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In Discussion Carrot Wars

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Retrobo, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. This is gonna be kind of a long thread, but bear with me haha. I will try to make it as organized as possible, and will leave an EDIT section at the bottom to mention the edits I made based on comment suggestions. Please read all before making a comment, as I may have covered your concerns inside of the text <3.

    Also, I do understand this game is very similar to that of Murder Mystery. That was the game I used to make this idea. If you have any way you believe could make this game unique, please do suggest, I am all ears ^v^! That would be greatly appreciated.

    Would Love new Name Suggestions As well!
    I am bad at coming up with names uwu
    Name Idea: The Carrot Trials, The Carrotening, Carrot Box

    Orange = The Carrot
    Blue = The Carrot Hunter
    Green = Harvester

    Carrot Wars: This will be a 16 player game with 3 teams. The Carrot (1 player), Carrot Hunter(1 player), and Harvesters(14 Players) . This game will have a 5 minute timer. Carrot items will randomly spawn around the map for the Harvesters team to collect, if they get 10 carrots they can earn a bow & 1 arrow. Goal of the game is to survive the 5 minutes without dying from The Carrot player. All players usernames would not be visible above their player body to help prevent ghosting, and ghost chat would also be used so dead players cannot reveal the Carrots name. Around the map items will spawn that are usable for all kits. They will be uncommon drops, but still will exist. The drops will be: Ice Bridge (The ice bridge from skywars), Golden Carrots (when consumed it will allow you to gain speed 1) , Carrot Rod (When holding carrot rod it will allow you to leap one time, then the item will be removed) Carrot Overlord: Last 15 seconds of game the Carrot will have the ability to gain Speed 1 and a compass to players. (Put Carrot Skull in Hand to turn on Carrot Overlord) Downside to this: All players will know you are the carrot.

    - There will be 1 Carrot player each game. Brief Overlay of the Carrot: No one will know they are the Carrot, they will appear normal to everyone. They will receive an enchanted carrot, and if you hit someone with the carrot it will kill them saying "The Carrot Overlord Has Decided Your Fate". The aim of this kit is to kill everyone before the timer ends, and to not die from the Carrot Hunter or Harvesters who earned a bow. If you die from the Carrot, your body will lay dead on the ground like in Survival Games. (Possible Idea: If you die from the Carrot, you will be turned into a carrot skin and just be a spectator watching the game).

    - There will be 1 Carrot Hunter player each game: The Carrot Hunter will be a normal player with a bow & 1 arrow. The Carrot Hunter will try to find the Carrot and prevent them from deciding anyones fate. If they suspect someone of being The Carrot, they will shoot them. If the Carrot is killed, the game is over and the Harvesters/Carrot Hunter wins. If the Carrot happens to kill the Carrot Hunter, the bow will drop above the dead body and other Harvesters can pick it up and attempt to kill the Carrot.

    - There will be 14 normal Harvesters (The 2 others will be a Carrot or Carrot Hunter): The Harvesters goal will be to survive and not have their fate decided by the Carrot. If they survive the time limit of the game, they will win along with the Carrot Hunter. There will be random carrot items spawning around the map, and if they collect 10 of these carrots they can get a bow and arrow and attempt to kill the Carrot.

    How to select your kit: I'm sure most people would want to be the Carrot or the Carrot hunter, rather than an innocent Harvesters. So to give an equal chance, if they queue for one of the two kits they will each have an equal percentage of getting that kit, but only 1 can be chosen for each. If they were not chosen for the kit, they will be a Harvester or the kit they choose (Mole/Gardner). When in the game your kit will be assigned and broadcast in YOUR chat saying this for each.

    Default Free Kits:
    Carrot: "You are the Carrot! Your goal is to kill every player without being killed yourself"
    Carrot Hunter: "You are the Carrot Hunter! Your goal is to find and kill the Carrot"
    Harvesters: "You are a Harvester! Your goal is to survive without dying, and collect carrots to defeat the Carrot!"

