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CObweb bow in cakewars

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by YoungGod0283, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. I think ya'll shoudl add to cake wars is a cobweb bow.

    the bow would trap players in a 4x4 cobweb and it could do two things one if your trying to run away from a player and two you can trap someone and there stuck there while you attack them from behind.
    and to prevent players from over using it here are some ideas.
    1) make it like 30-40 emarlds
    2)Only like 10 uses and it breaks after that.
    3) it has a 5-10 second cooldown after each shot.
    4) also like every shot you miss u loose and arrow besides the one u missed
    also if like you don't use it for like 2 minutes it breaks.
    so like this will prevent campers because if they camp they have to wait for someone to get close to where they risk lossing it bc the other player could be wasting time on purpose so they dont have the advantage
    Posted Nov 30, 2020
  2. I think this is too overpowered. Maybe only two shots and a 15 second cool down, and you can’t shoot the bow from a certain distance.
    Posted Dec 1, 2020
  3. A cobweb bow seems extremely overpowered as there is absolutely no way to leave it once you're in. I would replace it with an ice trap instead, in the form of arrows for a bow, or, as I will mention below, cobweb arrows but heavily altered for balance.

    My Response to your Initial Idea
    Should be arrows instead of a bow, as "missing shots" would be a much clearer thing. if you miss a shot, you lose an arrow, obviously. No need for some fancy bow mechanics that would be difficult to explain in a paragraph in-game.

    There's no need for "use within 2 minutes or it breaks" if you're going to make the bow insanely expensive. If you add in that sort of property then the bow has to be cheaper.

    Cooldown is pointless since you'd probably be using the bow to assassinate one person anyways, not harass an entire team. Although, I suppose for evasion - but once again, if you shoot the frontliner of an enemy team on their bridge and they're stuck in cobwebs, chances are the following teammate won't run to you because, well, there's a 4x4 cobweb in their way, and their teammate is trapped.

    Ice Prison Arrows (alternate idea)
    Taking what I have written in the Freezer Kit idea for Bridges (https://www.mineplex.com/threads/the-freezer-kit-the-bridges.171589/#post-598826), mixed with the OPs original idea in that thread and this one:

    My suggestion: Ice Prison Arrows

    • Arrows that traps a player in a 3x3x4 ice prison if a shot hits them.
    • One freeze arrow costs 3-5 emeralds (idk).
    • After, say, 2 seconds of being in the ice prison, rather than it disappearing completely, it melts.
    • It melts from top to bottom, a full row per 1.5 seconds. Perhaps it could melt block by block but just make sure a full row takes this amount of time.
    • Doing some math, this means that a disintegrating 3x3 platform, for 1.5 seconds (the block directly under the player would melt away last if some sort of block-to-block system was developed rather than a full row-to-row), would be left for the player after 4.5 seconds. This means the player could jump. Jump to a nearby bridge, a player, or make their own platform, ender-pearl etc.
    • Technically the player has doubled time as, of course, you can jump one block up and therefore don't have to wait until it's just a 3x3x1 platform. Someone can escape when it's 3x3x2.
    And a different suggestion compared to my ideas on the other thread:
    • Players that would be pushed out of the ice prison because they were in the way don't land on the closest safe block. They just get pushed away.
    I believe the above is fair because players can respawn until their cake is lost, so there's no need for safety precautions. Also, the arrows can be expensive. I know it can seem a bit overpowered but I believe it would install a meta for playing extra defensive, especially late game.

    Cobweb Arrows (I don't believe it should be a separate bow, just arrows for simplicity)
    I believe there is still a work around for cobweb arrows although your ideas would have to be insanely altered.

    Make it cost 3-5 emeralds per arrow.

    Here are some potential suggestions (doesn't have to be all at once) to make it more balanced:
    • Cobweb trap lasts for 1 second.
    • Cobweb trap lasts for 4 seconds, however any melee hit will knock them back out of the cobweb if hit before that time (good idea if you would use these arrows to run away).
    Posted Dec 1, 2020

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