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Community Mentoring Program

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Its_Tims, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. What is your in-game name? - Mine600

    What country do you live in? - The United States.

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP? - Personally, I think this would just be a good experience to get to learn how to use collaboration in a different manner. I want to be able to come out of CMP knowing that I helped the community by answering questions, reporting hackers, and more. I love the idea of helping and I feel as if it's something that I want to do for the Mineplex community.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community? - I plan to give to the Mineplex community because I can answer questions, report hackers, adding on to report hackers, gather evidence. I have been in the Mineplex community for a long time, it's kind of weird that I know so much about it. This information will help me answer questions for the community. For example, Player: "How do I apply for staff?" CMP person: "You can do that by going to mineplex.com/appliction." Things like that will satisfy the community. Reporting hackers. This is a big one in the community. I feel as if nobody likes to get out their recording software and have to record hackers. I think that I can help with this. All someone has to do is they have to msg me and I can get out my recording software and record from there. I can put it on the forums after and get that person punished for what they did.

    Thank you for reading this!

    Posted Oct 9, 2018
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  2. We have switched our platforms from slack to discord! We will no longer need your email when we message you, instead it'll just be your discord tag. We did this as Discord is more convenient for our Mentees and is much more private when it comes to joining. Along with this, our slack was staff-invite only meaning only Mineplex staff were allowed to be invitied. With this new update, you're allowed to give the discord link out to anyone, so you can have friends join!

    Due to this, we will be putting our Discord link in our CMP Group.
    Posted Oct 10, 2018
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  3. In game name: joerock777

    What country do you live in?: I live in the United Kingdom

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?: I am hoping to get a lot of things out of it such as making new friends along the way because it is important to help people and myself more mature in posts (not with anything else) or any concerns they have. I am hoping to do a lot more reports to ban rule breakers or anyone who is being disrespectful to anyone else. I am really excited to be helping people and being paired with my Mentees because I am always open to ideas and I am really excited to have a lot of fun in the CMP.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?: I have done a lot of things to help the community such as promoting my friends to join this server, being able to help anyone with any questions or concerns no matter how big or how small it is such as “how do you link your account to be able to access the forums?” And I can say to type in /link XXX-XXXX-XXX in game. I also try my best to report as many rule breakers or bug exploiters as possible and to report any glitches in the game too, sometimes when people post forums posts I sometimes read it myself if it is in the Mineplex Rules and if someone has a link to a discord chat (which can get you a warning point) (or anything else) I sometimes private message the person that the post you have written is punishable because of the link you have in it. I also want to contribute by helping people who are lonely in mini games and to be friendly to others and to talk to people if they feel lonely too!

    Thanks for reading and I am really excited to become part of the CMP soon!

    Posted Oct 11, 2018
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  4. I have been (mostly unconsciously) observing the success of this program in the previous months, and I can say from an observer's point that it definitely does help you improve as a person and make you stand out in the Mineplex community. What I have heard about it and its methods, communication and organization deserves every accolade it gets. I will not be joining it as I have learnt many things here the hard way, but having participated in a similar program two years ago, I can only recommend it to anyone whose desire is to develop their potentials to the fullest - I strongly believe you will be able to do so here.

    Good luck to the applicants and I hope that everyone has a great time being part of this community.
    Posted Oct 11, 2018
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  5. Welcome to CMP @Aledai and @Mine600 !
    --- Post updated ---
    Welcome @joerock777 to CMP!
    --- Post updated ---
    Goodbye @Luigiiz (Mentor)!

    -> This time around, no one will be taking Luigiiz's place as a Mentor. Instead, we will be splitting all of Luigiiz's metees up to the other mentors.

    -> If having 3 mentors instead of 4 gets too overwhelming, all of the mentees that we split up will be put back into their old group and we'll be promoting an MA.

    -> ThinkPuppy has been switched to assist Stxne.
    Posted Oct 17, 2018
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  6. What is your in-game name? Jrod008
    What country do you live in? USA
    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?
    I hope to better my knowledge and skills to become Trainee in the future. I have been trying to get Trainee for about 3 years now, and every time I have applied I have failed due to some small sort of area that I need to improve. I have been stuck on the same "needs improvement" areas for a while and simply don't know how to improve them. I also hope to get to know the community better simply by being a part of the group!

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?

    I have already contributed by reporting hackers that make gameplay unfair. I understand I may get some ridicule for reporting players, because who wants to be a tattle tale right? However, I simply believe that if you truly want to become a better "Minecrafter" it is to play the game fairly and to not cheat your way to the top. I think people would play Mineplex more and Minecraft in-general, if they were to work their way to the top.