    Kits For Gems:
    The Gardener: The Gardener will have an ability every 25 seconds to get an arrow pointing towards the direction of the Carrot. For example, like Wither Assault. In wither assault the wither gets a compass that they can right click that shows a particle arrow leading towards the hiders, then the arrow vanishes. Kit Cost: 4000 Gems (Price is debatable and can be changed).
    The Mole: The ability to turn invisible / blind those around self for 7 seconds. This will be like the squid ink sac kit in Assassin. The Mole will get 2 Inc sacs, that when right clicked they will turn invisible and blind others within a 5 block radius around them. This way they can run and hide. Kit Cost: 8000 Gems (Again, price is debatable)

    Achievement Kit:

    The Farmer: Unlike all kits, the farmer will not have to collect 10 carrots to earn the Bow & Arrow. They will only have to collect 7 pieces of carrots to receive a bow and arrow. On top of this, they will also receive 1 inc sac (from The Mole kit), and one Golden Carrot (Golden carrot when eaten gives you speed 1). Cost: Getting All Achievements

    Carrot Expertise | Win 100 Games - Reward: 15,000 GEMS
    Sweeter Than Cake | Kill 200 as The Carrot - Reward: 10,000 GEMS

    I Hate Vegetables | Win 3 Games In Row As Harvester/Mole - Reward: 7000 GEMS
    Stop. Carrot Time | Kill Everyone As Carrot In Under 3 Minutes - Reward: 10,000 GEMS
    Overgrown Carrot | Get 3 Kills In A Row With No More Than 3 Seconds Between Kill - Reward: 12,000 GEMS
    Orange You Glad I didn't Say Carrot? | Win whilst being the last person alive - Reward: 8000 gems

    General Rules: Same rules for all games will apply, however there will be ONE thing I am adding. The GHOST Chat.
    The GHOST Chat: In this game I am 200% confident once a player dies they will be like, "Player1 IS THE CARROT!" And everyone will know. So, I suggest when they die from the Carrot they are put into a GHOST chat, so only only dead players can see their messages. The same will go for spectators who join the game.

    New Idea To Prevent Ghosting: Players username won't be available above their body. They will have carrot skulls on, so that if someone dies they can't use tab as a guideline to find the name based on the skin.

    EDITS Based on comment suggestions:

    - New Kits: The Mole, The Gardener. Details about these explained under "Kits For Gems" Section. Suggested by @Jadguar

    - Achievements Added

    -New PlayerTag idea discussed under 'Carrot Wars'

    - Changed 'Player' Kit to 'Harvester' Kit.

    - New items drop around map, suggested by @Sven , more details explained under 'Carrot Wars' section

    - Carrot Overlord Added Under 'Carrot Wars'

    - Achievement Kit Added Under 'Achievement Kit'

    -New idea to prevent ghosting so that players can still use main chat, Under the 'GHOST chat' Section.

    -Updated achievements to be better game based and updated typos
    Posted Apr 11, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 18, 2019
  2. I think this would be amazing! I would love a Murder Mystery gamemode on Mineplex and I think a carrot theme would be a cool twist on it!
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  3. Hey! Cool game idea! I like it’s similarities to the Murder Mystery game mode on other servers. However, the “re-texturing” of the different aspects of the game doesn’t distinguish it enough, in my eyes, from a Murder Mystery game on a different server. If such a game were to be implemented on Mineplex, I think there needs to be a different twist on the game rather than just re-naming the “Murder” to “Carrot.” I’ll be giving this a -1 because I would want to see a difference in the actual gamemode/gameplay if it were to be implemented on the server.
    Posted Apr 11, 2019
  4. Thanks for the comment haha! Did you have any ideas on the gameplay you'd like to be different at all? I will be more than happy to edit and change it around a bit. I found it similar to that game as well, but couldn't think of anyway to essentially make it more unique since it's simple and fun the way it was.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 11, 2019
  5. Yes np! :)
    Suggestions I would make would be:
    - Potentially adding different classes besides the Carrot and the Carrot Hunter so that more than just two players could actively participate in determining who the Carrot is. Whether that be a “Gardener” kit who could hold a hoe that could check to see if a certain player was the Carrot. (Limited to 3 uses; Similar to "Investigator") Or a “Mole” kit that could dig underground and hide and watch a player. (Selects a player to spectate for say 10-15 seconds where they would be put in spectator mode and would be able to watch their actions to see if they kill anyone. However, while the Mole is in spectator mode, they would be vulnerable from an attack from the Carrot), etc. More kits could be added so the normal players have a more active role in the game.
    - Maybe have 2-3 random other players be “associates” of the Carrot who would work as a team to help the Carrot win the game. (Would have access to a team chat). They would be able to figure out which players were selected as the Carrot Hunter, Gardener, or Mole, etc. By sharing this information, the Carrot would have a greater chance at winning the game. (Balancing)
    Posted Apr 11, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 11, 2019
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  6. Hello,

