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Community Inspiration

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Iscariot, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Halló!

    I usually don't do threads like this (I main stay in the Arts section) but I wanted to try something a bit different being that 2020 is getting closer.

    This thread is pretty straightforward, it just asks the question:
    "Who are individuals in the community who have inspired you in any way?"

    There aren't any rules but an explanation is nice, especially if they are active and can tag them (just stay within rules here, not sure what those all are off hand)

    I'll answer it first:
    When I became staff in 2014, I looked up to Nathan (BlueBeetleHD) and WebGlitch in particular. Both of them were Mods at the time (this was a bit before Sr.Mod was its own rank I think, it's not too crucial for this to check) and they encouraged me to apply for things I normally wouldn't have gone for. Even though I was rejected for a lot of teams/subteams, it was still pretty great of them to be there as a sounding board and friend. The Head of Staff before Blue, RustyRoo, was also someone I became close with. He would always respond and I know that sounds ridiculous but it went a long way for me that my ideas were at least being acknowledged.

    And then as of today, I'd definitely say someone I get inspired by constantly is @Smaland47 — Smal joined Mineplex after the previous server him and other staff (i.e. libraryaddict, NightWolfy, Giovani, etc.) merged into ours. We hadn't spoken much then (I feel like Discord has helped people connect a lot more effectively) but him and @TeaSpiller are both people (and artistically-driven individuals) who motivate me a ton. I'm very thankful to have people like you guys supporting me in the community <3

    Your turn :)
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  2. Alright, I love this question as I can give shoutouts to some people...
    First, @Hypelexity. He’s an ex-Staff member who resigned a few months ago, and one of my friends ho played Micro with my friends and I quite often. He’s the first person who inspired me to apply for staff, which I did about a month later. He’s not online as much now, and there’s a 1% chance that he’ll see this, but he was one of the first people who inspired me to apply for staff.
    Second is @ExplosiveTNT. He’s a community member, one of my all time besties, and overall, an awesome person who’s really nice to everyone. He didn’t apply for staff as he has no ambition to be a staff member, but he’s just a really helpful person in general and I’ve learned a lot from him.
    Third is @LT Tombstone 77. You were one of the first people who truly accepted me, and whom I consider to be my first true friend. Despite your big group of people that you would power play CW with, you always dedicated time to hang out with me and I’m so grateful for that. You showed me what it feels like to have a true friend that really cared about me. I hope that your shadow mute fixes and you can achieve some dreams of yours like becoming a trainee :)
    Fourth is @WinteryOsprey38. She's a Bedrock Mod and one of the best staff members I've ever met. She always patiently answers all my questions and even helped me get unbanned once.
    Fifth is @xGetRektedx. Yes, our friendship has been through lots of ups and downs (with the whole thing in March especially). I'm glad that things are different now, that you and LT are back, and that our friendship is stable these days.

    I’ll edit this later :D
    Posted Dec 12, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 15, 2019
  3. Ian, I just want to say that you also inspire me with different art choices and overall it's nice to see a whole different side of art that I really never knew existed. I'd have to say that @BeeInc has always inspired me and supported me on everything and anything I do whether if it's within' Minecraft or real life, he is truly someone I am blessed to have each n every single day not only as a supporter but as-well as someone I can see in my life forever <3. It's wild to think that Minecraft has created so many relationships and bonds in life, and where we would all be without them.

    If you are reading this, know that you are loved and sometimes the darkest times are there so you can get to the lightest of days. Whether if you understand love or are lost in the world, there is always one person who cares.. just remember to let them in and not to question why they care because we all deserve to be cared for.
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  4. Aw thanks Scar, that really means a lot to me :D.
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  5. There's so many inspiring people on mineplex, but I'm not going to list them all. so I'm going to pick 1

    @Dezzy always is fun to hangout with, and likes to make people smile, I don't hangout with him as much anymore though. Since I've met him I've learned so much, and maybe too much. He taught me how to laugh when things get low, while he fails to keep himself optimistic, he would always make me laugh when I would be low. I also started to be a little toxic when I met him while joking around, but I fixed that XD
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  6. Most of these people are just really great so

    @cerns | <3
    @n8wes | idk how active you are but you're a great friend
    @QuitPlayn | You were awesome and I'm sad you disappeared (and got forum banned lol prolly nwb) so ik you'll never see this but I appreciate you
    @tommy // digital | Not so active any more and I don't see you much but you always motivated me even when I denied it
    @Waspter @PieOrPi | Just cool dudes
    @Snvy | "too old" and "that's not me in my pfp"

    all of these people also didn't do something most people did that I hated so appreciate you for that, and the time I've known you whether long ended or long lasting
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  7. This is a very difficult question. I have met several likeminded people on the server without whom my experience on Mineplex would be different, but it's been a long time since I looked up to anyone as an inspiration. Back in '16 and '17 though I would often find myself seeing forum ninjas as role models after whose posts I usually styled my own forum posts, with the most significant of them being @Wanderer.

