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Catfan's poetry (yes, I'm doing that now too.)

Discussion in 'Arts & Banner Showcase' started by CatFan105, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Intro_______________________________________________________________________________________________
    Poetry helps reflect the person that writes it. It can be seen as an extension of the conscious mind, putting into words things that could have otherwise been kept hidden. Poetry can be a reflection of oneself, showing individuality, personality, and mindset. My poetry, while certainly unorganized and somewhat chaotic, has a certain rhythm and conformity, like me. Though dark and sometimes saddening, there is a bright side. Everything has a bright side. One only must choose to look for it. I have looked for mine; and I, through poetry among many other things, have found it. In the same way, everyone has poetry inside them somewhere; you only have to find it. It may not be actual poetry; it may be any number of things, ranging from dramatic aptitude to skill in writing. All you have to do is find it.

    Have you found yours?

    I used to not be all that interested in poetry, but that has changed (courtesy of mostly @Thenorn ). And so, recently, I've started writing my own poetry. Before, I didn't think I would really be good at it, but it's actually not all that different from writing a story, you just have to wait for an idea. Having said that, I've had multiple ideas lately, and so here is some poetry for you.


    In the dark
    Lying on my bed
    Alone with the thoughts
    Running through my head

    Thoughts like: what will happen
    When the things I depend on leave?
    No more sense of purpose,
    Left alone to grieve.

    Suddenly, a thought comes by
    That somehow feels just right.
    So I sit at my desk, with a paper and pen,
    And I begin to write.

    This is actuwlly how I've had several ideas, just lying in my bed at night and having my subconscious pop in early to help out. Figured I'd turn it into a poem.


    Soft, melodic notes
    Feelings, memories go by
    Everything is calm

    Peaceful melodies
    Upbeat, sad, and beautiful
    I am content now.

    One thing I love about haiku is that they're short and easy to write
    So yeah, I wrote this while listening to the song 'alpha' by c418, if you have like 10 extra minutes, or no free time but just want some background music, I'd definitely recommend alpha as it is one of the most beautiful songs by c418.


    Sadness and despair,
    All joy has now departed.
    Nothing feels worth doing,
    You've been left quite downhearted.

    Happiness, though good,
    Is a fair-weather friend.
    When you have too much to bear,
    Your joy will reach its end.

    Sadness overcomes
    All attempts made to fight it.
    It comes out in the way you act,
    And you know you cannot hide it.

    Melancholy whispers
    Flood your heart and mind.
    You'll be left in a pointless search
    Of joy you'll never find.

    The first of 3 in a series of poems I wrote all close in time to each other, based on emotions. Sadness, as trivial as it may seem, is a powerful force, capable of changing your life.

    Fear and Reassurance

    Not everything is quite as easy
    As it may appear.
    Misconceptions, large or small,
    May often lead to fear.

    Knowing not what time will bring,
    The future is uncertain.
    The ever-looming threat of death,
    The final dropping curtain.

    Even what you've done before
    Could still yet influence
    Some things not yet come to pass,
    In a series of events.

    Never knowing, nor understanding,
    What time may to us bring.
    Yet knowing that our heavenly Father
    Watches over everything.

    Really the most positive out of the three, hence the 'Reassurance'. It was originally Envy, then Fear, but I eventually decided on Fear and Reassurance. Wasn't really originally intended to be religious, but you can't really have reassurance without God... so yeah, after a series of changes, this becamse the only positive one in the trio.


    Deep-rooted anger,
    Carefully hidden.
    Hatred and rage,
    Flowing unbidden.

    Under the surface,
    Lie hatred and pain.
    Escaping, all efforts
    To hide it are in vain.

    The longer it's left,
    The stronger it grows.
    Until the frustration

    It now has control.
    Your anger is great.
    Clouded, your thoughts
    Are shrouded in hate.

    But no matter how strong,
    Your rage is in vain.
    It brings you nothing
    But torment and pain.

    Actually the first to be written of the trilogy, and also perhaps the most personal. Many times I have struggled with tolerance of people, myself, and the entire world in general. No matter how much negativity you give to a subject in your mind, it will never hurt anyone but you.

    Drifting Away

    And alone
    No place
    To call home

    I feel myself
    Drifting away
    Losing myself
    To mindless decay

    No matter how hard
    I try to resist
    I can do nothing
    My will is deceased

    Identity lost,
    I wander around
    I have no hope,
    There is none to be found.

