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CTF Farming

Discussion in 'Champions' started by OniChqn, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. I think that we can all admit that uh, CTF is not doing so well. I cant get into a CTF game by myself no matter how long I wait because when people say, "lets go play champions" they pick DOM, the more popular game. Although CTF is as dead as my old dog its almost as important as DOM in the regard that we have to play it to get achievement kits. So how am I going to get an achievement kit when the last game of CTF I saw was 2 weeks ago and the lobby only lasted long enough to play 2 games. Even if I played my best a decided to really make my Mommy proud by having sweety palms by the end of that game I still only get 10/20 Flags. and that's not to mention my teammates that capture of the amount of people i have to kill in overtime. That brings me to the main point of this thread and that is achievement farming in CTF. I asked around the Champion/Clans community about how they got CTF captures and they said that they got 4 friends, each got on an 2-3 alts and farmed it from there. Now I asked quite a bit of people and almost nobody said, "Well I got into a CTF game and played normally." That whole concept of just getting into a game and getting achievements from playing normally was a thing of 3 years ago. I think unless CTF suddenly gets a jolt of life like a 300 pound Hispanic man after he's had a heart attack we, 1. Make it legal to farm CTF captures or, 2. Remove the CTF achievements in order to get Achievement kits. Of course, this is just my view on it, I mean if I have to get 16 people to join a lobby to play CTF with me I'd rather just queue DOM. And on the off chance that I can get 16 people on, im gonna make the most of it and farm CTF stats while I can. Just some food for thought.
    Posted Sep 21, 2020
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  2. There really is no good solution other than adding an update to that mode making it more fun, thus bringing more players over to the game.
    Posted Sep 21, 2020
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by the last CTF game was running was two weeks ago. For the past 2 weeks now?, we have had a successful CTF lobby going up every single day, which you can easily verify by checking the daily or weekly leader-boards. Game Insights has already proposed adding a CTF npc in the hub, so that may bring enough players to help get CTF games started more frequently without constant advertising. In the meantime, I just suggest you join one of those Champions Revival communities like CTF1. I have already taken the liberty of inviting you, so once in game you can do /com request CTF1. I don't see why an exception should be made to allow stat boosting in CTF as it simply isn't unfair and discriminates those who don't have the money to pay for 9 alts. Nor do I see the reason for removing the CTF achievements when the much more direct approach is to simply raise CTF's playerbase. Once again, Game Insights has also already proposed a change to the CTF achievement "clutch" where it would be altered so that you either have to "capture the enemy flag during sudden death" OR "kill the enemy flag bearer during sudden death." to make it a little bit easier to obtain that one since it is on the harder part of the spectrum.

    If Developers were to actually remove the Champions CTF achievements, that means they would have to be working on Champions, meaning they would also probably be pushing out the balance update for Champs proposed by GI. And if they are going to do that, there are much more direct and effective ways to boost the player-count like fixing all the bugs, revamping abilities to make it much more balanced, prevent spawn killing, etc along with things to directly boost CTF's playerbase like adding its own NPC. This is a much more effective solution in the long run that will cater to Champions as a whole instead of a select few people. Achievements should be hard to get, not something that can be easily achieved through stat boosting or simply having achievements for one of the live Champions gamemodes.
    Posted Sep 21, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 21, 2020
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  4. There has been occasional CTF games open recently. And also not-quite-so-long-ago there's been a very very very small and niche revival of CTF. Maybe a quite a few months ago there was no CTF lobby to be had, and the lack of any Champions/CTF revival coms didn't help either. With active champions revival communities such as Champs1 and CTF1, we got player counts to go up very slightly. With this in mind, we know that we as players are not hopeless in bringing back Champions. The CTF1 com, dare I say the owner of said com, has become a very controversial subject within the champions community. In said subject, there has been a division of players within the champions community.
    To generalize, I would put this division into 3 groups: Casual DOM players, dedicated DOM players, and dedicated CTF players (any number of casual CTF players would be extremely small or non-existent at all). Any player within their own group has a shared mentality with their group members. For example, a dedicated CTF player simply prefers CTF over DOM, a dedicated DOM player prefers playing Dominate over CTF, and a casual DOM player just plays DOM (or CTF) for fun. The clash between the groups has divided the already dwindling champions community into two smaller communities: CTF players and DOM players. In my own eyes I've seen members of one or the other community play the other game occasionally, but respectively, their main game is CTF or DOM, not both.
    I created the Champs1 community to try and mold the two separated communities back together (/com join Champs1). It has had relatively zero effect within the Champions community. The CTF1 com was created to revive CTF when at the time, zero players played CTF. However, as we all know, there is controversy about the owner of the CTF1 com. We are all human, we are all not perfect. But as many of you know, the CTF1 com is very subjective, and wastes no time excluding anyone who has a different view of the community. The owner of the com treats it exactly like StaffRequest, only allowing game starting within the chat. More than half of the almost 2 thousand player community are either alts, or inactive. I would say there are only a few hundred active players who still play on the server regularly. All of the co's are either staff or think exactly like the owner. In the description of CTF1 it says "Reviving CTF no pub stomping". Pub stomping is a very subjective and controversial subject. To many, it is non-existent, as when someone defines it, it simply means "playing with a party of friends who happen to all be experienced in the game".
    These are just major flaws in a community who's sole purpose is to revive a dead game mode. Yes, it has had a positive effect. Now, instead of no CTF lobbies open a day, there is usually 1 lobby open a day. This, while it may seem very small, is a very big step in the right direction. But, as a consequence of focusing on reviving only one game, there's been a division in the champions community, resulting in two separate groups.

