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Castle Siege

Discussion in 'Map Guidelines' started by Build Team, Oct 14, 2018.

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    The following guidelines reference 'Data Points'. If you would like to learn more about these, please click here.

    Before even considering to attempt to create a Castle Siege Map, please make sure you have played the game. One must be extremely knowledgeable about both Undead and Defender balance and what is required for both teams to achieve victory before attempting to make a map. If you don't have a full understanding of balance regarding Castle Siege please do not create a map for a game you do not know.


    When creating a Castle Siege map, consider the following specifications:
    • A cover for undead Spawn (forest, cave, etc.). Make it easy to get out of the forest and ensure one cannot get stuck and/or lost.
    • A 'Killzone' - a flat area with no cover for undead to rush to the gates.
    • Include some type of obstacle (river) in the killzone, but nothing too large that the Undead cannot pass it.
    • Three main paths - can have more for complex strategies, but not too many.
    • Do not include useless paths that leads to nowhere and/or confuses players. It is a fort, not a maze.
    • A wolf spawn - best to be near the throne room, but not directly in it.
    • A throne room for the king to be in - be sure to include a majestic throne for the king. Otherwise, he may wander.
    • A good place for marksmen to fire arrows at undead - balconies, cliff overhangs, and nooks are good spots should they be positioned towards the entrance of critical choke points.
    • A stable for horses to spawn - Spreading out the horses is a good idea, but do not put them too far in the front,
    • Make sure the stables have enough space for the horses so they do not suffocate and die when they spawn in
    • Three TNT just outside the spawn but not near the front wall (or defenders won't have time to kill TNT before they reach their target). The TNT should not be too far away from the front wall so it is impossible for the Undead to reach it.
    • Do not have too many bodies of water. Water takes too long to travel through and can make the game less fun. TNT explosions can also make a mess out of water, so be aware of that before including water near walls or any major paths.

    The data points you will need for this map are:
    • At least 50 RED spawn points (undead) - should be behind cover so they can’t be shot by arrows as soon as they spawn.
    • At least 50 BLUE spawn points (defenders) - should be spread out so that defenders can properly cover ground, although it is recommended that around half of the 50+ spawn points are close to the front.
    • 3 RED data points for TNT spawns
    • A few BLACK data points for TNT weak points (if a player detonates tnt here it will do massive damage. Not needed in maps since tnt already breaks blocks but it can make the map cooler). Cracked stonebrick will also do this.
    • 1 YELLOW data points for the King spawn (place this on top of a throne)
    • At least 8 GREEN data points for the wolf spawns
    • At least 5 BROWN data points for the horse spawns
    • 4 PINK data points for the Undead kits
    • Emerald ore in front of the wolf spawn - this will act as a barrier, when parsed.

    The guidelines for this gamemode are as follows:
    • The cover for the undead spawn should be about 20x50 blocks
    • The killzone should be about 40x50 blocks
    • The paths should be wide enough for swarms of undead preferably three blocks wide, or it will be too easy for defenders to snipe with barrage/slash with swords and barricade
    • If there's a river or the trench the undead must cross, then you should place a bridge of any kind (ie logs, lilypads); they should be placed in the killzone
    • Map should not be too big. It will make it real hard for the undead to win if they have to travel an extremely long distance every time they die. Undead should be able to reach the king in around 45 seconds.
    • Going with the point above, the map should not be too small. It would make it really easy for the undead to take over the “castle”.
    • The wolf spawn SHOULD NOT be easily accessible to the undead. We want to avoid spawn camping of any kind. This is done by elevating the spawn and careful detailing of the map.
    • Wolves needs to spawn close to the king.
    • Undead must have at least two ways to get to the king. It’s fine to have multiple ways to the king but do not over do it. This would just make it harder on the defenders.
    • Try to keep the king in an open room with 1 obvious entrance. An open room allows for defenders to easily guard without really getting in each other’s way. And the 1 entrance is there to be blocked with fences by defenders.
    • Make sure every entrance and path can be guarded by a defender
    • Try having several areas that can be destroyed with tnt to serve as shortcuts to the undead. Try to make them a little obvious if possible. Undead should have something to TNT as it creates strategy and makes undead more fun.
    • Since the map can be exploded with tnt exploits can very easily happen make sure there is no void within walls.
    • Make sure walls and the floor is completely filled. TNT can expose these holes and cause both teams to get stuck in them
    • Be careful when designing your map for which ghouls can leap to the king too quickly or exploit the map; same thing goes to knights barricades as they can build stairs with barricades
    • It's a good idea to pre-place barricades near the entrance to delay the undead for defenders to retreat
    • Make sure there is bedrock under the map. MAKE SURE you have borders (barriers). Coming back to fix these things will be a pain.
    • Make sure the undead cannot take a shortcut to the king by going outside or around the map and/or barriers (certain methods like roof jumping are allowed, provided there are spots for defenders to be able to counter ghouls)
    • The way to the king should be pretty obvious. If someone who has never seen the map before has trouble finding the king from the undead spawn you have a problem.
    • It has been mentioned already, but have the undead spawn behind cover! They should not be spawn trapped from the beginning.
    • The TNT should not explode on its own before getting close to where the king is. If it’s exploding too early then your map is too big. Please keep in mind that the TNT is on a timer for 30 seconds
    • Make sure you've played the gamemode so you get the best gameplay out of your maps.
    Posted Oct 14, 2018
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