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Processed Communities need an update! Here's what I think...

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by SirSheeples, Jan 1, 2021.

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  1. Communities are not really promoted in Mineplex unless you are invited to one. For example, DaTeamz, Equality, CSForever all the big names but to me, there aren't a whole lot of ways to get people interested in the communities and it seems like there is a really big lack of features. These features that I'm going to talk about could fit well and would actually promote being in a community and talking with other people! So THIS is what I propose, these are some features that Mineplex Communities "desperately" needs in no specific order.

    P.S this is all gonna be long so brace yourselves...

    1. Community Bonuses...
    Now, you may be wondering what I mean by having community bonuses, this would work with the purchase of Gems by the leaders, co-leaders or via the banking system. This feature would allow for the purchase of both PERMANENT and also TEMPORARY bonuses to ALL members within the community with the boosts relying on the tiers that are bought. These would actually work like amplifiers but a bit different in regards. The main three would boost, Gems, Shards and EXP.

    Now how would these tiers work? Well, tiers would go up in the price of Gems and also would have a bigger boost in general as the tiers progress. Tier 1 Gem Boosts could have a 5% Gem Boost for all members where Tier 5 could have a 125% boost in Gems but cost 50,000 gems., remember this is all not exact as I'm sure if this was made as an idea, these percentages would be much different as I am not the dev here.

    These three areas of Gems, Shards, and EXP would have their own kind of like skill trees of different tiers and boosts. Perhaps for different games, from competitive to casual to how party amplifiers, aka the more people in the party the more boost in EXP, Gems and Shards you get. Now these main tiers and skill trees would be permanent for the community but would be restricted to only the public games and NOT the MPS servers BUT...

    Temporary boosts. How would these work? Well, as it says on the tin, temporary would only last a short while and could actually have a community cooldown, only using it once every few days or even a week, etc. If used right, these could be amazing for Mineplex Player Servers as they could be specifically for MPS Especially with communities that stream on Mineplex with MPS as it means that more members of the community are inclined to jump into a MPS as there are boosts! Now what would these boosts be? They'd probably be the same as the permanent ones but without the tiers and more so, one temporary purchase of each which a certain time range, either for an hour, two hours, three and so on up to 5 hours. And of course, they would be priced with Gems but could give amazing boosts in gems, shards and exp much more than the permanent ones.

    2. Community Leaderboards in Lobbys and the Website!
    - This feature would help promote all the different top communities so much by introducing Communities as a big feature of Mineplex as it's all about that social spirit! After all, communities should be about making friends and helping each other. However, this could bring a competitive side which is really fun to see on Mineplex. Or, a more casual side because it just depends. These leaderboards would be focused on (a new type of currency that I am going to talk about), the amount of GEMS they have (they can toggle privacy on how much they have if they want) and how well they do in events if Mineplex ever does community based events which they REALLY should because it helps with the community spirit and would overall make the place more friendlier and sociable but ANYWAY.

    - Honor can be gained only by people in communities and would serve to promote the community in the long run, each community would have an honor amount next to their communities. How would this be earned? As previously mentioned, by taking part in weekly Community Events HOSTED by Mineplex and only events hosted by Mineplex towards communities. Honor would also be shown on Leaderboards too! Now, what else would Honor do? Well, the more honor you get, the more you can put it towards a PERSONAL COMMUNITY HOUSING. THATS RIGHT!

    Community housing! Where members of your community can socialize and talk to each other without need to just LOITER in the lobby spaces. These areas could be built by the leaders / co-leaders of the community or could be preset areas, OR, could be their very own lobby,,, choosing different Mineplex lobbies, maybe the old one from way back in the day of 2015 or one of the halloween lobbies, this community area could work in so many different ways. You'd be able to host little mini-games here like Football/Soccer, kitpvp arenas or even parkour! There's so many options. You'd be able to access the base blocks but the honour currency would allow you to change the overall themes of the housing, give special items such as banners or possibly even custom paintings and maybe even increasing the capacity of communities!

    - Honestly, I could go on and ON about different features that could be added for communities
    Aka, new ranks to communities based on how active they are in the community / the honor they earn etc, (helpers in chat, knights for honour etc)
    - Remaking the chat system as it can be quite annoying at times
    - Remaking how to access communities and how they show up, so you can see all the different communities etc
    - Promoting much-needed friendliness and better relations between different communities across Mineplex
    - Allowing for smaller communities to grow and giving them a platform.
    - Allowing for Communities to show more about themselves on a sort of info page, for example, allowing them to advertise certain things (IF approved by Mineplex) such as YouTube channels and Discord servers...