    If I had to choose one today though, that would be my batchie @AyyNick. Although he wasn't the only one who supported me, his support during my most difficult moments together with his immense dedication to the server played a large role in me staying on the staff team and being where I am today.
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  8. Posted Dec 12, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 12, 2019
  9. Hi!

    Ah, this is so hard to choose! Let me tell you some and why:

    @spikecreates @xOeuf @ZTB @January34 @GuardianInASuit @Sven @DeadOnMidnight @Luvli @Evence @Notserp @jxcb @AceSJus @Arjun @Marzie @Bunni @Jhazu @JYTG @Dulciloquy @CowHatake (yes I pinged a lot of staff sorry :c)| You are great staff members. You have inspired me to keep reaching my goal as staff, and I hope I can achieve this! I see you all as role models. <3

    @Mathuu @Acerna @cerns @Gzen @little_dude_9000 @Im_Ken @M3k_ @Lila @BaconAnEggs | You all have been really close friends to me. You all are kind, nice, and I know you will go on to do great things!

    @n8wes @xUmbreon @PieOrPi @Caameronn @24OO @Kyuine @Glitz @Eat @ItsFree @xJon @lotix @BreezeBlockss @soulhardy @Copyy @SupremeWafflez @Tweatzy and @Idut | You all have been great staff members. While you all were staff, you were nice, kind, and really good staff. Gone but not forgotten!

    @THELichCA (yes all alone) | I am so happy you got Trainee. I knew you were going to get to here. You have been funny, kind, and sorry if I broke your eardrums in a voice call ._. (same with you @M3k_ sorry ._.) Thank you for being the best you can be!

    @AGLThree @Marzie (again) @Lionatthezoo @GuardianInASuit @ZTB @Sven (again) | Thank you all for being great Mentor Assistants and Mentors while I was and am in CMP (I came back). C:

    @nolawn | Thank you for denying my Ideas Team Applications and giving me information on how I can improve.

    @Sunny / Slash | You have been the biggest inspiration. You have helped me a ton. You respect me, and others around you. You are very funny, and I can go on and on but this section will be over 500 words. Thank you for being a inspiration, and overall a great friend.

    And thank you to the Mineplex Community and Staff for helping one another, being kind, respectful, oh I can go on and on.

    Have a good day/night!

    Sorry if I did not mention you :c
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
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  10. <3333
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
  11. I taught you how to be better and brighter and you did the same with me <3
    Posted Dec 12, 2019
  12. I first joined Mineplex in February of 2014 and had an instant connection with a lot of people. During this time, I went by a different username. I'm going to name a few people that a lot of people probably won't recognize, so bear with me.

    One person that really stood out to me was maccer0111. He was one of my closest friends in 2014 and 2015. As a staff member, he was an incredible Forum Ninja. He really inspired me to grow as a person in all aspects of the Mineplex world. He ultimately resigned a few days after I started my hiatus from Minecraft in May of 2015.

    Another name that comes to mind is Inv3rt3d. He always knew the right thing to say in any situation, and I always wanted to be just like him. I believe he was a long-time member of the Moderation Coordination team and did an amazing job as a staff member. Along with Inv3rt3d comes another oldie Australian staff member, Morena. She moved up the ranks quickly because she knew what she was doing and knew how to do it well. She was a huge inspiration for me because she showed me that it's possible to achieve your goals if you remain focused and ready.

    One other person that I remember having a huge impact on me is Dozzy. If I recall correctly, he was also a member of the Moderator Coordination team for quite some time (I wish I was better at remembering who was on which team -- if only it hadn't been so long!). He always greeted people with a friendly demeanor and was ready to help at any time. He was extremely dedicated to Mineplex until his departure and for that, I will always being inspired by him.