    This one doesn't really have a clear explanation, even to me. I wrote it while feeling rather frustrated, and somewhat overwhelmed. Its sorta like our world: full of people that feel empty and broken, trying to act normal. Individuality is what makes us actually people and not just robots, but the whole world seems to be progressing to the mean. (Sorry if you dont know what that means, its kinda complicated)

    Bitter Rain

    Bitter, stinging rain
    Pouring down upon you
    A distraction from the pain
    That is still beyond you

    Just as if they sky
    Started weeping for you
    As if it could know why
    This sadness is before you

    Looking up, the vast and gray
    Sky looms high above you,
    Almost saying, “No matter what the day,
    I will always love you.”

    No matter the circumstances, always remember that everything happens according to a plan, written by someone who loves you.


    A small glimmer of light in the darkness
    A small ray of sun in the gloom
    Hope is what keeps us still going
    E’en though we may seem to be doomed.

    A small voice in a sea of loud rambling
    A small feeling when all sense is gone
    Hope is what keeps us still going
    E’en when to darkness we’re drawn

    A small path to guide through the shadows
    A small hope when all hope seems lost
    Hope is what keeps us still going
    Through the love of our Christ on the cross.

    Even just a small amount of hope can make a big difference. It's something you should always try to keep.

    Dying Light

    All light goes dim,
    Leaving but shade.
    All life dies out.
    All comfort fades.

    Are we to just sit
    And watch life go by
    Until eventually,
    We inevitably die?

    Nothing can endure
    Time’s endless flow
    All things will end,
    We already know.

    This life is but a flash
    Of life, leading to death.
    All people eventually
    Take their last breath.

    But is death the end?
    No, not by all means.
    It’s but a gate to a life
    Where the sky with light gleams.

    So do not fear death,
    Nor hold on to your life.
    All the pleasures of earth
    Bring nothing but strife.

    All life may die out,
    And all light may fade.
    We’ve overcome death,
    We won’t lose to the grave.

    Our victory’s won,
    Our future is bright.
    The light is not dying,
    Our death leads to light.

    Man, this one took a decent amount t of time to write. Its possibly the longest of my poems so far, and definitely has the most lines. It also happens to be my personal favorite. Even when it may seem like you've been overcome by darkness, it's just a transition to greater light. I especially like the last 2 lines, some of my favorite work overall.

    Looking Ahead

    Memories of distant pain,
    Past mistakes, come to haunt you
    Looking back, seeing these things
    Even though past, these things still daunt you

    Trying to recall what’s beyond your grasp
    Seeing only failure and pain
    Promising, again and again,
    That you’ll never hurt yourself again

    The past is a mirror, by darkness contorted
    Showing only the worst of yourself
    Never letting you see the good that you’ve done,
    Slowly draining you sense of self

    Tear your gaze away from the mirror,
    It is broken, covered with flaws
    It never shows the love you’ve shown,
    Only forgotten broken laws.

    Instead, look ahead,
    The future’s brighter than this
    If you look back to your past,
    The present you’ll miss

    Leave your past behind,
    The future awaits
    We may not know what will happen,
    Only that it will be great.

    Looking back on your mistakes doesn't help you. Put the past behind you, and move forward.

    Hidden Thoughts

    Dark thoughts, hidden away from sight
    Anger burning deeply inside
    Many thoughts your mind brings up
    Are impossible to hide.

    Wishing revenge on those who wronged you,
    Forgiveness from those whom you’ve done ill
    But neither occurs, and your frustration builds
    That the universe will not bend to your will

    Yet you still do your best
    To hide this anger away
    But your rage consumes you
    Your mind starts to decay

    You cannot do a single thing
    Without your anger bleeding through
    It can be seen in your demeanor,
    There is nothing you can do.

    Except, of course, to give it up;
    Forgive those upon whom your wrath is burning
    Find peace with those who you’ve done ill
    And your heart may stop it’s yearning

    For release from bitter struggles
    Fabricated by your mind
    To remove the weight from atop your conscience,
    All you must do is be kind.

    I've actually been working on this for a while, only recently finished it. Full disclosure, I have notmactuwlly tired this yet, but I believe it'll work. 5o be forgiven, sometimes you just have to forgive first.


    Knowing things can be quite simple,
    Small pieces of knowledge can be easily learned
    But there is something greater than knowledge,
    That cannot be easily earned.

    Having knowledge is worth nothing
    If you cannot apply it
    It is useless if not used,
    You cannot deny it.

    Wisdom has a greater power
    That knowledge could never find
    Even with all knowledge in the world,
    You may still be blind

    To things that need more comprehension,
    More than just the facts
    It can be seen that knowledge knows,
    But it is wisdom that acts

    And uses knowledge for a greater purpose
    Than to simply know.
    With knowledge, but not wisdom,
    Blind to the world you’ll grow

    You may think you know it all,
    When, in actuality
    Wisdom is greater than all you have
    When coming to terms with reality

    Knowledge can be only in a certain field
    Limited to one sphere
    But wisdom applies to everything,
    And can be used everywhere.

