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Clans needs the attention is deserves!

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Wazzoo, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. I haven't played mc in what feels like forever but after finally hopping on my pc and going through old Phut chats on discord I ran into a mineplex forums link and then I decided to get caught up reading through forums I ran into a specific one "is Alex the coder working on clans?" so I click on it while sipping my apple juice box and next thing you know I'm spitting my apple juice out because of something a staff member had the audacity to say "We are likely never going to have a clans dev because the game mode is very low players in comparison to other games and it doesn't make sense to hire one developer for one game mode."-Dulcquqiuiuiui, now I understand Alex said he wouldn't work on just one part of the network, but the "never having a developer for clans because its very low players" that one really shivered me timbers man I covered this on a reply on that forums post but ima do it here as well the fact that the only reason that monthly rank even sold was because of clans players, they can try to deny it and to that I have to say, the server obviously knew it would sell because of that because they released it on the same day as sotw. The fact that the funding made from us clans players isn't being used to better clans is absolutely mad.
    Finova you know I was coming for you boy"The reset has been disrupted by many changes in the clans and admin+ team, so it would make sense that it wouldn't be what it could've been without these changes." i understand this delays things but its not players faults that clans had a crappy admin team to begin with players knew about it everyone did we tried speaking up about the last admin team and everyone got shut off because hes an "admin" ill end it off with a server is just as good as its staff team. Now to be clear don't lock this thread or remove it for negativity i understand things happen just throwing this out to see what people think! Edit: i know i put "is deserves" instead of "it deserves" cant change that whoops
    Posted Oct 10, 2020
  2. I'm a little confused what the goal of this post is. If you have been tracking recent Dev changes over the last year or so, you would see it's been quite difficult to hire outside developers, and there have been many changes in the dev team overall. Bedrock was pretty much without a dev for awhile a few months ago. We currently have 2 developers for the entirety of Java, 2 developers for the entirety of Bedrock, and a fifth developer to make sure both networks are remaining functional. If we only have two developers on the Java network who are working on every single game, anticheat, update, and fix for the Java network, I'm not sure how it makes sense to move one of them or hire another to only focus on one out of the many games we have on Java.

    I'm also not quite sure why you feel the profits from Immortal should only be used to further the Clans agenda. It was not advertised as a clans rank, it has other perks, and I would argue that a huge majority of players that still have a monthly subscription to Immortal do not play clans presently. Sure a percentage of the first months proceeds were likely due to the clans community, but that doesn't oblige the server to put that money back into Clans, and that isn't a reason that people have recurring subscriptions to this day. I understand that you feel passionately about this game, but none of our other singular gamemodes on either platform have their own developer, and I think it should remain that way. Individual games on each network get more attention some months over others, like you can see from our recent Skywars and NANO updates from Moppletop. Clans isn't going to just be ignored forever, but I don't see a valid reason for why we should have one person maintaining one game on the server, that doesn't even seem to be in the top 5 most popular Java games.

    Could you be a little more clear about what the intent of this post is, please?
    Posted Oct 11, 2020
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  3. I do see where you’re coming from with this post, and I understand what you’re trying to say. The clans reset is overdue but there is a light at the end of this very long tunnel. Alex has publicly confirmed that he is working on a new season for clans with Flaym. The post you mentioned here was made a while ago, and the information there is outdated. Things have changed, and the CM and Admin+ teams have adapted to the changes within the team that occurred. The update is not going to be just a map reset, it will be a season. Clans seasons usually mean content so bare that in mind.

    Source of Alex confirming the new season
    Posted Oct 12, 2020
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  4. Well, it seems like Finova and Dulciloquy have both expressed their opinions on the matter but I would like to express mine as well.

    Why is it taking so long?
    Why didn't we get an update ages ago? Well without diving too much into the subject and talking about more than I should I will say that there were indeed plans for a Map Reset while OneThousand was still managing the developer team. After he left, the developers were free to choose what they wanted to work on, with guidance from Strutt and Dean most likely. With changes to the clans admin team, aka Flaym's promotion, AlexTheCoder & OneThousand leaving the team there were a lot of issues when it came to planning the update. So we never got the scheduled developer time to get a map reset. With Alex now back, he's currently developing Season 7 for us, which will include the changes we had planned for the map reset + some extra content we've been working on.