    A staff member that is still on the team that has inspired me since she joined the staff team is FireStar. They have done such an amazing job with the Recruitment team and it's extremely inspiring to see how far they've come, and I know that they're only going to continue to do great things in the future.

    This thread really let me relive a little bit of my past and remember how much fun I used to have with all of my friends. I hope it helped others to do the same. I'm looking forward to making new memories with new friends soon and discovering even more people who will inspire me in so many different ways. :)

    edit: wording.
    Posted Dec 12, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 29, 2019
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  13. Hey!

    I really like this post idea, it's always nice to see people getting praised and recognised by people who are inspired by them. I think it's good to look up to people and set goals for yourself with the help of these people. I wanted to start off by saying thanks for the mention @Thenorn - you're an amazing batchie, can't wait to see you as a Mod!!

    Okay, so there are a few people that I look up to for some different reasons. I'll start off with @xOeuf. He's such a great guy here with a kind heart, and is always super helpful. Ever since joining the staff team, he was there to help me out with any questions and concerns but was also causal, and friendly which made communication easy. They're also an SSM god so like, what's not to like xD

    Next is @EmmaLie. She does an amazing job at being an Admin for 3 Sr.Mod teams. I am apart of Event Assistance, and just from there I can see some of the amazing work she puts in. She is kind, friendly, and down to earth, while still delivering great results for all her teams. I just generally like her positive personality and work ethic.

    Finally, @Toki has been a big inspiration for me. Ever since joining the staff team, I've had the opportunity to see the great work she does behind the scenes for all of the teams she looks after/works for, mainly Staff Management and Rules Committee. She's very active, very kind and friendly, and also helpful. Even though she is busy with her Admin duties, she still manages to communicate with the staff team and the community and delivers great results. Also Rules Committee and StM (or Recruitment) are all teams I'd like to join in the future so I can do some great things just like her.

    All of these people plus some more have been and will continue to be huge inspirations for me! I like their qualities and the things they do, and I hope I can do some amazing things in the future like them!
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
  14. Hey!

    This is an interesting thing to do. I like it though. I'll only mention my main 4 people.

    @xLeopard - Gotta start off with the person that has helped me the most since returning to Mineplex. Hannah, you're a great person and somehow don't block me after I constantly ask Alfie questions and change your fish names!! You helped me get trainee both times and your advice has been really helpful throughout my time back on Mineplex.

    @AGLThree - Jared the nicest person on Mineplex! There's a reason why I call you Jolly Jared, and it's because you're so nice. I am so happy I got to become your ma in cmp!! You've been very helpful throughout my time knowing you and transferring to you for my cmp mentor was an amazing decision to make for me! Thanks for being the nicest.

    @neotheater - Big Steve!!! You've been one of the most chill and honest people i've met. You're extremely funny and understand my sense of humour. I am always relaxed and laughing when around you.

    @Busjack5 - Cmod. Overall good guy. Bit wack. Funny. Strange. Taught me clans again. Top bloke.
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  15. I've come to meet a lot of amazing people, and if I were to give credit to them all, this list would take a few years to write. I'll talk about people I hold with high regard from recent times, and those who I respect the most. These are individuals who I have nothing but love and admiration for - Funny, talented, and amazing people, who also don't mind dealing with a rotten egg like me sometimes :c

    Aww Zipbro, I still remember those early days. Mid-2018's: Iglee and I rolled super hard in solo SSM, and I was barely level 70. You were an absolute angel from the start - always kind, respectful, and super funny. You never hesitated to help us when we were in need, were always down for a cool round of Smash Mobs, and were just an absolute vibe overall. You've given me so much throughout my journey; inspiration, knowledge, support - I'd be lost without you, and I'm grateful for that. It's been an absolute pleasure so far, and I hope to continue working alongside you on this amazing staff team!
    I'll always be your lil eggbro no matter what <3

    Hehe, my boi. We're Korni's little misfits, you and me ;) Always up to no good in the staff lobbies, and wreaking havoc in the voice channels like the absolute cuties we are. You're an absolute legend and I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me - just as with Zipbro, I'd be lost without you <3
    You're always there for a good laugh, you've always got my back, and I can count on you to be there for the tough times. You deserve so much recognition for how hard you work - you don't even know it. You're a legend and then some, and I'll always be there for you.
    I can't wait to see what comes next for you as a staff member, who knows, maybe we'll have an admin named Wolfayy soon B)

