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Cool Things For Your Forum Signature

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by UCYT5040, May 18, 2020.

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  1. 1. Inspiring Quote
    This is like mine, basically quote something inspiring.
    2. Mineplex Menu At The Bottom
    You can add menu tabs like the following:
    Home - Forums - Support
    3. Accomplishments
    You can add all your accomplishments, this is great for staff. The staff member Toki uses this one and it is a perfect example.
    Staff Management Admin since September 2nd 2018 [Paid Employee]
    Rules Committee Admin since September 2nd 2018 [Paid Employee]

    Support Agent since December 13th 2017 [Paid Employee]

    Staff Member since November 22nd 2014 [Volunteer]
    Staff Management [Formerly Moderator Coordination] since February 8th 2015 [Volunteer]

    Rules Committee since March 11th 2015 [Volunteer]
    Ideas Team since April 11th 2017 [Volunteer]

    Staff Of The Month [SOTM] awarded June 2015
    (The color has been removed.)
    4. Text Art
    When using text are remember to make it small. Big signatures are annoying.
    Here are some good examples:


    / \

    5. Rainbow Text
    Yellow text is hard to view and the two yellow letters are i and x. Rainbow text takes time to make but pays off with a wonderful look. You can use rainbow text for almost anything in signatures, except images.
    6. About Me Image Or Other Image
    When making a image make sure it isn't a normal image. These images might have your logo and should have text. These could include any text from other suggestions for signatures.
    7. Super Link Signature
    A super link signature might look like this (links don't work)
    My website
    Mineplex Rules
    My server
    My Profile On Minplex
    My twitter
    My insta
    My social medias
    My favorite moderator
    and more.
    8. About My Hobbie
    Here is an example of a hobbie signature.

    My name is ucyt50 and I like making games. I haven't finished any but have started 10. The game I have worked on the most is (insert more here).
    9. A custom signature
    You can always do whatever you want and are not limited to these!
    10. A mix
    You can mix up any of the above and make a pretty nice signature too.

    I hope you enjoyed! This took me a while so I would like it if you hit that like button!
    Posted May 18, 2020
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  2. This thread is now closed. You can still view it but can not reply.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 18, 2020
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