    Another way I would like to help the community in Mineplex is to become Trainee and really work on relations with the rest of the players. I feel as if all of the staff (which I rarely see play anyways) that are in the hub or in a game, do not talk to players. This makes me feel as if though they have an attitude that they are simply "better" than everyone else because of the fact that they are a staff member. I truly hope to become a positive role model to those that play. As well as a chill mod that you can simply talk to whenever about whatever!

    Thirdly, I am going to strive to be as active as possible to make sure people of the Mineplex community are well aware of the fact that staff are on the server and are here to help.

    I think that this is the proper steps I need to take to become a Trainee by simply getting help on some skills that the mentors of this program will appoint me to work on. I greatly appreciate your time for looking at my application and I look forward to chatting with you again :)
    Posted Oct 21, 2018
  7. What is your in-game name?
    My in-game name is NickMC.

    What country do you live in?


    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?
    I do wish to improve the quality of forum posts, so I can better help out players on the forums and just to get better around on the forums. I do hope that I could participate more in ideas discussions, so I could potentially join the Ideas Team in the future. I'm also very excited to meet new people if I get accepted into CMP. I do hope to extend my knowledge of the server as well and learn more about how I could contribute to the server without helping out players and reporting rule violations.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?
    I always try to be as helpful as possible by answering questions and assisting players with their concerns. I'll always keep an eye on the StaffRequest community to see if I can help anyone with their questions. Whenever I find a rule breaker on the network, I'll report them here at the forums. I was also trying to make the events more enjoyable for the community during my time on the Event Assistance subteam.
    Posted Oct 22, 2018
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  8. Welcome to CMP @Jrod @Cousinss @Nick !
    --- Post updated ---
    Kinda last minute that this happened, but welcome back CallMeCupcake to CMP!
    Posted Oct 22, 2018
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  9. I’m not going to be applying, but being a previous mentor I can surely say that this is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I had 1 of my mentees become a Trainee and then Mod. Not only does it show that it’s possible, but it’s just the feeling of accomplishment for your mentor when you succeed. That’s what they are there for. To help you and to have you reach your goals.

    A lot has changed, but I doubt the overall spirit and greatness of this program isn’t still alive. If you haven’t, you should definitely try out the program.
    Posted Oct 24, 2018
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  10. Mentor changes!

    Goodbye @Stxne (Mentor)!

    Taking Stxne's place will be AGLThree, congrats!

    ThinkPuppy has been moved under PandaFyre nd remains a MA.


    Update about our "exceptions" with people becoming a MA/Mentor that has/has not been staff previously and are now community members:

    We are no longer taking in any "exceptions" for MA/Mentors. This means that *YOU MUST BE STAFF* to become a MA/Mentor. If you were on the list, but then resigned or got demoted, you will be removed from the list. We have quite a few staff members asking to be on this list for MA now vs when they didn't last year/earlier on in this year and didn't really promote it that much, so we will not be scouting for community members/non-staff to become MAs/Mentors at this time.
    Posted Oct 25, 2018
  11. What is your in-game name?

    What country do you live in?
    United States of America (U.S.A)

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?

    The CMP is a great fit for me. I’m always open to learn new things and to be given the opportunity to fix some faults about myself without being completely judged. With real-time mentoring from legitimate staff members, I believe they have a lot to offer in terms of improving my writing skills, addressing other players, and delivering wisdom about the server. I hope to become more involved in the community through this program along with making memories and developing friendships with people i’ve never met before.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?

    To be completely honest, I haven’t contributed all too much to the community besides submitting reports of either bugs or or other players, and responding to other players’ threads with possible suggestions. I hope to do more through being in the CMP; to contribute to the community through my values as a person: empathy, persistence, maturity, etc. How? Well if another player is having a terrible day, I would absolutely listen to what they have to say because in the end, I may very well bring a little sunshine to their raging storm. The truth is, you never know what another person is truly going through. You never know whether something catastrophic happened in their life, and whether or not they have anyone to talk to. If it only takes one person to make their day, it doesn’t hurt to listen to what they have to say. Regarding maturity, others don’t have to worry that I will judge them; I’ve been in numerous instances of being judged myself and it feels completely awful; I don’t want other players to experience it either. With persistence, I won’t give up on a player unless it’s completely necessary; the player may need assistance from someone and I will try my best to help them out with their issue.
    Posted Nov 9, 2018
  12. New mentees!

    Welcome @Dominoose and welcome back to Jason (FoxyThePirate)!
    --- Post updated ---
    @Dva has stepped down from her mentor position, goodbye lili!
    Taking Dva's place will be @ThinkPuppy, congrats!

