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Chickenboi's introduction :D

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by chickenboi, Feb 21, 2021 at 4:58 PM.

  1. Hey there! This is my first ever introduction and I hope you guys like it. I have been apart of the mineplex community for only 1 year, you could say I am “new” or a “rookie” however I have been playing Minecraft for 6-8 years. I do not play online, and I don’t use social media that much. I'm very terrible at pvp and I rather not play a lot because of life and school. I am here to finally do an introduction for the community to get to know me better.


    I have never really played video games and I more like spending my time alone, until 2013…

    There was this hype about a video game named “Minecraft” I had no idea what the heck this was and it sounded like a Microsoft studio game or a weird sim game. I was kind of correct. I played it with my friends, and they love it for some reason, it was not that fun. We also were playing on an Xbox 360, it was quite old and the game was quite laggy and bad. Don’t get me started on the game graphics they were absolute trash. I never played it again since 2015 – 2014 I started playing again. Once I have then played it I got involved with the updates and community. I even made my worlds full of cool builds with new blocks. I started to play a lot with friends and had no idea what more communities there could be beyond this point. I got involved around 2018, 2019, and finally there year we hate 2020. I played servers around 2018 – 2019, especially mineplex, cube craft, hive, and my friend's realm. Only till 2019, I created my forums account on mineplex so I could be more involved. My forums account though was very undetected no one even visited my member page, and I was the driest member on the forum. Until 2020 I invested way more time and I slowly grew.


    Why am I named chicken? Well first, I have a great experience with animals and love to nourish and take care of them. Especially chickens were cheap and easy to keep, I had a farm that I would visit and clean, collect eggs and sell. It was the best thing ever and I loved taking care of chickens. Also, my friends use to call me the chicken of all chickens, it was quite funny, and I eventually used it as my nickname.


    Many people call my spelling bad, and many people ask are you foreign? Yes, I am I came to the USA for better school and work I learned two-three langs. English, Latin/Spanish, and many Asian languages.

    My Intro you could say is “cheap/short” because I’m not bothering to go into many personal details. I am uncomfortable sharing my info, voice, location with others. However, I have made my way to make this intro possible, I hope you get to know me better :D

    Best regards, Chicken :)
    Posted Feb 21, 2021 at 4:58 PM
  2. Hello Chickens! It was nice to know you more! I enjoyed reading your introduction, as I learned many cool facts about you that I didn't know before. Similar to you, I didn't really like Minecraft at first as I thought it was a cringy game all of my classmates played. A few years later, my friend introduced me to it so I gave it a try. I played on and off until this summer. This summer, I played mostly in worlds with my friends, then I tried featured servers. After, I decided Mineplex was my favourite. After joining the forums, I didn't really use it much and I was unknown, until I decided that I should be more active on it. After, I was motivated to be a trainee! I think that it is really interesting that you owned many chickens. I've never really cared for animals too much, although I've once considered owning a chicken (that was old me and I have no interest anymore and I definitely don't have a location for it). Thanks for sharing your introduction with us, it was nice to read more about you!
    Posted Feb 21, 2021 at 7:09 PM
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  3. Hello there,

    Its awesome seeing a lot of introductions everyday, I have to say we almost have the same experience In minecraft. I played with my friend on his xbox 360 since 2013, We have played a lot until I moved away from the USA I have been playing Mineplex since 2019. I played as lot of bedrock until last year in 2020 I got java and I think a month later I started playing Mineplex. I love your name chickens, Me and my friends love them too. One of my friends owned a lot of chickens that grew. Some of them were mean but, a lot were nice and we loved them.

    Anyways my name is Julian and I'm 13. I really enjoyed your introduction, as I have mentioned earlier I can relate with a lot of stuff. Hopefully we can play Minecraft with each other Bedrock or Java. :)
    Posted Feb 23, 2021 at 10:35 AM
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