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chat filter

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by GremlinEaters, Feb 18, 2020.

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  1. Have the mods of this server considered that censoring my identity is homophobic and transphobic? I can't even make a small joke about me being gay or trans lol. Like I really don't know how to explain to you that censoring a whole minority is bad. (Case in point: LGBT is censored lol???? like that's a whole community, a whole group of many minorities under one name)

    idk maybe my gay trans man self is tired of being silenced by cishets because my identity is "inappropriate" and will "corrupt" their children's minds.
    Even if mods don't do this with those intentions, you cannot deny that in the end it is and forever will be homophobic and transphobic.

    thanks for coming to my TED talk
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  2. It’s stated directly in the rules actually. It says that they have censored any LGBT+ words to prevent harassment and talking of inappropriate content. They’ve done this for a good reason as well and it’s stated very clearly. They also mention that however they are not against it, they want to prevent harassment and inappropriate discussion. I’m sorry if you find this inconvenient, but Mineplex has chosen to do this to prevent things that could lead to mistreatment and such. I don’t think you should be discussing that anyway, as the matter isn’t really appropriate for the server. Well, anyway, it’s still in direct violation of the Mineplex rules.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
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  3. Have you considered that topics such as ***uality and gender identity are mature and as they're contemporarily controversial they're not suitable for a family environment? I hope you're trolling, if not shoot me a dm.
    Posted Feb 18, 2020
  4. Hey there!

    We've had this discussion multiple times in the past, so it's no question that it's a bit controversial (unfiltering "gay" and other LGBTQ pronouns). In terms of keeping things short, it's basically filtered to better avoid the occurrence of people using it in a derogatory manner (i.e insulting, or using the word in a negative context). If people would like to express their ***uality, then they're free to do so by bypassing in which a staff member will not punish them. If you're being punished for Filter Bypass after bypassing any of these words to express your ***uality, and you aren't using those words in another manner, then that punishment is most likely false and you can contact an RC member about it or appeal here.

    I acknowledge that toxicity is always subject to chat, but given that we aim for Mineplex to be a family-friendly server, we try to limit the usage of toxicity and hate/abuse. When I say insulting, I'm more talking about people being able to flat out express hate towards homo***uals by using the word. RC would much rather have the filter do its work to best prevent people from expressing hate (blocking out the word with ***) and have homo***uals bypass the filter to express themselves.

    Posted Feb 18, 2020
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