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Cave Crawler (Obstacle based game)

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by DirectorLJ, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Intro:
    Cave Crawler is a co-op obstacle game where teams must work together to solve puzzles and fight monsters to win the game. This is a little like Christmas Chaos, except its a little more simple and competitive. There's less combat and more puzzles and parkour.

    Map and Mechanics:
    All 4 teams, each with at least 4 people in each team, is spawned in a separate cave. These caves are identical to each other, and they meet up at the center (the end). The goal of the game is to reach the end first. These caves have different challenges that the teams most solve/fight to advance. Pass all the challenges and you reach the end and win. If you don't make it 1st, don't worry. You can always play for 2nd and 3rd place, but the game will end after that.

    Keep in mind if you die at anytime, you'll have to wait 12 seconds before respawning, at the current challenge you're at.

    The Challenges:
    The challenges are randomly generated every game, but each team goes through the same challenges. These can range from mob battles, puzzles, and parkour. Here's a few I came up with:

    Pretty simple: there's a group of zombies, that you have to kill. Kill them all and a door will open, leading you to your next challenge

    There are 4 gems scattered across this room and a pedestal that can hold them. You must parkour to these gems and return them to the pedestal to advance.

    In the room there are 3 statues of mobs that can be moved in any cardinal direction by pressing a button. You need to look around the room for clues that tell you where these statues need to be faced. Put all the statues in the correct direction to advance.

    In this hallway there are multiple skeletons on balconies trying to snipe you down. You can either take them down with your bow or parkour up the balconies and take them down with your sword. Kill all the skeletons to advance.

    In this room, there are 2 guardian statues that you can talk to. The statues will each give you a riddle describing an item. You must guess the item by offering it to them. There is a chest filled with items in the middle. If you guess incorrectly, you must wait 20 seconds before trying again, costing your team time.

    This one's tough because it requires communication to get through. This room has a fairly small maze that has multiple "barriers" inside. These barriers can be controlled from outside the maze with levers. 1 teammate stays behind to control the barriers while the other 3 go in the maze. Once all 3 players make it out of the maze, the last teammate will be able to climb over the maze and advance.

    There are piles of gravel and clay that you must mine. Inside these piles are pieces of an emblem that you must reassemble on the door. Grab a pickaxe and shovel (both stone) from the chest and dig out all 5 pieces to advance.

    This room is fairly large with a parkour coming from a lake of lava. There are 3 checkpoints that summon a bridge so teammates can catch up. Each stretch is harder than the last. Reach the end of the parkour to advance.

    This can be the last challenge but it doesn't have to. You will be in a arena with a sorcerer warrior. He can summon a few undead creatures and hurdle mana bolts at you. He wields a strong sword and a bow if you come out of his range. He will be tough to kill. Kill him to advance.

    I could add more but these were the ones I had atop of my head.

    Note that all kits come with a mix of leather and chainmail armor, except for the Forger

    Dungeon Hunter (FREE)
    This kit comes with a stone sword and and a bow. You gain 4 hearts for every challenge you complete.

    Speedminer (1000 Gems)
    You get an iron pickaxe and 2 splash potions, one strength and one speed. You regain these potions every 20 seconds after splash.

    Orelogist (2000 Gems)
    The kit comes with a stone axe and a special compass that guides you to things of interest in case you can't find a certain item or something.

    Forger (Achievement Kit)
    This kit has full iron armor and an iron hammer (axe). Use the hammer to Ground Pound, similar to the SG Brawler ability.

    Let me know what you think of my game idea!
    Posted Aug 1, 2020
  2. Heyo! I appreciate your time in creating this new game <3
    This is awesome of how it's laid out and great thinking. It's just pretty much a little too seasonal based and a long game that would be implemented onto the server. We have seasonal games like you mentioned Christmas Chaos for a reason! It's for players to enjoy the game and look forward to it each year. Sadly, this idea will basically be a version of this and super long where players wouldn't play. It gets rid of the excitement to see Christmas Chaos or even Halloween Havoc when it's season comes. Also, our Event Squad has games like this in stock on special times when an event pops up. As well as, play the seasonal games that normal players can't have access too in MPS. Unless you have Immortal and when you save up your immortal points to purchase this (:! Anyways, I will get into the game and share my thoughts on it and what not.
    The Map and Mechanics:
    It's pretty smart, having teams to do challenges. As for the seasonal everyone is one team and trying to reach the same goal. It's a good competitive to see which team is fast and can win the game the fastest which is sometimes I would love to see!
    (I will do this before challenges)
    So the kits are not in my favor at all. Say a player goes Speedminer, or Orelogist, how can the player do some challenges that involve combat? Kits aren't in seasonal, and adding these kits are a good twist! Then again, the kits won't be fair in some challenges. Let's just keep everything the same to be fair ;o?
    The Challenges:
    They are pretty well written out, as well as I am saying the kits play a deal with them.
    They are just lengthy and there is no estimate time that could tell when it would end. If some of them perhaps were randomly put into a game and not all be played at the same time could definitely be better.
    Overall good luck, I don't see this being implemented as a main reason lengthy and just similar to the seasonal games! It could possibly happen though, don't lose hope <3
    My rating I would give is sadly -1 I like it though! Just don't see it happening on the server anytime soon (:​
    Posted Aug 2, 2020

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