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Cosmetic Chaos

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by TekMonkeyJr, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. Cosmetic Chaos is a round based arena fighter that allows you to use the cosmetics you have earned throughout playing in Mineplex. (Note that whatever I say in this is subjective because I don't own all cosmetics)

    There are two ways to play this game.

    Minimum of 6 can play with 8 players being the max. There will be a total of 10 rounds, the 10th being the final boss.

    Max of 5 can play. There will be a total of 10 rounds, the 5th being the final boss.

    You have to have at least 3 total cosmetics to play Cosmetic Chaos. While you wait for the game to start, you can open your cosmetic menu to select your cosmetics. You can have up to 5 in your inventory at a time and you can't change until after the 5th round. The 4 cosmetics you can have in your inventory at once can come from of the following categories: Gadgets, Mounts, Pets, and Music. The cosmetic categories for Costumes, Morphs and Flags can only be chosen once, meaning you can only put on one of these items on from one of these categories. Every category of cosmetics can be chosen from as uses for the game except any of the Effects, Symbols, Weapon Names, Particles, Taunts, Hats, and Game Cosmetics.


    Gadgets: All will have the same cooldowns like when used in the lobbies and will have unlimited uses.

    - Ethereal Pearl tp's the player
    - Fireworks are now a trap. Place it on the ground and when an enemy walks by it, it'tl detonate, shooting the enemy into the sky and exploding it, doing damage to it and nearby enemies.
    - TNT can be thrown and used as an AoE damage efffect
    - Melon Launcher is a cluster bomb. Shooting it explodes into little melons and those explode. Doesn't grant the speed effect when grabbing it.
    - Flesh Hook grabs an enemy with pure force and damage
    - Paintball gun is a long range rifle that can hit enemies from afar
    - Bat Blaster shoots farther and faster than lobby version and does little damage. Meant to be used to push enemies away from oneself
    - Treasure Party Bomb has a 2 minute timer before you can use it. Each prismarine shard is a mine that explodes when in contact.
    - Party Popper is a quick blast in front. Basically a shotgun blast.
    - Freeze cannon freezes an enemy in place
    - Coal creates a barrier in front of the player that blocks enemies
    - Cupid Arrow, Love Potion, and Valentines Gift are supports. Cupid Arrow heals allies when you shoot an arrow at one. More health is granted to an ally the longer the arrow travels. Love Potion is a splash potion that leaves an AoE effect of healing for a small amount of time. Valentines Gift when given to an ally grants regen.
    - Halloween Candy has a 1 minute timer. Eating it grants you and your allies increased speed and jump height for 10 seconds.

    * Those Gadgets are just to name a few. I don't have any of the holiday items so I can't really think of a use for them. *

    Morphs/Costumes/Flags : You can only choose between one of these categories to wear on the battlefield.

    - The Flags are a support item; wearing it on you will create a small AoE effect for players that grant small buffs that can range from strength, speed/attack speed, jump height, nullify (AoE that has the same effect as drinking milk to take off potion effects), extra armor, etc.

    - The Morphs simply grant you the same effects you get when you equip them. Some are completely the same such as blinking with the enderman and jumping with the chicken but there are others that grant additional effects. (Mooing with the cow does a wind blast in front of them that knocks back enemies but doesn't do damage, meowing with the cat also does a wind blast but it's smaller and its around the cat, throwing an emerald will simply do high damage and have an increased timer, etc.)

    - The Costumes only grant it's powerups when you have the full set of em.

    You can choose any mount and use its abilities freely. Pets grant a small permanent boost of a certain powerup that can range from damage, speed, regen, more health, jump height, certain immunities, etc.

    Music: Each disc has its own AoE boost or ability that can range from, yet again, damage, speed, regen, more health, jump height, certain immunities, armor, etc for a short period amount of time.

    10 Round Game:

    There will be 10 rounds with each round increasing in either difficulty or enemies. The 5th round will be a mini boss. Defeating it will allow a short period of time to change any of your Cosmetics for the last 5 rounds. The last round will be the big final boss. Every round has a timer to finish it. If you don't finish it within the certain amount of time, the game ends.

    5 Round Game:

    There will be 5 rounds with each round increasing in either difficulty or enemies. The 5th round is instead the final boss. Every round has a timer to finish it. If you don't finish it within the certain amount of time, the game ends.

    After dying, you will get respawned after 7 seconds.

    So far that is all the stuff that I could write down. Some stuff will be subjective knowing that I said that all gadgets have unlimited use. But even so...

    What do you guys think??
    Posted Aug 9, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 9, 2020
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  2. Hey dude!
    Sounds like a really cool idea!! Something I have always wanted in MP was to be able to see your own morph. Also I think this would be better under the category of a lobby game versus one that people would actually join. MP is getting more competitive in individual games and this one just sounds like all out fun!

    Follow my profile <3 (to keep up to date w me :D)
    Let me know if you like the idea of it being a lobby/hub game...

    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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  3. This sounds like a super fun game! I like the idea of getting to use your cosmetics to help you. It would be a interesting new game to play. I think it is overall a good idea but there is a few tiny flaws that I can see. Players that are new and don’t have many cosmetics would not enjoy this game. It may break the EULA rules because you use the cosmetic currency to boost you in the game. It would be extremely unbalanced, because players that have more and rarer cosmetics would be much more powerful.

    Here are some changes I think would help your idea. It is a game with kits that you get with gems, and each kit would have specific weapons and items that would act like and look like specific cosmetics. Each kit would have cosmetics that would go along with a certain theme e.g. damage, healing, protection, speed ect... those were some of the ideas I had. I think that this is would be a fun game to play, and it is different from all the games I’ve seen before.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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  4. Wow, this sounds like an amazing idea! And it would put a use to all my gadgets that are kinda just sitting in my cosmetics inventory, lol.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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