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Official Content Creator Application and Process

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Niqhtys, Aug 26, 2022.

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    Hello all! First off, I would like to thank you for taking interest in our Content Creator Program here on Mineplex! This thread will go over what happens once you submit the application, what the labels mean, and where it ends up at the end of the application process! If you would like to apply for one of our ranks, you can do so here. I strongly recommend reading over the guidelines and requirements before submitting the application, as this thread goes into detail about what we require from our applicants before they apply. This can be found here, or at the top of the Content Creator application.
    Application Process - Submitting the Application, and the Labels

    When you first submit the application, your application will be given the "In Reviewal Stage" tag.


    This label means your application is being looked over and evaluated by the CCC (Content Creator Council) team. During this stage, we are looking to see if you meet our requirements, and evaluate your channel. Your application can be in this stage for anywhere from a few days, to a maximum of 4 weeks. Generally, the response time will be within 2-3 weeks. Once our team has come to a conclusion, your application will either be Accepted, Denied, or Cancelled.


    If your application gets this fancy green label, it means you've been accepted to our Content Creator Program! This is a huge milestone, and you should be proud! Hold your horses there, you aren't off the hook just yet! We require our new Content Creators to go through a 2-month trial phase. During this time, you will have a small quota for you to complete. Once this 2-month trial is over, we evaluate your activity over the trial, and if you pass the trial, you will no longer have to make Mineplex content, but are expected to keep making Minecraft content to keep the rank! If you fail this trial, your rank will be removed, and you will have to re-apply for our program once your application wait time is over.


    If your application receives this label, your application was unfortunately denied. Don't sweat it! We commend our applicants for applying for our program, and we encourage applicants to reapply, as we love to see growth in our applicants and future members of our program. We recommend you read the denial message of your application to see what you can improve on. If you need or want more information about your denial, you can message the person who denied your application


    Applications can be cancelled if you did not respond to the accepted application message within a month of the application being marked as accepted, or you request for your application to be cancelled, or the application had something else for it to be labeled as cancelled.

    If you have questions about the Content Creator application process, or any questions about the application, please feel free to DM Any of the CCC Leaders, or any of the CCC members. (The list of CCC Members and Leaders can be found here.) We are more than happy to answer your questions!

    Posted Aug 26, 2022,
    Last edited Aug 27, 2022
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