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Continued testing against for teleportation

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by knev, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. Hello Mineplex,

    I posted a video on Twitter demonstrating teleportation between (public) servers using Mineplex as a destination: https://twitter.com/nev23/status/1144017391149621248

    I didn't get any response from you there, even though I tagged @mineplex several times. The summer has passed and I just wanted to ask if Mineplex would condone continued testing against your servers. This usually involves a lot of logging in and out and session crashes.

    I am also looking for beta testers to test the server-side component linking servers together into a huge Minecraft metaverse, if you happen to be interested.

    Kind regards.

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  2. From what I gather, this quote is the purpose of the post, asking if Mineplex would allow you to test this teleportation feature on Mineplex? If this only creates session issues for you, it really doesn't affect the server at all. If this creates session issues for others on the server, no it would not be tested or allowed at all really.

    I also don't understand the purpose of this feature at all. It takes just as long to log out and choose a server from your Multiplayer list as it does to create a command. I don't see why this feature should be explored either personally or on the server side.

    I have to admit I don't really understand a lot of aspects of this post, but I would be happy to help out of this response is not what you were looking for.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  3. Hey, this is an interesting video! I've never actually seen a feature like this, and I can see why you would Mineplex to see this. However, I wouldn't want to see this idea brought in, as @Dulciloquy stated, there isn't really a need for this. You can connect between servers by saving the IP and joining via multiplayer. This is quicker, more efficient and it's the official and verified mojang way of joining in between servers. You also mentioned that you crashed and had session issues, which can be easily resolved by connecting between servers the official way. That way, no data can be lost and no crashes can occur!

    Overall, I wouldn't want to see this in. It's a -1 from me!

    Posted Sep 17, 2019
  4. @Dulciloquy,

    There are two questions here.

    1.) I will be continuing the project of integrating servers. I will be setting up my own servers, but it would be nice to test against Mineplex too. To make the previous video, I tested against Mineplex without asking permission, but I thought to ask for consent before continuing. Actually, I'm quite shocked that I didn't get a response to the previous video. During past testing, your servers seemed resilient to my sessions being dropped. My session drops shouldn't affect others, but it depends on the resilience of your servers. Ideally, it should just be a character or few logging in and out again. It would, of course, be much nicer to enable more advanced features I describe in point 2.

    2.) My research allows for the integration of highly disparate systems. To change servers, you can indeed, log out, choose another server from your list and log in. However, my research would enable things like: random teleporters (teleport to a random server location), dynamic teleporters (querying the network to see possible server destinations and teleport locations within each world), teleporting to specific locations within a Minecraft world, etc. For example, it would be possible for a player to create a portal on Mineplex that leads to a specific location on -- say -- the Hipixel Network or ExtremeCraft (I don't know any MC servers personally, so I'm just name dropping here). Think BungeeCord without lots of pre-configuration and not limited to your own servers. More advanced functionality would be to allow inventory to transfer between servers. And extremely more advanced functionality would be to allow the teleportation between highly disparate servers e.g., Doom and Minecraft.

    It would be great to get in contact with two (for starters) server owners and provide them with a small server-side component that allows for the teleportation between servers. More servers could be linked later; think a web of Minecraft servers. If Mineplex would be interested and if you all know another server owner you would want to pair up with to implement advanced features like teleporters or inventory sharing, etc. I discuss the creation of a (Minecraft) Metaverse here (see time 0:43s):

    You can also read more about the Metaverse and my research here: https://skarredghost.com/2019/08/08/kim-nevelsteen-connect-virtual-worlds-social-vr/
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 17, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 17, 2019
  5. Unfortunately I have not watched the videos you attached, just the one in the original post.

    1) As long as your testing has no way to affect other players on the server, I would assume this is okay. You can contact the Rules Commitee for explicit permission to continue with personal tests like this.

    2) While this sounds great in theory, I would predict Mineplex would not be interested. The largest downfall of this is that if you are automatically sent to different servers given your physical location on Mineplex, there is no way to ensure our players are safe. What I mean by this is that if they are sent to a different server with a different staff team, this also means different rules. If a player connects to Mineplex, they expect to be under the rules our server provides, and they expect to be protected from any rule breakers - in the sense that our staff can handle the punishment of any player not following our rules.

    Minecraft servers are separate for the reason that each ownership team has different ideas, rules, and goals for their server. I don't think creating a massive Minecraft "Metaverse" like you mentioned will ever be possible.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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  6. @Dulciloquy,

    How do I contact the Rules Committee?
    If Mineplex is not interested in such functionality, then I will refrain from testing against your servers. It would be nice if someone higher up in the staff hierarchy could chime in here.

    You make an interesting point about keeping players safe. This means a safeguard would have to be in place like you have here on the forum, "You are now leaving Mineplex.The site you are being redirected to is not controlled by Mineplex. For your own safety, ..."

    The Metaverse will exist, it is only a matter of when and whether Minecraft will be a part of it. According to the movie Ready Player One, Minecraft exists in the Oasis; we shall have to wait and see if reality follows the movie.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 17, 2019
  7. You can go to this link and find the "Rules Committee" title then choose a member to message from there: https://www.mineplex.com/subteams/

    Good luck with your research.
    Posted Sep 17, 2019
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