    All in all, wisdom will protect you,
    And through it you’ll be healed.
    Knowledge is a two-edged sword,
    But Wisdom is a shield.

    this one got a bit long-winded, but its really based on the last 2 lines, which my lovely brain gave me while I was working on a project that has a bit to do with the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Not my personal favorite, but also not bad.


    Ideas against morals;
    Nature against mind
    Trying to take back control;
    It’s futile, you’ll find.

    Rebellion rising
    Against forced takeover
    Mind fighting itself,
    Scant hope to recover.

    Mental disparity,
    Mind torn apart
    Figurative struggles
    By pain fought, in part

    Physical pain,
    And mental abhorrence.
    One half showing hate,
    The other adorance.

    All alone in struggles,
    By mind isolated
    Emotion breaks out,
    Though continually hated.

    Faces seen in the dark,
    And grief, and pain, and sadness
    All separate, though leading to one end:
    Descent into madness.

    Precautions taken
    Can do nought
    The cycle always begins,
    Mental battles are fought.

    Rational mind,
    And emotional heart
    When caught in these struggles,
    You’ll be torn apart.

    This one was written recently, during a somewhat difficult time. Ot's rather confusing and difficult to think about, I just poured out all of my frustrations onto this, and here's what I came up with.

    Empty Heart

    Though a common sorrow,
    An individual pain.
    Though something all have lost,
    There’s something you have gained.

    Memories of blissful peace,
    That now seem not quite real.
    Others try to comfort you,
    But they don’t know how you feel.

    Your heart feels empty now,
    As if missing a piece
    No matter how you try to cope,
    You cannot find peace.

    To release your grievances,
    You must let your tears flow.
    The only way to deal with the pain
    Is to simply let it go.
    I wrote both this and the following one after attending the funeral of knr of my relatives. Even though they are not truly gone, it does not make it not sad. It will be a while, but you will see them again, in a much better place. All you can do is remember that.

    Moving On

    Sometimes pain won’t go away.
    Sometimes the loss is deep.
    Sometimes you feel you heartache grow,
    And you feel your sorrow creep.

    Though impossible as it may seem,
    Just know that time will prove
    That you must look any way but back,
    And must forward move.

    Simply know, that no matter what
    Is done to you by pain
    Move forward, living life, then not,
    And you’ll see them again.
    This is the second of two written after the funeral, and this one is essentially saying the same thing, but elaborating more on the end than the sorrow that comes with the funeral itself. Just remember that you'll see them all again.


    Flawed, impure, imperfect
    Not flawless, not pristine
    But broken, on the inside,
    Not perfect, as at first seen

    What may appear to be pristine
    Is almost always not.
    No matter how fervently you wish it,
    It will never be what you thought.

    “You are are a husk of what you should be,”
    You hear in your mind, in pain
    “You are imperfect, a hopeless mess.”
    Your sense of self it will drain.

    Imperfect, broken, unwhole
    This is the truth, you can see.
    Simply accept the truth that it’s not what it seems,
    And somewhat at peace you will be.
    This is part of another series, started with resistance and that will probably continue for a while, about negative emotions, like before, but telling more of a story, giving me a way to put what I'm struggling with into word. Nobody is perfect, nor should they try to be. I have adopted a new ideology: I am an imperfectionist. I strive to be unwhole, so that I may be made truly whole, instead of hanging on to the meager illusion of being whole.

    Burnt Out

    Exhausted, extinguished
    Burnt down to ashes
    Pain, ever growing,
    Too deep to move on.

    Tired and broken,
    Bent down on your knees
    The pain of your tiredness
    Is now much too strong.

    Increasing despair,
    You grow saddened and angered
    Your burden grows heavy,
    It is hard to go on.

    Exhausted and fading,
    Fallen down to the ground
    There’s only one answer;
    You have to move on.

    Well, first time I've done something besides ABCB since Bitter Rain. If you're wondering what the pattern is, the last lines rhyme, making it ABCD-EFGD. Burnout is a feeling associated with depression and is commonly attributed to overwork. Not saying I'm actually feeling that, as I don't work, although sometimes I do feel mentally buried.

    Hollow Lights

    Bright, festive lights
    Twinkling merrily
    Presents and trees-
    I look at them warily.

    What are they to this
    But a pointless distraction?
    Lights hanging from houses;
    Are they worth the action?

    Have we any purpose
    For mindless decor?
    It’s empty as wrapping paper
    Littered on the floor.

    This day has a meaning,
    But this is not it.
    Not in deep, thoughtless greed
    Or young faces lit.

