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Cross teaming

Discussion in 'The Bridges' started by LTS, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Can we make it bannable its soooo boring to play dead gamemode with teams of 5 and then get crossed on by 10 ppl in 2 different teams bcs they are friends

    its actually so stupid that this is allowed in a hardcore gamemode such as bridges ppl mine for 10mins to get killed by ppl trucing on them

    toki or whoever is rule manager do something about it please

    ( i have alot of vids of 6+ ppl just going for me in multiple bridges games even tho they are not in a same team , ill send links if needed msg me on forum)
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
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  2. Hey,

    Honestly I wish cross teaming wasn't allowed at all but it is. One of the main reasons that I don't like that rule is because it can be flexed. It's only allowed in certain gamemodes including Bridges. One thing is that it's not 10 players, it's the default amount. Which means no one can cross team or make a team bigger than the biggest team that's there when the game starts. It's weird because what if a staff member joins mid-game to look for someone cross teaming how are they supposed to know what the biggest team is? The example it says is:

    "If one team starts with 7 players in BR and the rest have 6 then the limit would be 7."

    Again I wish the rules wouldn't even allow it. It makes things tricky and a little hard to understand. If players just played how they should then we would never have issues with cross teamers but since it's allowed there's nothing we can do but make sure it meets that criteria.
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
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  3. Cross Teaming is punishable unless they cross-team without max players. For example, in a duos game mode if you have two colours, pink and purple who both don't have teammates but then the rest of the players have two teammates. Purple and Pink can cross-team in that case. If it is the end of the match and they are still cross teaming and not killing each other when they are the only ones left it is considered gameplay stalling. If you can get clear evidence of someone breaking the rules, for example, two people on opposite teams standing right next to each other you can report it. Mineplex.com/reports. The forums is not the best place to bring up issues like this. I recommend reading the rules to see what is punishable and what isn't. Mineplex.com/rules.
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
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  4. M
    Maybe make it just bannable by reporting it with video proof on forums it would still work good enough .after 1 or 2 bans for it they will stop cross teaming and it would be good...I just hope something will change about this being allowed and im only talking about bridges cuz its advantage aswell they hit each other to gain more leaps etc very annoying and unfair
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 4, 2020
  5. Yea ik that but in bridges its different most of the games are 4 teams with 5 ppl in them and there is ppl from those teams just corssing on one team like 5 guys from green and yellow go for me in red team until they kill me they hit each other to get more leaps and get to me easier bcs i have no1 from other team to hit for leaps if im only one alive against them all so its very boring and hard cuz they basically have unlimited leaps while all others have 8 . i would not even be mad dying from cross teamers like that if i knew i could record it and get them banned for it on forums it would be way better and ppl would stop doing it
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jul 4, 2020
  6. You can report players for illegally cross-teaming on the forums, you just must make sure that it is sufficient evidence. That means, if the team size that is being created automatically is say, 5, and a cross team is made of 10 players (two teams) you should include evidence of the start of the game showing that the maximum team size is 5.
    Posted Jul 7, 2020

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