    Korniii <3 Ich kann nicht mal anfangen, dir genug zu danken! Ich weiß, dass ich manchmal ein bisschen viel sein kann, aber ich nenne dich gerne meinen Mentor. Du bist so eine erstaunliche und fleißige Person, und ich empfinde wirklich viel Bewunderung für dich - Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, mit jemand anderem zusammen gewesen zu sein! :>

    @Tea & @cutathanyou,
    You two, oh my! I love you guys so much - you're amazing. I still remember when we met; I was just a trainee. You invited me to your discord although I had to be really quiet as my family was sleeping, so we couldn't actually understand each other that well. Who knew I'd meet a gorgeous king and a cutie queen from that meeting - I'm super blessed to have you two gamers as friends! @Tea, your builds are outstanding - I've never seen content that beautiful in my time at MP! You're always so sweet and funny, thanks for all the fun times we've had so far :d @cutathanyou I'd also like to give a special thanks for all the fun times we've had, and all the funny little rants we've had with each other late at night. You're really an amazing guy! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

    Jacob, you're amazing. You really help me a lot, and I've come to look up to you a lot when I need help. You're very funny and always have the cutest skins & cosmetics on; you whole aesthetic is a vibe! Thanks for always being so chill and kind towards me, even when I nab and bother you a bit :P

    Epic gamer friend, thanks for being there when I was a bit down. I know I can be a bit much at times, but you're always there to have a little fun with and give me some advice when I need it c: You're constantly on to answer questions and give your honest input in, and I really appreciate it. You're a super sweet person and I can't wait to see you join your dream subteams!

    Saltyy! Your energy and enthusiasm is unmatched - you never fail to brighten my day! I'm super proud to be working alongside you as a CMA, and on other (top-secret-FBI-level-secure) projects! You're always sweet and wholesome, and I've noticed how caring you are for others. You always do your best to include everyone and are a gentle listener as well as an amazing person to be around. I love you so much! Don't stop being you!

    In the short time we've spent together, I've gotten to know the caring, funny, and incredibly smart person you are. I have a lot of respect and love for you and how hard you work - you're an angel and I'm proud to be part of your clans family. I enjoy my time as CMA to the max, and have gotten to love this game-mode with a passion. I can't wait to see what's in store for clans, but in the meantime am having a blast working alongside @wattywatty14 who is such a hilarious dude and overall amazing person to hang around, and @Flaym, my incredible mentor!

    I think I'll leave it at that - it's getting late :P I really want to write so much more; all these incredible people I have in my life can't be thanked enough. I really love the staff team and have high hopes for the future. I adore working with amazing people like @iMedia, @Goudge ✦ , @Tilgorn/LifesaverGummies, or @spikecreates as well, and will never ever forget this time in my life <3 Thanks guys for all you've done for me so far!
    Big shoutout to @Oscaros_ as well for being a top lad :)
    Posted Dec 13, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 13, 2019
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  16. There’s one specific person who has inspired me and pushed me to achieve great things. That person is @Klobby. He’s enoucraged me, inspired me, and been an amazing role model for me in general. If it weren’t for him, I’d have given up on Trainee, never applied for MTT, and I might’ve left the community all together. Thankfully, he’s been a big impact on my life for the past couple months and he has helped me get over so many obstacles. Thank you man <3
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  17. This is such a great idea Ian! Love when you guys come together to spread some positivity. I've met so many amazing and inspiring people in this community if I wrote a message for each one I'd be sitting here for hours.

    Huge thank you to everyone on CoM and our CoM Kids, ES & our Event Assistants, and SM & our wonderful ccc members for inspiring me every single day. Everything I do here is to benefit our community and we wouldn't have been able to accomplish this much without you guys.

    Another huge thank you to my previous supervisors, Nuclear_Poptart, ShinyRukii, and BlueBeetleHD. All three have taught me so many valuable lessons and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without them.

    But most importantly, thank you to everyone who is here to make a positive contribution to Mineplex. Your positivity and willingness to serve this community inspires all of us across the board.
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  18. It's heartwarming to see threads coming out like this. As @EmmaLie has expressed really well in her post, these kind of threads are good for spreading positivity especially at this time of year nearing Christmas!

    Some people that inspired me and made me want to be who I was today and continued their legacy in inspiring me:

    @Islendingurinn my interviewer - he's just all round a nice guy and someone who when he interviewed me back then I couldn't even say his name xD He was very tolerant given my tricky internet issues back at the time and I still talk to him to this day.