    I applaud the time you've spent writing this thread with all the color, but my concern is that this is too much like Hypixel's murder mystery. In fact, so much so that it's basically a complete ripoff. The idea itself isn't a bad one but it would need some really cool unique spin to keep Mineplex's games as original as possible.

    Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  7. Hey Idut!

    I love all the concepts that you put to this new game idea! This is similar to from a minigame, Murder Mystery, so I'm not too sure if they approve with the new minigame. I see that you put some color codes to the specific teams and the descriptions too! I also like the achievements idea that you have as well.

    I have one suggestion that I want to change to your idea. For the team 'Player,' maybe you should rename it to 'The Collector' instead. The Collector is a team that a player has to collect all the carrots to eliminate the 'Carrot' team. Although, my suggestion may work what I have, and I believe this should work for the new game.

    Overall, I think that your idea looks excellent, and keep up the great work!
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  8. The thing is, there are murder mystery games anywhere you look. They all mostly originated from the Garry's Mod Murder game. All of these games are drastically similar, because they are all based off of the same game. You could call it a clone of a Roblox Murder Mystery game even. People aren't going to not want to play the game just because it is similar to another game. I think the carrot theme is very fun and would love to see this type of game on the Mineplex network.
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  9. This idea is great! I'd love to see something slightly more unique than others in Mineplex, and the version of CakeWars is supporting the food version of this. I don't have much to say, but I like the name Carrot Trials, or my own Carrot Crumbs (although it makes no sense). I might come back to more feedback, but this is very creative and I love the time and thought put into it.
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  10. I do like the effort you have put in this thread Idut. Thinking of a new game isn’t easy and you have made it exceptionally easy to follow along and visualize your idea.

    With this being said, I would have to agree with Jadguar in that the objective, description and the method of the gameplay all seem extremely similar to Murder Mystery featured on another server.

    Adding a couple of kits, in my opinion, does not make it unique enough. Maybe we can have different power ups that spawn randomly across the map for the Harvesters to collect which could include escape bombs, a bow an arrow, freeze block, illusions, etc. I feel this could be a viable option in order to help make the game more distinctive and different from its originator. This being said of course, more would need to be done before I can fully support this. (0)
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  11. Hey! Just wanted to update all who suggested new custom things to make this more unique to Mineplex, so I have added the following: (more details in post btw)

    1.) New items spawn around the map. Such as, Skywars Ice Bridge, Golden Carrot, Carrot Rod.
    2.) I added 'Carrot Overlord', basically lasts the last 30 seconds of game, the Carrot can gain speed and a compass by holding Carrot Skull in hand. However, if they do this, the players will know they are the Carrot.
    3.) Kits that give items such as, Ink sac (lets you turn invisible and blind those around self), A kit that gives the Harvesters the ability to have an arrow pointing towards the Carrot (Like wither assaults). And a Kit that you will only have to collect 7 carrots for bow and arrow, rather than 10.
    4.) new idea to prevent ghosting so that all players can still speak to eachother.