    @Enunciated will be staying with his mentees, so he will be the MA for ThinkPuppy. On the other hand, we have a NEW MA to help @PandaFyre, please welcome @Phamtastic!

    There will be a thread update soon that shows what each mentor does and the personalities of each Mentor/MA, stay tuned!
    Posted Nov 25, 2018
  13. What is your in-game name?
    What country do you live in?
    United States
    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?
    To become a much better member and be able to go to many lengths and help other in the Mineplex community! I am a hard working dedicated individual with a passion for learning and helping others. I am a fast learner and enjoy the fact that being part of such a profound community is a bonus, but going many steps farther to allow myself to make it even better by helping others and leading players down the right path. This is what makes my dedication towards this server so intense. The Mineplex staff members have truly inspired me to be a better player and person towards others and have given me the strength and confidence to make mistakes and learn from them. I am interested in becoming Trainee in the future, but my biggest goal right now is becoming a better Mineplex player and learning the ropes and being able to know the community like the back of my hand and make sure all newcomers feel welcomed, and that current players never get tired of coming on Mineplex!
    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?
    I have dedicated my time playing with others and making new friends, along with reporting and conversing with players that break rules in games that they should probably stop abusing gameplay because it is way more fun dealing with challenges and growing and becoming better as a regular Mineplex player. I jump around lobbies and take the time to learn many different gamemodes to help newcomers along with always checking if anyone would like to party up in different gamemodes before I go play by myself. I am fond of being a team player, and when the chance comes around, I love indulging myself into the community and helping others feel welcomed and help people see the fun in being team players too!
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
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  14. Posted Nov 29, 2018
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  15. After some long debating and pondering, I've come to the conclusion that I want to join. My long-term goal I set for myself on Mineplex is either QA, Recruitment, or FN. I'm not doing well getting trainee so far and improving as a community member can give me a push. I've read the FAQ, nothing directly related to the trainee application process will be taught here but indirectly, yes. I do think it's worth it at the very end to take the time to boost my reputation as a community member, my application will be in very soon!
    Posted Nov 29, 2018
  16. Hai!

    I don't intend to submit an application form for this at this current moment in time. However, I would just like to evoke that I think that this whole idea of Community Mentoring would be very useful for relatively new players or players who think that they are in need of support in an area where they are unbeknownst to different aspects of that certain area.

    Have a good one!
    Posted Nov 29, 2018
  17. New mentee!
    Welcome @iCrxzy !
    --- Post updated ---
    Thank you for the feedback! We do aim on improving people with their goals, which can be about themselves, something Mineplex related or anything else that we are capable of.
    Posted Dec 1, 2018
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  18. What is your in-game name?

    What country do you live in?
    United Kingdom, Scotland.

    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP?
    I made the decision to take a well needed break from the community near the end of 2016, mainly for self development. There were some things that surrounded my online self that I wasn't proud of, and I accepted the fact that I needed to work on myself going forward. I rejoined near enough a year later when I felt ready to come back, setting myself goals that I hope will prove myself and show the person I am today, and that I am no longer the kind of person I once was. I definitely think that the CMP could help me strive towards those goals, help me regain the knowledge I once had, and push me to my potential.

    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community?
    I would say that my biggest contribution to the community in the past was when I was a staff member for 6 months back in 2016. I was accepted into a variety of different sub-teams, whilst aiming to provide a good experience to every player I interacted with, on whatever platform. At the moment, I am a member of the Ideas team, doing my best to make sure players' voices are being heard and providing constructive criticism/feedback to as many suggestions as possible. For the future, I'm quite interested in joining a couple more teams available to the community if they will have me, as well as clearing my name off of the Trainee blacklist.
    Posted Dec 3, 2018
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  19. Posted Dec 6, 2018
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  20. What is your in-game name? My in-game name is Waspter.
    What country do you live in? I currently live in Norway.
    What are you hoping to get out of participation in the CMP? I hope to achieve the Trainee rank; not only that but also improving myself in different ways that I didn't think of before, like answering questions more effectively (basically memorizing all the rules, so there is no time wasted on checking the rules).
    How have you already and how do you plan to contribute to the Mineplex community? I make suggestions on the forums quite often; already done 3 in about one week or two. I'd also like to become a Trainee, as making the server a better place for everyone has been my goal; it's also my passion. I can also contribute to the Mineplex community by becoming a Community Manager if I get the chance. I have great ideas all the time, and I think I may be able to further influence the server by becoming a Community Manager.
    Posted Dec 8, 2018
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