    I could go on and on because I love this aspect of Mineplex. In some ways you have an advantage of a bigger server because it means that more people will know each other from just seeing each other in the lobbies or games. Perhaps it should be about catering to the audience that you still have and providing for them and maybe, just maybe you'll gain a whole lot of the old fans on the server back. I think Mineplex should be more casual and about community.

    Anyway, I'm Sheeples and thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
    Posted Jan 1, 2021
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  2. Heyo!

    I'd love to see a community update, and I'm a pretty big fan of lots of the ideas you brought up here, however, I'm going to go through some of the ideas you mentioned and critique them.

    To start with your first idea, the community bonuses, I'm a pretty big fan of this. I think it's a good creative way of getting members to join communities, and could be a a good addition to the store, and maybe could even be something bought with immortal points. However, I do not like the idea of permanent bonuses. This, in my opinion, would just encourage people to join communities just for bonuses and not use them for what they are purposed for, which is chatting. Aside from that, I find this cool, however, I also do not think bonuses should go much over 5-15%ish as I could see this becoming very overpowered. Overall, +1 for this idea.

    As for the second idea you brought up, I'm not a huge fan of this. I think some sort of discovery page in the /com GUI would be cool, however having something like this in the lobby in my opinion could be very cluttered and is something I'm not a fan of. Also, I don't think big communities should be promoted, I think up and coming communities that are growing at a fast rate should be promoted, and this should of course be a setting for the community if they want their community to be promoted on some sort of discovery page like the one I proposed above.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the third idea here. I like the already current, Gem Banking system where members of the community can donate gems to eventually promote the community to have better perks, and if you were going to implement the housing system like you also mentioned, I think that perks should be bought with gems, not honor points.

    Housing is a big thing to implement and something I generally want to stay away from. The main thing being, it would be extremely difficult to moderate. Currently, I think master builders is a game that is already fairly hard to moderate and it can get very out of hand sometimes. I think having this housing thing would be also very difficult to moderate, and is honestly something much bigger than I think is being described in this thread. Similar to clans, to be able to moderate this effectively, this could require some subteam to moderate it. I also just generally don't like ideas that veer away from mini-games, as those are what I think Mineplex is made of. Overall I'm not a huge fan of this idea.

    As for these main ideas you mentioned, I think that these are very creative, and some of them I'm definitely in favor of. I do think that we should currently prioritize game updates, especially because we just had a small communities update, but I think it should be considered down the line.

    Also, this thread will be moved to General Idea Discussion as it's better suited there.
    Posted Jan 1, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 1, 2021
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  3. Thank you I'm glad you like a lot of the ideas and I appreciate the criticism a lot, and just engaging with the post because I feel like it can lead to some pretty great discussion.

    Using immortal points is a really good idea as mainly the leader of the community would be using it for the community. Making this post and the ideas, I think that I agree with the permanent bonuses because I do see people just joining for bonuses however I feel like it could lead to people joining but hopefully staying for the real community as bonuses are basically the starter course leading to the main heart of the community. I do think that chatting and socializing with other members is very important and should be promoted even if it's events by the community or just vibing and chatting. Again, the numbers I put for bonuses are very off and would most likely be changed to be less overpowered if this idea came to fruition.

    The Leaderboards, alright so Lobby wise, it may be quite cluttered I'll agree but I think on the Website, it'd be really cool to see all the different communities and all their statistics etc. Big communities being promoted would most likely be subtler because yes, big communities don't need the promotion as much as smaller communities but they should at-least be known by lots of the playerbase. However, smaller communities would be allowed to grow more with events and their own MPS server etc as I feel like there should be more of a focus on helping smaller communities grow. It's kind of like finding a balance cause at the end of the day, it is for the player base and to help them find communities that they click with. I very much like the idea of a Discovery GUI for all the different communities and is one of the ideas I think that should be implemented.

    The Honor system is an interesting idea that I kind of like but the Gem Banking system really feels lackluster as of now so I hope that they revamp it and work on it with the mentioned perks. Even if it's without the permanent ones, it would just add a more interesting layer and dimension to Communities, something that is needed.

