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Official /chatsnap Introduction [Legend+]

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Wanderer, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. Chatsnap Introduction

    With our most recent update comes the introduction of a new in-game command, much akin to /report but for the use of reporting players on the Forums instead!


    This command does what its name indicates; it snapshots a chat log. This is extremely useful and easy when trying to report a player breaking the rules, as all you have to do in order to report said player is type in the command /chatsnap into chat, and the command will save all of your previously sent chat messages directly from your chat logs into a Chat Snapshot.

    No more need to upload anything, no need to take screenshots and no need to use any other sites when reporting chat offences!

    • Legend+ ranked players are able to use /chatsnap as a replacement for screenshots to allow for faster report processing times on their chat reports.

    You can manually delete your chatsnaps using the chatsnap menu to create new ones.

    The command is currently in a testing phase for Legend, Titan and Eternal ranked players only.
    It will be made an all-player command in the future.


    How to use?

    The command is extremely simple to use, actually! As with /report currently, you must be ranked Legend or up to use it, and its use is along the lines of the /report command.

    Detailed Text Explanation:
    Whenever a player breaks a chat rule (listed under Chat Offences at mineplex.com/rules), instead of taking a screenshot, you just have to type the /chatsnap command into the chat, like this:


    And press enter. If the Snapshot was successfully created, the following message will appear in chat, with a randomly generated Snapshot token:


    Everything above this notification will be included in your Snapshot. You can also open the saved snapshot to view it yourself by clicking on the yellow token text, and opening the link in your browser to see if the needed messages were included in your snapshot.

    The url to the snapshot should look along the lines of this:
    -unapproved link-rt.mineplex.com/chatsnap/view.php?token=YOURTOKEN

    Video Explanation:

    And finally, to report a player for breaking a chat rule you will need to provide either your token (which is the yellow text in your message) or the Chatsnap link (which you get by clicking on the token) under "Evidence" instead of the usual screenshot/video.

    So, your report must end up looking along the lines of this:
    Or this:
    Other than that, all the usual reporting rules still apply as seen in The Official Reporting Guide.


    If you have any further questions regarding this command, feel free to message any of the Reports Patrol or Reports Patrol Assistance members.

    -The RP Team
    Posted Mar 27, 2017,
    Last edited May 24, 2019
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