    @Raech Rachhh! I know she's probably not been on here in a while but she was my old Trainee mentor, she honestly inspired me and helped me to improve as I struggled when I was a Trainee. I was at the point of demotion where she helped me before I took my EoT and helped me push through with high scores and a great end to my trial which I still thank her for (as well as Meg and Sean for their help). I can also give credit to ProtonOrange as he was a nice guy when I was a Moderator and even before!

    @Ralfie & @korniDE - both people that I assisted (and assist) as an MA at the moment. I have to say they both had really bubbly and welcoming personalities, they were extremely helpful and accepting of me despite being such a young MA (at the time) which I was extremely grateful for!

    Some other notes for people that I enjoy being around on the staff team and make my time over here more enjoyable:

    @Joiined @neotheater @Wolfayy @xOeuf @Toki @TeaSpiller @Phamtastic @xSalted and @spikecreates - all caring people who make my time on the team much more enjoyable! Also, a lot more I didn't mention that are a great company and do great work here too.

    And finally @Zipppo as she was a really good friend back in the days when we were both Moderators on FM and then got FN. I still remember just screaming "aaaaaa" in calls for 10 minutes straight xD​
    Posted Dec 13, 2019
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  19. Hey!

    So I first joined Mineplex over 5 years ago and I have been inspired by many people since that day. I already have made a post on my wall about that, and said my thank yous to some people who will probably never see them. But here’s some that are more personal and based upon people that have genuinely inspired me to be my very best.

    @korniDE & @Oscaros_
    I mean. Words cannot describe how lucky and blessed I am to have you as my mentor/MA. You are honestly the most loving and caring people I have met on Mineplex over recent years. The work you do is beyond incredible and I’d just like to thank you for being there for me 24/7 for over 7 months straight! You’ve taught me how to be a good Moderator and honestly I just wanted to say thank you so much<3

    For a similar reason to the above statement, I just want to say thank you for your constant help as my RA mentor. You are honestly sooooooo great and I’m not afraid to ask you for help with anything. Which is weird, because usually I just don’t ask for help and figure it out in my own way. You’re super kind and just give off such a comfortable aura. Tysm!!

    @Mintletsgo @Eat
    I miss you two so much. Now that you’ve both resigned and we don’t speak very often and it makes me kind of sad:( If it wasn’t for you two I don’t know if I would have made it this far on the Staff team. Your constant friendship got me through some really tough times in my 2019 (Eat would know) and the fact neither of you are here anymore really hurts

    You somehow managed to make my summer a lot more interesting than it would have been if I hadn’t have joined your MPS on that fateful day haha. You’re honestly great and I love your content to bits!

    @Wolfayy @iMedia @Bqth // Dallarth @Animalll you’re all good friends of mine and I just wanted to put you all in here for appreciation. I could have really long paragraphs for all of you but they’re extra personal to me so if you want them message me on disc/snapchat/social media of your choice imedia

    Thank you for being a shoulder for me to always lean on<3 I appreciate you so so so much

    There are many more that I just could go on forever about. Honestly I could. But I think that this reply is long enough. There are a couple more on my wall if you’d like to see them:)
    Posted Dec 13, 2019,
    Last edited Dec 14, 2019
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  20. Hey there!
    Who inspires me? First, I’d like to start out with @WinteryOsprey38, she is a mod on Mineplex bedrock, and (in my opinion) one of the best staff members and friends ever. Wintery is a fair player, and does not cheat. She is also very kind and supportive, and has earned her way to level one hundred.
    My second inspiration is probably @DanTrains222. Dan is the #1 player on the CakeWars leaderboard and is yet another player to earn level one hundred. He does not cheat, and has earned his place in the leaderboard.
    My third inspiration is @q Brook p. She has always been a kind and supportive friend. Although we have had our arguments, in the end we have resolved them and become friends again. Brook has been there for me countless times.
    My fourth inspiration is @Halestorm1205. Hale is another close friend of mine. Hale is funny and caring. She is another reason why I stay on Mineplex.
    My fifth and final inspiration is @ScarletBlood37. Scar is jovial, fun, and caring. Even though we have had some arguments, Scar is still my friend to this day, and I am happy it has stayed that way.
    Thank you for making this thread, as it has given me a chance to remember my close friends, and why they are my close friends.
    Posted Dec 15, 2019

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