    Fair enough, housing would be pretty hard to moderate, especially since it lies within the leaders/co-leaders/builders of the community area to be appropriate. There are possible alternatives to this but they'd be a lot of effort and would probably take too much power for like one or two devs to work on which is the reality. Although the basis, the real ideal of this idea is for people to just have a place to talk and chill for a bit because I do think compared to other servers, Mineplex best fits more casual games rather than competitive, although both can be good for their own respective reasons. An alternative to this just could be Community Limited Lobbies but I feel like this would be better with a bigger player count, I don't know. It's quite hard because you never really know how many people are going to flock to specific games, modes and may not even be used at all, anyway.

    I'm glad you liked a lot of the ideas here as they are definitely far from perfect and all have their own flaws, but again, a good starter point.

    Pacing of updates would be good yeah, I don't expect to see a big community update for a while as there are more things that are needed for updating, fixing and re-done. *cough cough* cheaters but anyway, I would love to see more casual games, possibly even PvE like Mob Arenas. :D
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 1, 2021
  4. I am lazy and don't have the patience to read all that . But , I read the headlines , skimmed over the text a bit and i read the whole conclusion .
    And I like all of the ideas .
    The only flaw i can see is the housing. Not because it is a bad idea but because it requires a lot of resources. Currently there are a lot of Eternals on the server which means that all of them could make a housing server , which of course needs to be saved and available at all times which requires memory space and it is creating an another lobby on the server which maybe has some effect on the lag on the server (i'm not sure , maybe none of that is true). Maybe if housing was a feature only for the big communities that have 5k+ members , or if it was a thing for communities whose owner is an immortal.
    All in all , I like the ideas.
    Posted Jan 1, 2021
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  5. Hey, it's been a while but I wanted to comment since a Java Social Update Proposal was brought out which brings a bunch of new changes to communities also. You may leave your ideas under that thread. One thing that is planned to come out though that you suggested in your thread are community leaderboards.

    As for your other ideas, here is my personal opinion:
    This sounds like a really interesting addition to the community banks, but the bonuses should not be given to everyone in the community unless they contributed a set amount/precentage. There are many communities with hundreds or thousands of members, some of these members not caring about the community at all. if they could just live off other people's contributions, it would be really unfair for the people that have spent their gems.

    Another reason this might not work is because there are communities out there with millions of gems already. Especially the level 100 com. Overall, it's just not the best idea as you've explained it so far. Maybe with some bigger tweaks.

    Just to remind you, gems are already present in communities through their community banks.

    Anyways, leaderboards are planned as per the proposal, and noted down like this:
    • Community Leaderboards
      • Add some sort of implementation of a leaderboard for top communities (possibly on the website, but most effectively putting it near the “browse communities” area of the GUI) for things such as the most members, most gems in the bank, etc.

    Not really a fan of this as I don't like the community housing and don't see a use for it otherwise. Many communities are made between friends or for for little tournaments. Both of these are getting a bit buffed with the following proposals:

    • Community Levels and Tournaments
      • Adding a leveling system to communities.
    • Community Teleporting
      • Implement a feature where if you click on a player's head in a community it teleports you to their lobby, like how it is on friend lists.
    • Custom Community Commands
      • Give permission for community leaders to create and give out custom ranks to players within their community (/com)
    All in all, I just don't see a need for the honour. While it seems like a nice idea to advertise Mineplex Events more, it's just not necessary.

    Big no on this one, communities already have MCS and can hang out there before they start games. Through the community bank they can also purchase upgrades for their servers like different hub designs and increased playercount. They can also play many games there that they can't play on the main server.

    It would also be ridiculously hard to moderate, there are so many communities and making sure they're not building anything inappropriate is very hard to monitor.

    I do support the idea of adding small additional upgrades to their hub like an island with a 1v1 arena or training ground. Additional parkours would be sick too.
    Posted Feb 27, 2021
  6. To update, I will be marking this thread as Processed and locking it, for the reasons above. To recap, the following ideas have been approved and proposed to be brought forward in the Java Social Update Proposal thread:
    • Community Leaderboards
      • Add some sort of implementation of a leaderboard for top communities (possibly on the website, but most effectively putting it near the “browse communities” area of the GUI) for things such as the most members, most gems in the bank, etc.
    • Community Levels and Tournaments
      • Adding a leveling system to communities.
    • Community Teleporting
      • Implement a feature where if you click on a player's head in a community it teleports you to their lobby, like how it is on friend lists.
    • Custom Community Commands
      • Give permission for community leaders to create and give out custom ranks to players within their community (/com)
    As for the other ideas of yours, similar suggestions have been denied in the past, meaning that they will most likely not happen.

    Thread Locked ➵ Processed
    Posted Mar 5, 2021
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