    All in all, this was my two cents on the matter. CTF is not dead only because of the player count. It's dead because it was neglected heavily by the Devs, which forced players to take matters into their own hands. Players with no experience on owning a server and how to grow the player count on a game mode. Champions is as divided as ever, and the only thing that can save it is attention from the Devs.

    Posted Oct 14, 2020
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  5. I've replied to many posts regarding pub stomping and I really appreciate saiguls detail and overall uniform and fairway of speaking on this matter. While in the past, I've mentioned how pub stomping has affected champions and it's current state and decline, I think this is another great and pretty significant reason to it's decline. Champions has always been a really different type of PvP, that you don't get on other servers. As now the Minecraft community has more so shifted from a Mini-Game era during Mineplexs peaks, to a more fast paced PvP era as we can see became popular on other servers, while a Champions update current could do good amounts for the community, I believe that neglecting this PvP aspect for multiple years now has also affected the decline of Mineplex. It's pretty disappointing to see champions in the state it is in right now, and overall Mineplex over the past few years. I disagree with how you mentioned ”Devs” as I don't think we should blame a particular team for the decline. Looking at it, between the lack of updates and the dedicated CTF and DOM NPC’s being removed from the lobby, most likely caused the decline of champions.

    As for the CTF 1 community, while I think it's a useful community for finding CTF games, part of reviving CTF is us coming together and trying to show the production team that a Champions update would be necessary. Being a Co-Owner of the community, I would say about half of the dedicated CTF players gave dither been kicked or banned for pub stomping, and while I dislike pub stomping especially with the current state of Champions, it's splitting the community which overall kills champions even more. Pointing fingers at other sides will do nothing but kill champions more, as the damage is already done.

    Overall, to revive Champions, we need to come together and find a compromise as either way having no pub stomping at all and attempting to remove players who pub stomp from the community is doing more damage than good, as well as pub stomping newer players with less skill, will overall put champions in a more difficult and irreversible position.
    Posted Oct 14, 2020
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  6. Right on point. You're right, I shouldn't blame one particular team on Mineplex, as it's overall the owner's decision whether to appoint certain staff to a game mode or not. And I totally agree (and possibly left out on my post) that kicking and banning dedicated Champions players has lead more to the community's decline than its revival. Many people are mistaken about the situation with pub stomping. It's a result of the decline in players, not a cause. Less newer players ruins the balance between lobbies with newbies and lobbies with experienced players. Less players play CTF/DOM so the players that are dedicated to the game just get better, and when any new players try to play, they are overwhelmed with the large amount of experienced players.
    As you said in the middle of your message, nearly half of the community has been banned from the CTF1 com for personal reasons which are irrelevant to the com's purpose. The purpose of the CTF1 com is to revive CTF, not to not spawn kill, not shift on people when you kill them, not chat, not pub stomp, etc. The owner of the com, as I said in my recent post, treats the community like a staff-owned com - like Staff Request. And again, half the player count within CTF1 are either inactive or alts. It would make sense to draw less attention to the trollers or unpleasant players ("pub stompers") and focus on reviving the community, rather than to actively seek and weed out people that the owner doesn't like. And like Brayden said, pointing fingers and creating a division within the community will do nothing more than just kill it further. Champions is at a very unstable position right now, and, us as players, need to make the right decisions, put aside our differences, and come together. We all share a common interest - Champions. It does not matter that someone is "pub stomping" or another person wants to be a staff. We all like Champions! That's why we are here.
    To conclude, champions has been my favorite game to date. Quite literally, my childhood has been revolved around playing on Mineplex and playing Dominate with my friends. I have seen many of my friends move on to more popular games such as cake wars, sky wars, and bridges. I remember YouTubers such as xXTypentalXx, SamitoD, and CaptainSparklez playing champions! I am dedicated to bringing this community together, and I hope everyone can learn to set aside their differences and come together as a community once more again.

    Posted Oct 14, 2020
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  7. There is a CTF competitive league if you are wondering, and its pretty fun. Maybe you and some friends could create a team there and have fun!
    Posted Oct 15, 2020

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