to get better at CTF, is simply playing more and more games. You can also go to a Mineplex Player Server (MPS) to hone your skills. Familiarize yourself with each of the different maps, so you get a better understand of what routes to take, and where you can snipe players from.
    3. Join CTF1. CTF1 (Formerly CTF2) is a community dedicated to opening CTF games, and announcing when they are open. You can join CTF1 by doing /com request CTF1 in-game, and hopefully you will be accepted very shortly!
    4. Relog if you are in chunk glitch. If you are in a chunk glitch, where you only see the void, just relog and let the game restart faster. You can do this by doing /hub then do /sv CTF-<number> . UPDATE: Chunk Glitches have been fixed :D

    Things that you are not allowed to do:

    • Putting proximities on the flag or ice prisoning the flag.
    • Using any type of bug. The only bug that you can use is hitting the block after releasing it when using block toss.

    If you see anyone breaking the rules above (as well as the more general rules at mineplex.com/rules), you can report them at mineplex.com/reports along with the proper evidence.

    Why CTF?
    • Loads of fun!
    • No hackers (I don't think I have seen a single hacker in CTF since when I started the CTF1 com back in November)
    Hope this guide helps!
    Posted Jul 4, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 1, 2020
  2. Great guide! I remember those days when I used to play CTF a lot in 2015. It’s been a long time since I have played this game!
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
    Paladise likes this.
  3. This is a really detailed and good guide! Thank you for making this to the new players who may or may not know how to play the game and taking the time to make it! CTF is really a fun and competitive gamemode and I love playing it. :)
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
    Paladise likes this.
  4. Greetings, mate!

    Personally, I do not play CTF a lot presently. Nonetheless, I used to play back in 2016 when it was in it's unquestionable prime. Moving forwards, the guide represents perfection and should really assist new players willing to play CTF. I would recommend this guide to new-comers, it is very detailed and you put much solid effort into it.

    Nice work!

    ~ ATrue P. Pitato
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
    Paladise likes this.

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