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Community Mentoring Program

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Its_Tims, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Mine600


    What is your in-game name? - Mine600

    What country do you live in? - The United States.

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP? - Personally, I think this would just be a good experience to get to learn how to use collaboration in a different manner. I want to be able to come out of CMP knowing that I helped the community by answering questions, reporting hackers, and more. I love the idea of helping and I feel as if it's something that I want to do for the Mineplex community.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community? - I plan to give to the Mineplex community because I can answer questions, report hackers, adding on to report hackers, gather evidence. I have been in the Mineplex community for a long time, it's kind of weird that I know so much about it. This information will help me answer questions for the community. For example, Player: "How do I apply for staff?" CMP person: "You can do that by going to mineplex.com/appliction." Things like that will satisfy the community. Reporting hackers. This is a big one in the community. I feel as if nobody likes to get out their recording software and have to record hackers. I think that I can help with this. All someone has to do is they have to msg me and I can get out my recording software and record from there. I can put it on the forums after and get that person punished for what they did.

    Thank you for reading this!

    Posted Oct 9, 2018
  2. Marzie


    We have switched our platforms from slack to discord! We will no longer need your email when we message you, instead it'll just be your discord tag. We did this as Discord is more convenient for our Mentees and is much more private when it comes to joining. Along with this, our slack was staff-invite only meaning only Mineplex staff were allowed to be invitied. With this new update, you're allowed to give the discord link out to anyone, so you can have friends join!

    Due to this, we will be putting our Discord link in our CMP Group.
    Posted Oct 10, 2018
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  3. joerock777


    In game name: joerock777

    What country do you live in?: I live in the United Kingdom

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?: I am hoping to get a lot of things out of it such as making new friends along the way because it is important to help people and myself more mature in posts (not with anything else) or any concerns they have. I am hoping to do a lot more reports to ban rule breakers or anyone who is being disrespectful to anyone else. I am really excited to be helping people and being paired with my Mentees because I am always open to ideas and I am really excited to have a lot of fun in the CMP.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?: I have done a lot of things to help the community such as promoting my friends to join this server, being able to help anyone with any questions or concerns no matter how big or how small it is such as “how do you link your account to be able to access the forums?” And I can say to type in /link XXX-XXXX-XXX in game. I also try my best to report as many rule breakers or bug exploiters as possible and to report any glitches in the game too, sometimes when people post forums posts I sometimes read it myself if it is in the Mineplex Rules and if someone has a link to a discord chat (which can get you a warning point) (or anything else) I sometimes private message the person that the post you have written is punishable because of the link you have in it. I also want to contribute by helping people who are lonely in mini games and to be friendly to others and to talk to people if they feel lonely too!

    Thanks for reading and I am really excited to become part of the CMP soon!

    Posted Oct 11, 2018
  4. Vainamoinen


    I have been (mostly unconsciously) observing the success of this program in the previous months, and I can say from an observer's point that it definitely does help you improve as a person and make you stand out in the Mineplex community. What I have heard about it and its methods, communication and organization deserves every accolade it gets. I will not be joining it as I have learnt many things here the hard way, but having participated in a similar program two years ago, I can only recommend it to anyone whose desire is to develop their potentials to the fullest - I strongly believe you will be able to do so here.

    Good luck to the applicants and I hope that everyone has a great time being part of this community.
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
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  5. Marzie


    Welcome to CMP @Aledai and @Mine600 !
    --- Post updated ---
    Welcome @joerock777 to CMP!
    --- Post updated ---
    Goodbye @Luigiiz (Mentor)!

    -> This time around, no one will be taking Luigiiz's place as a Mentor. Instead, we will be splitting all of Luigiiz's metees up to the other mentors.

    -> If having 3 mentors instead of 4 gets too overwhelming, all of the mentees that we split up will be put back into their old group and we'll be promoting an MA.

    -> ThinkPuppy has been switched to assist Stxne.
    Posted Oct 17, 2018 at 9:37 PM
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