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Concepts of Alterations to Master Builders

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by supahCabbage11, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. So,

    Over the last few weeks, when I've been playing Master builders there's a few things that I've noticed that I've thought could be changed. First, I personally think the voting time for builds is just a little bit too short. More times than I can count, I've looked at a build and have had enough time to properly give it a fair score. Another thing should be people should have some kind of tool when voting to get unstuck from inside builds. The way Master Builders works, is that if you stray too far from your plot, it will teleport you to the center of the current plot, and place you at ground level. Sometimes, when the server teleports everyone to a new plot for voting, this effect triggers and people can get stuck inside the build, especially if it's large and centered. When stuck inside a build, you can't properly rate it, so some good builds may just end up getting horrible ratings because people got stuck in them. One more think I've thought about is what if instead of voting for the map to play on, people can vote for the build theme. This should be to avoid having half the people in a game leave as soon as it starts because the theme isn't something they can do, and to make it so that people have the chance at building something that they would want to. One more thing is that sometimes the build theme is a little too specific. I think themes that are a little more general would work better, unless that's the opposite of what the developers had in mind for Master Builders.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  2. Can I ask you, ironically, to give some specific themes that you think are too specific? It'll be easier for us to discuss whether to remove them that way.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021
  3. The only thing I don't agree with here is voting for build themes. You'd end up with very popular themes being selected every time and some (perhaps more creatively stimulating) themes being cast aside. Part of the challenge of Master Builders is its randomness and the ability to think of a fitting build on the spot. Therefore, I would go so far as to vouch for the addition of more themes to BLD's repertoire.
    Posted Apr 12, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 13, 2021
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  4. I don't have a list of specific examples now that I'm put on the spot, nor do I have a list of all possible themes to point out from. I don't really think I phrased that correctly. What I really mean is maybe to add themes that are more general, like airplane, or statue. Something that can have multiple unique looks to it. The change in the themes might be baseless so I'm not sure where I'm going with this.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 12, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 12, 2021
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  5. The getting stuck thing is supposed to be getting fixed based on a previous thread about improvements to the game so that should hopefully happen soon.. I also agree on the idea of removing themes that are not very good, examples for me would include "Musical Notes" "Machine" "Snorlax" and there are probably many more but those are off the top of my head. Musical notes is a weirdly specific... machine is a bit too confusing for most people and they can't think of a concrete idea on what to make. Snorlax or anything from a franchise is going to have plenty of people who don't know what it even is (i hate saying this because I loveeee pokemon). Barracks is also another one that a lot of people just don't know either, and build something silly like Barack Obama (that happens a lot and they win... lmao). I would say a lot of the good themes you mentioned already exist, maybe they don't show up as often for you. I'd also add that sometimes themes can repeat the next round... I actually experienced once when the theme "bunny" repeated 3 games in a row.

    I've played BLD for a long *** time and I can tell you that the majority of what needs to be fixed are inappropriate builds/trollers and boosting. There are players who get friends to join their games and then vote purple so that they have a much higher chance at winning. On top of that, there are dozens of lobbies during the day that are infested with people (even entire lobbies) who make obscene builds, and they are rarely ever banned because the amount of time needed to get them banned is very high- since you have to report them after they already made the build, then staff have to wait an entire game (which is very inconvenient) to wait to see what COULD be an inappropriate build. Most players in this game mode are newer players who don't know much about the server, so they are not going to know how to use /report or even know it exists. That makes it unlikely that anyone is reporting them anyways. The reporting would still require the staff as well, which are not available at lot of the times I need help. If you forum report these players, you have to again wait a ton of time while recording and then send it in, where they potentially could've been banned already so your time is possibly wasted. They usually win the games because people think it's funny or there is a whole group of people who shame any good builds and then say "amazing this is so good" when the inappropriate ones show; in which they vote purple and red accordingly.
    Posted Apr 13, 2021
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