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Changes for Turf Wars

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by Jbones__, Nov 25, 2020.


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  1. Hey everyone. I play a lot of mixed arcade. It is great for xp and general fun. There is one game that I truly dislike and think changes should be made. This game is Turf Wars. The game lasts way too long, gets boring very quickly and the kits are awful. I always have disliked team games since it isn't always fun to rely on your team, but Turf Wars is worse than the rest. Here are some changes I think might work!
    Less Turf. In order to make the game shorter, I think that making it so teams start with only about 25 blocks of turf could shorten the game. This gives players enough turf, and makes the game shorter.
    New Kits/Kit Changes: First I will start with two kit changes. First, Infiltrator. Remove the slowness. What is the point in using the kit if you can barely move in enemy territory? Next we have Shredder. I have never seen anyone use this kit, and I would not recommend buying it. Does no damage and is only good for the achievement. Not going to help you win games. Therefore, the Shredder kit should do more damage. New Kits,
    Leaper: Leap around you territory, cooldown for leap is 5 seconds and you get one arrow every 8 seconds. This is simply marksman but you leap with the kit. This kit would cost 2000 gems.
    Builder: Start the game with one stack of wool instead of the normal amount. This simply gives a better start to the game for players who build a lot. One arrow every 6 seconds. Cost: 2750 gems
    This game deserves an achievement kit. It is one of the only mixed arcade games with achievements that doesn't have an achievement kit. Plus, this game has been in Mineplex for years now. Achievement Kit: Magician: Get one Invisibility Potion every 45 seconds. This potion lasts for 5 seconds. You get 1 arrow every 7 seconds.
    Obviously I am not expecting all my kits to be added, but these are some ideas I had.
    That is all. Please leave any feedback!
    Posted Nov 25, 2020
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  2. Hey! Turf Wars has been my main game since I first started playing the server. It's not really had that many major updates to it throughout the years which has been a common topic of conversation throughout the community. I don't normally come across games that last for a very long time unless the lobby is down to 8 players or so, most full lobbies tend to go at a rather decent pace. I don't think the game length is a big issue in Turf Wars (or not to my knowledge) so I don't foresee any changes to turf layout changing anytime soon. I don't think I've ever really seen that suggested before though, so I do want to see some more comments on that.

    There's been tons of suggestions for kit alterations, achievement kits, and overall new kits that all kind of seem to have the same basis to them. As much as I'd love to see an achievement kit in Turf Wars, I don't foresee that ever really happening. I only say this because of how simple the game is, which makes it incredibly hard to add or alter kits without changing the entire gameplay of Turf Wars. I found some threads that have similar ideas to the ones you have suggested if you want to take a look at the opinions of other people:

    Those are just a few examples, some of which have similar aspects to the ideas you have suggested. On the third thread link @Rilau posted a link the the Turf Wars update proposal document if you'd like to take a look at that as well here. The proposed changes to Infiltrator and Shredder might help with the problems you mentioned above.

    I could see the 'Leaper' kit being a fun achievement kit idea actually if the idea is a bit more elaborated on, which might help add a more fast pace gameplay to Turf Wars. Though, players already use the border to bounce back, which kind of has the same effect so I'm not really sure how beneficial this would be to the game itself. I only say this because of how predictable a player can be while on cooldown. Similar to the border bouncing I mentioned, most of the time when people border bounce it's fairly easy to predict where they're going to land and they wind up becoming an easy kill for the opposing team. Having a leap effect on a kit kind of has the same process. Plus you have to consider some of the maps having structures on each side, and how little mobility there is because of said structures. Though, having these comments in mind, it might actually make it fairly balanced in comparison to Marksman, so it wouldn't really change the gameplay, nor take away from the starter kit. I look forward to seeing some conversation come from this thread and you made some very good points in regard to these ideas.
    Posted Nov 25, 2020
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  3. People who main turf wars probably won't get your plight, as a lot of the fun comes with the competitive nature of the game (or steam rolling randoms *cough cough*). The turf wars on Mixed Arcade doesn't really have any turf pros (they're slightly better than randoms certainly... but still not good enough). Anyone who intentionally goes out of their way to play turf wars won't really mind and would just chill there once they're bored -- Mixed Arcade doesn't fit this style so I get your point.

    I will say though as a turf wars main that at a certain point, in a very back and forth game, you expect the game to draw... but it still goes on and on for a few more rounds. It just starts to feel endless and really fatigues you. As Aiir said, most games already end much quicker so I think a starter solution would be to remove a round or two from the overall length, given that it never gets to that point anyways (and when it does it gets tiring and feels endless and most people leave by then afaik).
    Posted Jan 9, 2021

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