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Clans in Bedrock?

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Adamwh1, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. I just recently heard of the Java game Clans. From what I have gathered, Clans sounds a bit like factions, which I have always wanted to do. The only problem? I am on bedrock edition. Please add Clans to Bedrock!!
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  2. ... We had a faction like game mode on mpb (Mineplex Bedrock) but was removed for some reason (idk why lol).

    Edit: I read something like this on the forums and it isn’t planned anytime soon... something like that.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  3. I believe there was a game sort of like that called factions. I think I remover just seeing the icon but never actually playing it. I could be wrong because it was a while ago but I think there was
    Edit: I typed this a while ago so I sorta repeated a lot of information
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  4. The abilities would be difficult and impossible with mobile users because a lot of clans abilities are “right clicked”, and it would really mess with Gwen, gwen on bedrock is not like on java. Also as stated above there was Factions on bedrock and it had some issues and was removed.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  5. This wont happen cuz in bedrocks state rn, they got to fix the lag and bugs first
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
  6. This has been suggested before and has ultimately been denied. Clans on Bedrock would just be too messy to deal with - mobile users would have a really hard time using certain abilities, which would give PC users a major advantage. I'm not really "in the know" about Clans but from what I've heard the way it's coded could also pose some issues (don't quote me on that, though). As stated above Bedrock used to have a factions server, however it was removed a while ago. I also think that they should prioritize fixing current bugs on Bedrock before adding a new game.

    If you're looking for a factions-type game on Bedrock, I would suggest looking at another server.
    Posted Apr 16, 2021
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  7. Factions on bedrock was removed because it was unpopular. I didn't have much friends upon its release, which is unfortunate because if I met some of my current friends then, I could've joined their faction and actually play the game. I do remember the starting area though on the game and you had 16 steak as a starter? I think that was just it.
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
  8. It was amazing a lot of bugs but it was good
    Posted Apr 17, 2021
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  9. Hellooo as people have stated above me, Factions used to be a part of Bedrock but was unpopular. As of right now, Survival will stay the way it is but will get improvements which will allow you and your friends to play together, kind of like factions - shared claims is the main thing, which is currently not possible. Clans is probably not going to find its way to Bedrock anytime soon, as it's a really complicated game beyond the actual factions/clans as there are kits with a range of abilities, different bosses and events etc...

    Furthermore, Skyblock is in development, so perhaps when it will be released it will allow multiple people on one island which would bring a faction-type game to the network. A lot is planned for the game, as well as Survival, so hopefully a faction environment will come to light in one of them!
    Posted Apr 17, 2021

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