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Not Planned Cosmetic History

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Marzie, Jul 19, 2019.

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  1. There's been a lot of times where people have opened chests and didn't know what they got, even if they saw their shard count go up, meaning they got a duplicate. It doesn't help having to go through finding what you got (especially when you didn't get anything new) and there not being something that just shows you what you got in your chests.

    Simple idea really: have somewhere in the chest (the chest = where you go to open your treasure chests) be a paper that shows what 5 or 10 most recent cosmetics you got. If people really wanted, you could even click the paper and have it show up to 50-100 most recent (not needed, would just be neat to have I guess).

    Idea from Hulk_: When you get sent to a game while opening a chest it should have a recap of what you got in that chest in chat.
    Posted Jul 19, 2019
  2. Yeah, just recently, I opened a Freedom Treasure Chest and have no idea what I got. As soon as I opened my first chest, I was teleported into a game lobby. I looked through everything and I still am not 100% sure what I got. Maybe it could also show cosmetics gained from game loot (Even if it’s just gadgets)? Regardless, this is an amazing idea! I’m sure this would help out a lot of us, because people have similar situations as to what happened to me while opening my chest. There’s a lot of situations where a party leader might change a server, you will be tp’ed into a game lobby that you queued for, or just simple client/server crashes.

    Definitely +1 From me!!
    Posted Jul 19, 2019
  3. Hey there,

    I’ve seen this idea come up a couple of times throughout the network and I thinks it’s a great suggestion. I often queue for a game, begin to open a chest but get pulled into a lobby before I can even see what I got. Having a way to look at our recent cosmetics is definitely something I’d like to see implemented. Simple idea, great thinking!
    Posted Jul 19, 2019
  4. I think it helps me because I need to know what did I get from my chests. When I'd either got teleported or my game crashed, I didn't finish opening my four chests. Showing my rewards in the chat is fine after I teleported to the game and relog at the lobby. I'd love to see this feature implemented. +1
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  5. hey hey!

    I really like this idea! Often times when I save up my shards and spend them on a chest, I forget what I opened really soon after. This would also solve the issue that I face quite often, where I will queue for a game and then open a chest, but the game teleports me before I can finish opening my chests. Even if someone were to go searching in their cosmetics for what they got, it is still extremely hard to figure out due to the large quantity of the amount of cosmetics there are. It is a small QoL change, and I would love to see this added into the game!
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  6. Heyo!

    Personally, I really like this idea and I wouldn't mind at all seeing this implemented. I have definitely experienced this inconvenience and I'm honestly all for having something that will tell me what I got. Also, I feel as if this will be extremely beneficial towards MTRT which is a group that shows chest statistics. I'm sure a lot of players will definitely appreciate this, I know I will if added. Overall, I completely agree with having this added! +1 from me.
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  7. Howdy!
    I personally love this idea! I do not believe it could hurt at all to have a quick recap of your chest containments in chat, as I have also gotten many messages asking about what they received from their chest.

    It would be very helpful to just have a visual of everything you got in one message rather than having to look above every chest you open in the lobby. This would also be helpful in the sense that it will be easier to take screenshots of what you opened if you wish to share it with your friends to prove that you really did get that legendary item!

    All in all, I believe this is am excellent idea and I would love to see it implemented in the near future for easier access to your chest containments and a smoother experience on the server. Thanks for reading!
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  8. I wouldn't mind being able to see what I got previously in chests. There's been a couple of scenarios where I've opened a chest and had no idea what I got. It's tedious having to look through my cosmetics to see what I got. Obviously, I can stay in a lobby and allow my friends to wait for me, but being able to see my cosmetics? It's better - way better. I like this. Hell, I love the idea.
    Posted Jul 20, 2019
  9. Hello,
    I think this would be a great fix to a problem we have all had one way or another. Having a short history of what cosmetics you got would clear up a lot of confusion and make our lives easier. Personally, I am never able to notice which cosmetic I got when I am interrupted while opening a chest, so this would help a bunch. Thanks for the cool suggestion! This is definitely a huge +1 from me, as I see no downside to it!
    Posted Jul 23, 2019
  10. Hey,

    I agree with this idea, even if it's something like the last 5 rewards would be very interesting. Especially since some players such as myself can't get any more cosmetics (from illuminated chests, not special event chests) so when I open a chest I don't tend to even look what I get and I might miss something good.

    ~ Zom
    Posted Jul 23, 2019
  11. This is an interesting idea! There's a huge amount of people who don't know what they got from treasure boxes and I found myself in a situation where I didn't know that I got a duplicate multiple times. Seeing the loot of a chest in chat and if there are duplicates would be very helpful to a player and like @SickleMode said, there shouldn't be any downsides. +1

    Posted Jul 23, 2019
  12. I would definitely love this as it has happened to me on many occasions when I am opening chests and then get a report in the chat or have to go and tend to something else. I can also see it being useful for being in parties when players accidentally switch server whilst the other person is trying to open a chest! I think this would also be an easy fix as it could just be something as simple as stating in chat what you get in chests so you can see it when you join a game or another lobby.

    Very useful idea and something I think would be very helpful if implemented!
    Posted Jul 24, 2019
  13. I’d love to see this implemented. I don’t have really much to say since others above me have already said a lot but this could be added along with other QoL ideas in the future. I’ve experienced the same issue when opening chests, especially sometimes when I lag and I have no idea what I got from it. Anyway, possibly in the paper that you’ve suggested to show your cosmetic history, possibly, if you clicked it could pull up a whole another GUI with items organized in chronological order, and the items being represented as the ones in the existing Cosmetics Menu
    https://imgur.com/a/46h4bdO(e.g. If you received a Cow pet, clicking on the paper would pull up a GUI and a cow pet would appear)

    A max of maybe 28 slots would fill up in the GUI, and if you received more the last items in the list would disappear, instead of having multiple pages of items which I feel like isn’t needed. Hopefully this was what you were imagining, but I think this would be more suitable than just 1 paper with a giant list of cosmetics. Anyway, as for my last suggestion, I think the items should appear in chat too, instead of it them just appearing if you get sent into another game. I feel like this would be faster to check than going into the chest GUI and checking through there. That’s all but this is definitely a +1 from me.
    Posted Jul 24, 2019
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  14. I would really enjoy this if this was implemented. You wouldn't believe how many times I wasn't paying attention to my chest I am opening and the cosmetics I've gotten out of it. This idea would really help people like me who have an attention span of a gold fish haha. +1
    Posted Jul 25, 2019
  15. Not Planned

    I sent this to Production and unfortunately, they weren't the biggest fan of this idea. Mostly because it wouldn't be as useful to players who don't go on the server as much or rarely unlock new cosmetics if they already have everything.

    “Not a huge fan of this one, especially for people that either don’t play a lot or already have most cosmetics and rarely unlock any new ones.”

    Recapping recent awards (similar idea) was sent but also wasnt viewed that great, but was decided as a maybe. Going to deny the idea for now and lock the thread but if you have any other suggestions, feel free to create another thread!
    Posted May 4, 2020,
    Last edited May 25, 2020
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