    Much greater things exist,
    But we choose to ignore them.
    There are better things out there;
    We choose not to explore them.

    We are happy, somewhat,
    With gifts and with food.
    But in our hearts, we wonder,
    Is this really good?

    This one is mainly about how modern culture and capitalism have corporate Christmas. It's no longer what it used to be. At this point, it's mostly just another way for us to channel our greed. I'd like to tell a little story here: When Charles Schulz (pretty sure that how you spell it) was making the peanuts Christmas cartoon and preparing to broadcast it, someone from the broadcasting service went up to him and told him to please not include the bivle verse, as the vible is a religious book. He then responded, It's a religious holiday! He may have gotten his way, but thwt is just one example of how this holiday has been turned into nothing but an opportunity for you to see family and get things. It is more than that.
    Posted Oct 21, 2021,
    Last edited Dec 26, 2021
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  2. Nice poetry would love to see more in the future.
    Posted Oct 21, 2021
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  3. More coming right now, just haven't added it yet
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 21, 2021
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  4. man u write some pretty nice poems
    glad u turned it into a thread, i've seen a couple short poems on ur wall
    Posted Oct 21, 2021
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  5. Wow, those are some pretty good poems, I really like how you used some personification into turning happiness and giving it the human quality of it being a friend. It was really creative and makes those good poems. I also like the smilies you used, yet even if they weren't consistent throughout, it's still very appealing. I like the way you write, it's very nice and I see some potential in you, if I were you I'd continue what you're doing and maybe study writing and poetry a bit. Nice job!
    Posted Oct 22, 2021
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  6. 8 already enjoy writing short stories, so 8 decided to start writing 3ven shorter stories thwt rhyme
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 22, 2021
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  7. t h e n o r n a p p r o v e s

    your first poems are actually quite a bit better than mine, I really hope you do develop your writing further :)
    Posted Oct 22, 2021
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  8. Well, when 6iu were starting out you didn't have yourself as an example =)
    Also, yeah I plan to keep doing this, its pretty fun, like writing a story but you don't have to write as much
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 22, 2021
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  9. New poem: Bitter Rain
    More coming soon
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 24, 2021
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  10. New poem: Drifting Away
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 25, 2021
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  11. New poem: Hope
    Finalizing another one, which happens to be my personal favorite, ill try to include that later today
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 11, 2021
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  12. New poem (the one I mentioned above): Dying Light
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 11, 2021
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  13. So good please continue!!!
    Posted Nov 11, 2021
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  14. I myself am a fan of poetry, I very much enjoyed reading these can’t wait to see what else you have in store with poetry in the future!
    Posted Nov 12, 2021
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  15. Wow! I am very impressed. I truly don't find myself reading much poetry, but your poems are very well written. It is the type of poetry I di prefer reading when I come across it. I hope to see this updated with more poems in the future!
    Posted Nov 12, 2021
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  16. New poem: Looking Ahead
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 17, 2021
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  17. I really enjoyed the last stanza of the poem (the ending) I think it has such big meaning. That’s the cool thing about poetry in my opinion is that little sayings or phrasing’s can have such huge meanings at the end of the day and I just find that so fascinating. Once again great job!!
    Posted Nov 17, 2021
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  18. Why do I hear Clair de Lune: Filthy Frank edition?
    Anyway, this is all cool. Honestly, I didn't read all of them as it would take the same time as saying the scientific name of titin out loudly. However, I liked those which I read, especially the first one. Also I'm want to show something too, its not as cool as your poetry & I wrote it 'cause I got inspired by you, but it is still something worth a second, right?

    As the feelings start to faint
    And as you start to feel your body's weight.
    You look at your tormentors
    Who think they are somehow your mentors

    You fill yourself different,
    As if the whole world was abhorrent
    Your body is filled with fear
    & hence you want to be as fast as spear

    Your head is filled with sadness
    & your eyes want to see only darkness
    However, your heart is filled with anger
    & you wish to tear like angler

    So, before your skin becomes as cold as snow,
    Before you face the death row,
    The god will grant you your final wish!
    & the tormentors' hearts will become your final dish.

    P.S. I hope it is not too grim.
    Posted Nov 17, 2021
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  19. Nice
    Glad to see im already inspiring people 59 like poetry like Thenorn did for me =)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 17, 2021
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  20. Am I the only one who thinks that 18th century's poets were real gangsters. For example, Alexander Pushkin, he dressed like a boss, had African roots, took part in many duels/shootings, was good at rhyme be it the poetry for kids or poetry with lots of slurs & bad words (basically rap in some way) & he died like a legend, while protecting his wife from being taken away from him by another guy.
    Posted Nov 18, 2021
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