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In Discussion Community Ideas Thread

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Baymax, May 17, 2019.

  1. Communities are a great addition to Mineplex, it allows players globally on the server to communicate using a simple command. It is overall a great idea, but personally I feel like Mineplex could have done much more with it. As of right now, communities are practically useless. You have banks, that are used for virtually nothing. You can deposit them, but not withdraw, and have very limited options to use them for. They're easily abused my other members of the community, some people may intend to spam the community chat with the message that they deposited some gems into the bank. I'm not here to bash their hard work on the implementation of communities, but I'm going to use this thread as a way to collect ideas from the Mineplex community, and myself on how communities could be improved.

    Reply to the thread with any ideas, and I will place all new and creative ideas here and possibly (somehow) create a poll on whether or not their idea needs work.

    As the community leader of Equality, I am experienced with majority of the commands/options regarding communities. These are my personal suggestions towards communities, feel free to agree or disagree and have a professional discussion on the topic of the ideas.

    More Options for Gem Banks
    One issue that I run into the gem bank is how easy it is for the members of the community to abuse and spam the commands to deposit gems. Which merely makes the option pointless in large communities. There should be more custom commands, and I will list those here:

    Commands that are colored in Green, are optional but required for certain situations.

    /com deposit <amount> <community> - Deposits a certain amount of gems into the community bank. This command already exists, but needs more work to prevent spam in community chats. The leader should have the option to either completely hide the deposits from the public's view, or simply create a cool down for the members.

    /com withdraw <amount> <community> [player] - This command can be used only by Co-Leaders & Leader, using this command will take out gems from the bank in placement for the leader's personal gem bank. If a player's IGN is added into the command, the gems are directed into that specific player's bank. In order to keep this from being abused, the Leader has no cool down, meanwhile the Co's will have cool downs and limits on how much they can give away. The cool downs and limits can be changed according to the Leader's preference, located in the community settings.

    More Uses for Gems
    The gem bank is a clever addition, but again lacks options from the community leader. It is likely that Mineplex is planning create more options to use gems for the community. Here is a list of ideas:

    Gem Leaderboard (adds competition between communities)
    Titles exclusive to community members
    Unique community survival server (discussed further in thread)

    Community Server
    This suggestion is a big one, and unlikely to be implemented but it's worth suggesting, right? Anyway, the main idea of this is to have a completely separate, just like MPS, where players are able to join the community's survival server by typing a command. This would be expensive (gem wise or be paid with real currency) but would be cool to have a chill survival server on Mineplex with just your friends. There would be other permissions for Leaders/Cos to create a more peaceful environment. This is a rough idea, so please give me constructive criticism about this idea. (I'll add more onto if it's favored)

    Community Information
    This is a more personal preference, there should be a way to display more information regarding the community. When you type /com <community>, there should be an item that directs a player to a book with more information. In the book community leaders can have the option to write the purpose of the community, some notes, or even paste the community's Discord Server link.

    Community Competition
    One of my biggest ideas that will create more purpose for communities is competition. There should be some kind of competition between communities, whether that be at least gems, or battle competition, events, ect. Suggest ideas of competition below. I will also add onto this later.

    Anyways, thank you for taking time out of your day to read over my thread. I hope this can spark conversations in the replies and possibly take notice by the Mineplex developers. If anybody would like to join Equality (my community), I accept all, type "/com request Equality" on the Mineplex Java server. Have a fantastic day/night :potato:
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  2. I disagree that communities are practically useless. I know the StaffRequest community is quite useful for many players. In terms of socializing though I do agree that they are lacking a bit. As for the rest of the thread, I'm going to go idea by idea.

    I agree there should be a command to be able to deposit gems. 100% +1. For withdrawing though I think that could be easily abused. Someone could deposit hundreds of thousands of gems into a community's gem bank in hopes of the leader unlocking cool things for the community server just to have the leader take all of their gems for themself. The gem economy isn't the best and I think adding this will make matters worse.

    I like the gem leaderboard. +1 If it's something like custom titles I think that could be difficult to implement and just not worth it. If it was something already preset for how many gems you deposited into gem banks +1.

    -1 to the survival aspect. Mineplex at it's core is a mini game server. I think adding the option for survival is out of place. If you want a sort of survival experience you can play Clans. It also seems like something that would have to be up 24/7 and I don't think it's worth the server resources keeping hundreds of small survival servers up all the time.

    Descriptions already exist and I don't think we want to allow people to advertise discord servers that aren't directly affiliated with Mineplex as we can't moderate them and ensure they are safe especially for younger players. -1

    I think competitions could be very imbalanced as some communities have thousands of players while others only have a few dozen. If they were categorized by size maybe. But I also think it could be difficult to keep track of. If it was something like our bridges or cake wars competitions where you have to sign up maybe. 0

    Thanks for writing this thread. I found it really interesting and some of the ideas really good. Keep up the great work.
    Posted May 21, 2019
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  3. I agree with vanessa.

    Survival isn't worth the resources, and the withdraw could be easily abused. However I really like competition for deposited gems. Maybe the top community for every month or something would have all players in it split a prize of a certain amount of shards.

    Good ideas though, so +1 from me!
    Posted May 21, 2019
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  4. Heya!

    I agree that there should be a leader board for the most donated Gems. Therefore if someone deposits thousands of Gems into a community, they are recognized and not just pushed away. I agree with @xVanessa that a withdrawing command could be easily abused and taken advantage of by greedy community owners. Although, to contradict my previous point, it is technically the players choice to donate their Gems, and they shouldn't automatically assume that the owner is going to spend them on community upgrades.
    Posted May 21, 2019
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  5. I agree that it's unlikely to be abused considering most players have so many gems as it is. Thanks for the feedback!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 22, 2019
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  6. I agree with Vanessa. So anything I type now is practically useless.
    Posted May 22, 2019

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