    Season 7
    What does a season mean rather than a map update? As stated before, seasons include new content, what that might be you'll just have to wait for the announcement to find out but rest assured we will have new stuff being pushed out! Personally, I am EXTREMELY excited about what we have planned and hopefully, everyone else will be as well. When does it come out you might ask? Well considering we are still in the planning phase for the new content it might be a bit before Alex is able to implement it and we as CI, QAT, and the CM(A) team can test it out and suggest changes. There is a lot planned for this update and we have addressed quite a few concerns with different areas of the game. Leak from CI: "Biomes" take it as you will.

    Map Resets
    Now my opinion on the matter might be a bit different from CI and CM(A) but I really think HCF has a great system for keeping players interested when it comes time to reset the map. Map resets not only come with a new seed (In the case of HCF they generally have custom-built maps and structures) but they also provide small changes to open the door for different play-styles. One map might have "5-man factions" while another has "10-man". Some maps may introduce new "partner items" (essentially rares/legends) or add some old ones back. Each map reset keeps things fresh and allows people to not consistently run around with 20-man clans, giving solo players a chance to succeed. "Seasons" for HCF involve new kits, brand new partner items (instead of swapping them in and out), possible new events, etc.

    Personally, I would LOVE to see Clans adopt the same type of "map reset" mentality that HCF has. Where each map reset can experiment with the number of members per clan, provide balance changes to shop prices or certain kits/abilities, or even disable a single legend for the entirety of the map. Imagine a map where the Meridian Scepter is disabled so people are more inclined to melee instead of scepter spamming during a legend fight. Or a map where the Hyper Axe is disabled so people learn to play more passive and opt for legendaries that don't get used as often, such as the Giants Broadsword for meleeing. There is so much you can do to keep the game fresh between maps that doesn't require a lot of developer time.

    Without going into too much detail, Flaym has something else in mind for map resets that people will be keen to see!

    Clans Developer
    Why don't we have a developer SPECIFICALLY for Clans? Well, this decision basically lies in the hands of the owners and those who manage the developer team. If they deem clans as profitable enough to support its own developer AND someone is available/willing to only work on clans then it might become a reality.

    Now I think this a great idea, but I am a bit bias as I play clans quite frequently. However, I would like to debunk a couple of counter-arguments such as the small player base mainly. Clans is a gamemode that relies on content, if you don't put content into the game people become bored and will opt to either leave the community entirely or wait until there is an update/map reset to reel them back in. After a given update, it's quite hard to argue that Clans is not one of Mineplex's top games. As on reset, it tends to pull 100-300 players, and on a SEASON it tends to pull way more.

    Why does it need content/updates? Clans is a competitive gamemode, meaning that destruction of terrain, bases, and even the entire map can occur over a given period of time. Logging onto a clans server today it basically looks like WWIII took place based on the amount of broken bases, randomly dug holes, destroyed terrain, etc. People need map resets to make the game feel fresh again, with new terrain comes new possibilities. People don't have to be scared of getting jumped by legend users who basically own the server, 20 man clans who already have dubs of gear. Map resets put everyone back on a level playing field and help those who might not have done so well get back into the game as they don't feel like they are ages behind everyone.

    Why is it different than any other gamemode on the network? Mainly because it's an open-world game, if you die in clans you don't respawn with another set of leather armor and wool to bridge to middle, you have to go and earn it through gathering resources, fighting other players, or participating in world events. Other gamemodes don't need constant attention because they get "resets" every 10-20 minutes. If I play a game of cakewars and I lose I can just join another lobby and try again. That isn't the same in clans, if I die with a set of legends I have to spend the time going to events, doing raids, and fighting other players to earn it back. I can't just respawn and get another set.

    If map resets don't occur every 2-3 months people start to lose interest, they figure that everyone else has already had so much time to finish their base, grind for legends, gain warpoints that they might as well just wait for a reset. Other games don't run into this issue because every lobby is a fresh start, another chance to win.

    A clans developer would help the gamemode feel fresh and maintain a constant player base, helping it rival other games on the network. Given the fact clans has its own shop and ways of monetizing it there is an argument that could be made that the game "pays for itself". During SOTW (when an update is released) there is no doubt that Immortal sales rise due to the fact that people want to get a guaranteed spot in the queue. Maintaining a constant player base and pushing updates out during the map itself would keep people interested in staying active in the game (no reduction of players 1-2 weeks in) so Immortal subscriptions would stick around longer, generating more income to be invested back into the gamemode.

    Posted Oct 26, 2020
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