    (I am still adding more based on future comments; However these are the new key changes/addons)
    -Also I noticed a lot of you suggesting new kits and features for those who are trying to survive the Carrot, however I do not want it to be impossible for the carrot to win. Must be balanced uwu <3

    I understand this is still similar to the game Murder Mystery. I want it to be similar to that game, as that was what I based this idea off of, and think the Mineplex community would love a Murder Mystery type game. However, I believe this has unique and key differences that can make it stand out.

    All future updates I make will be under the changelog section of the original post as to prevent post boosting.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 12, 2019,
    Last edited Apr 12, 2019
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  12. Hello there!

    As we have already discussed, I definitely approve of a Murder Mystery type gamemode, and in my opinion I wouldn't really mind it being similar to other murder mystery games, because that is what the game is supposed to be like! As far as the achievements, I approve of the majority of them (including mine xD) but I would like to mention that with the achievement "Overgrown Carrot" I think that the time should be changed from seven seconds to something more like three seconds, because I feel like seven seconds is way too easy. Also with the Achievement Kit, it is a bit underwhelming, but I'm interested to see what you and others come up with for that in the future. I also thought I would tell you that for the gem-bought kit "Gardner", it would actually be spelled "Gardener", but if you meant to make it "Gardner", that's fine I guess. One last thing I want to mention is the Carrot Overlord thing seems a bit too overpowered, depending on the size of the maps. All in all, I approve of this game idea and hopefully with future tweaks it will eventually become a game on Mineplex! Thank you for the suggestion :)
    Posted Apr 12, 2019
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  13. I love this! It's a great way to twist up Murder Mystery in a unique Mineplex fashion! This would work as a better Easter game than a full-time game. Since it's carrot-themed, similar to Rose Rush being rose-themed, it should be an Easter exclusive. I think the name should be Carrot Catcher, to keep the alliteration going with holiday games. Overall, I'll be giving this a +1!
    Posted Apr 17, 2019
  14. Cool idea, that would be cool. I like that, just really hope it will get accepted! :3
    Posted Apr 18, 2019
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  15. I love this idea! I've always really liked murder mystery but thought that if Mineplex adopted it, they would need to make it somewhat unique and interesting. This definitely is an iconic way of doing it, something that's very recognizable. You've clearly put a huge amount of effort into this and it's very detailed. Overall I agree with Jaekub, it seems very fitting for a carrot game to be for Easter, however it probably wouldn't have enough time to implement between now and Easter.
    Posted Apr 18, 2019
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  16. Hey there!

    I really like this idea; it seems really creative and fun. My only suggestion would be to change the name to something not so akin to Cake Wars; perhaps Carrot Hunt? It'd be an excellent addition to Mineplex's expansive roster, especially on Bedrock.

    I'd really like to see this idea make it to fruition; good luck with getting this implemented!
    Posted Apr 18, 2019
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  17. I LOVE this idea, however I think it should only be on the server during a certain season like Spring. I think that would be the best for it. But cool idea and I love all the detail you put into this thread hopefully it will be added soon. =)
    Posted Apr 18, 2019
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  18. I just posted on the other thread about it being a good idea. On the thread I said that Hive became the #1 server after doing Murder Mystery, something that crossed my mind about that is the fact that they gained players by using the name "murder mystery" I feel like any other name wouldn't have the same affect, people wouldn't know what carrot wars is. Just as many don't know what Cake Wars is which is one of the reasons Mineplex is the 3-4 most popular server.

    (I am talking about the Bedrock version as a note)
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  19. This is a really neat idea! Mineplex has been called out before on "copying games" but they always put a new and more fun twist on games. This would be really popular on mineplex and I love the creativity of the achievement names!
    Posted Apr 19, 2019
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  20. No offense it seems just like Crapyxil's and a Server to do something w/ Bees Murder Mystery w/ kits and the corrot theme sounds goofy.
    --- Post updated ---
    Posted Apr 20, 2019

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